Looking for Finance/Money/Investing Podcasts, Books or Groups

I'm quite new to the ideas of managing/ investing money. I've listened to the Barefoot Investor audiobook. It was basic but I guess a place to start..

So I'm looking for some podcasts to listen to whilst driving or running. Books are also fine, anything would be appreciated.

I figure this savvy community thinks about money in their sleep so I'm just looking for some recommendations on things like money strategies, basic investing etc

Honestly never invested before, am a bit hesitant but I'm willing to learn…

Thanks for your help


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      Thanks. Groups are good too, added to the title. Friends and family hate me talking about money or bargains so it would be nice to speak with like minded people.

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    Depends on how deep you wanna go but I listen to the following (I've roughly added them in increasing complexity of content)

    Planet Money
    Freakonomics Radio
    Equity Mates (they also just released a book)
    Money Cafe - Australian
    Money Cafe - Alan Kohler
    Rational Reminder
    We Study Billionaires
    Australian Investors Podcast
    Rules of Investing
    Invest Like The Best
    Masters of the Market
    Talk Ya Book
    Into the Ether
    Gestalt University
    Real Vision
    Acquirer's Podcast
    Meb Faber Show

    Also heard She's On The Money is good

    Books - The Psychology of Money (must read IMO and easy to read), and anything by Bogle or Bernstein or Greenblatt

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      That's quite the list! I share a few of those

      • The Indicator by Planet Money (fascinating short stories themed around money)
      • Planet Money (above but longer)
      • Stacking Benjamins (easy listening, basis money tips)
      • Afford Anything (slightly more complex money ideas, does more Real Estate stuff - American based)
      • Millionaires Unveiled (interview's every-day people with a net worth over $1 million)
      • Money For The Rest Of Us (ex fund manager on various topics)
      • Freakonomics (covers economic principles in the real world)
      • Mad Fientist (podcasts from a dude who was into the FIRE space and retired early)
      • Business Wars (tells colorful stories of competing businesses)
      • Motley Fool Money (covers US stock news over the recent week)
      • We Study Billionaires (covers investing topics, interviews some guys from the finance world. Funnily enough, convinced me to sell/risk off in february 2020 before covid took off globally)

      slightly unrelated

      • Modern Finance (interviews lead crypto developers on interesting projects, from a silicon valley VC)
      • Tesla Daily (a really smart dude analysing Tesla's business model, but holds true for other companies)

        I barely get through my list as it is but thanks for helping me add a few more!

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    property couch

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    Investing it's loooong term.
    All in Podcast. Start at the beginning. US based and can be political but listing to 4 almost billionaires discuss the money market is eye opening.
    Dave Lee on Investing.
    Hyperchange. Covers a lot of new investing areas. NFT's etc
    Managing spend less than you earn.
    Succeed with Money. AU. Mostly about budgeting + selling their software
    Rich Dad Radio show. I think this is mostly an advertising platform but does have interesting guests on.

    Watch out for pods that follow the latest trend trying to sell you stuff or push "these 3 stocks!"
    Beware of confirmation bias and listen to alternative points of view.
    Try some of these? https://www.finder.com.au/the-best-finance-podcasts-for-aust...

    Hope that helps 😃

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    Real Vision

    Raoul Pal and his team know their stuff.


    Make up your own mind why 99% of the world's population slaves from birth to the grave to enrich the top 1%.


    My recommendation is to read/listen/watch as much as you can and they invest on paper (that is, not real) until the market pulls back - e.g. December 2018, March 2020.


      Like maybe a share simulator? Use fake money and see how I go for a few months before investing my actual money. We did this in high school years ago.

      I would imagine one must exist these days in like an app or something.

      At the moment I have some spare money as I fixed my home loan for 3 years and I just feel its wasted sitting in my bank account…and all I hear lately is everybody talking about ETF's, but I'm a bit worried investing without knowledge.

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        see how I go for a few months before investing my actual money

        years - share investing is not a short term activity

        share simulator?

        just use the actual market/share value, but paper (=fake) money; use spreadsheet to record values


    Rich dad. Poor dad

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    Invest in Personal Growth not financial growth.
    Buy yourself some courses in human repair - first aid, paramedics, social work, psychology etc.
    God help us all from the ever darkening clouds of the future.