SanDisk 256GB Ultra Drive - USB Type-C $45.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


It might be cheaper earlier but this price also looks good for the brand and capacity.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks like it has been hovering around this price for a while with the average price of $41.03

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    If this thing is anything like the double ended one I have, the write speed is 10mb/s.

    I did not miss a digit.


      Damn. I have a 32GB Verbatim with a 4MB/s write speed that takes forever to format and fill up. This drive OP posted is 8x the storage capacity but only 2.5x the write speed. It would take half a day to fill!


      I can vouch for that, through speed of a thumb drive isn't that important for me so I didn't mind, it does sometimes disconnect during long imports so keep that in mind if you care about stability

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    Breaks so damn easily

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    I have this one. It kinda sucks.
    If your USB port is at all right, it’ll be impossible to get into the port because the connector just retreats into the housing instead.

    Got a different one with a swingy lid that covers either end and have had much better luck with that.


      This. After a while the mechanism just makes this useless.


      Same experience. Wish I just bought the usual one with the lids. This is crap

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    Just FYI these get really flimsy real quick… the mechanism in the middle to switch between the two plug types get really loose real easily and I don't even use it much


    32gb cheaper than 16gb?