Seiko Presage SRPE19J Automatic Watch $387 Delivered @ Watch Depot (Shiels)


[Edit] Not sure when this deal ends (still active today 16/9/21)

About 20 or so in stock at the time of posting. Cheaper than a previous StarBuy deal. Watch Depot is owned by Shiels, but for whatever reason this particular watch is significantly cheaper than on the Shiels site.

I bought my SRPB41J "Blue Moon" from them and have had no issues with it (see this deal).

Thanks to @Johan92912 for posting this similar code and deal at Shiels.

Terms and conditions appear to have a typo - I believe this will end tonight (15/9/21) but I have not confirmed this:

Online Shopping Night Extra 10% Off Sitewide
Promotion starts ends 5/9/2021
Apply coupon code 'WDOSN10' at checkout for extra 10% off cart. Code is case sensitive.
Not valid on Limited Editions, Hybrid or Smart watches.

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    Also have the SRPB41J in the darker blue. Stunning dial. One of my favs.


      I love that piece!

      Has character to it with the subtle shades of blue it reflects in different lighting conditions.

    • +12 votes

      Act your wage they say, nothing wrong with a clean automatic watch from Seiko, if anything the Presage line is really nice


        Well said.

      • +5 votes

        Agreed. If you can't afford something like a Rolex don't do it. And replicas and fakes…. ye nah, put that money into a reputable brand that is within your limits. Nothing says bad taste than a "expensive" fake.

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    Salera also have similar with leather for $390

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      Good price! Small note on this one is that it will be $15 for delivery if you can't pickup.

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    I have a citizen eco watch for 15 years , no battery required.
    Still going very accurate.
    though the glass face has many scratches

    probably will buy a apple watch now

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      I'd love it if Apple could make a watch that actually looked good with business attire, instead of looking like I'm rocking a fitbit at a meeting, while not having much more functionality than a $40 xiaomi band.

      $600 on a watch that will last me a lifetime with minimal repair I'm fine with. $600 on a smartwatch that only has 18 hours battery life to begin with and goes downhill from there, I'm still not sold on the idea. I had a smartwatch and liked it too, but the battery life was always the killer and they just aren't improving enough.

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        Yeah I'm with you on the match-to-business-attire point. I guess we'll have to wait until we see James Bond rocking a smart watch :)


          or Eggsy

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        I can offer a different perspective. With the right band and watch face, the Apple Watch can look decent. Secondly, it is now the end of the day, and my Apple Watch 3 has 81% remaining battery. Battery health is also still 100% despite being a 4-year-old model. Thirdly, I don’t like wearing a watch to bed, and I need somewhere to put it when It take it off, so why not just put it on the charger on the bedside table? Then the watch functions as a night light and bedside clock when I need it. It is sensitive to noise, so if I wake up in the night, I only need to slap my pillow or tap the bedside table, and the watch light will come on, enabling me to walk to the toilet in the dark, and check the time. In regard to functionality, I’ve seen the Apple Watches continually improve with OS updates, and functionality is absolutely phenomenal. I rarely use my phone. My watch understands my speech 99-100% of the time in multiple languages. I get all my phone notifications on my watch without fail, and without delay. I can ask the watch for directions while I’m driving the car. I can answer and make calls. I can dictate messages. It tracks my steps, heart rate, swimming, walking routes, etc. extreme accurately. I use the weather app, timers, and stop watches on it all the time. It’s one of my favourite possessions of all time. Granted, the Apple Watch 6 and 7 are expensive, but you can pick up a 2nd hand 3 or 4 or SE for $150-$300. Mine cost $130, and I got a lovely brown leather band for it on amazon for $25.


          I think my big thing is I sleep with my fitness tracker on. I have sleep apnea so keeping track of things is something I do regularly. That's put me off having a device which charges, I already know it's an issue for me personally.

          A fitness tracker I get a couple of weeks out of, most of the time I just charge it while I'm in the shower a couple of times a week and that's enough to keep it going. It also does weather, tracking, spo2, heart beat, etc. I'm sure the apple one is better but I'm fine with "good enough" on those things.

          Still not a fan of the look though, I'll wait for someone to make something nice.


          My concern with electronics is the planned obsolesce, how many of my phones "magically" died around the 2 year mark despite me looking after them, using a good case and never dropping them is honestly ridiculous. The other reality is electronics have a limited use life due to upgraded tech, new software requirements and more.

          Personally I'm mostly over having a good phone, I use social media less and bought a watch to further reduce the need to pull out my phone, but each to their own.

          A good watch can be passed down between generations, when was the last time an electronic lasted that long?


            @Deadalready: I understand your concerns. But it is precisely because of this upgrade cycle that electronic companies are able to give us mind-blowing technology for reasonable prices at breakneck speed (compare a flagship phone today to a 15-year-old phone). My Apple Watch cost me $130, and I think that is a very reasonable price for a device that will be tracking my body and my activity, giving me notifications and important information, and allowing me to make calls and send messages to people for several years. It has 8 gigabytes of storage, and 768 megabytes ram. Compare that to our first computer bought (by my Dad) in 1990 for $2,500, which had 20 megabytes of storage, and 640k kilobytes of ram. By the way, I’ve never had a phone last less than 4 years. And I do appreciate long-lasting devices too. I have an Omega watch manufactured in 1935 that is still working. Absolutely mind-blowing. Wonder what it is worth.



      Just go to Citizen and get another crystal its about $80

      Heck even a mechanically minded can get one from ebay and do it themselves


    SRPE19J is a beautiful watch and definitely catches the eye, just wait until you see it in full sunlight. Looks even better on a nice leather strap. This is a good price.