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Bosch Serie 6 under Bench Dishwasher SMU6HCS01A $1107 Delivered @ Appliances Online


New model with Wifi - "Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life."

RRP $1499

Energy Rating: 4 Stars
Energy Consumption: 245 kWh/yr
Water Rating: 5.5 Star
Water Consumption: 11L/wash
Place Settings: 15
Wash Programs: 8
Child Lock: Yes

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  • also i got a $20 off code for "completing my profile" and there's 2% cashback at cashrewards (not sure if using the code negates it)

  • I just purchased this from AP and was delivered Monday… I can vouch for the quality… really quiet and thenHome Connect is awesome. Good deal.

    • I bought a washing machine from AO and can honestly say their process was flawless. Bought Sunday at 3pm delivered and installed by 3pm Tuesday. They even price matched a competitor who didn't have immediate stock.

    • What is the best feature of home connect. I know it allows you to switch on the dishwasher remotely but what else does it do ? thanks

    • Was the installation easy?

      • +1

        As easy as any dishwasher… plug it in… connect the in and out hose… throw away the manual!

  • +2

    I've been getting Harvey Norman to price match Appliance Online then purchasing 7% off HN giftcards for payment.

    Recently purchased the Bosch Serie 6 Fully Integrated Dishwasher SMV6HCX01A and have noticed that the price seems to fluctuate every few days on AP!

    • Can I ask what price you achieved (pre discount card use) ?

  • so is it easy to install a dishwasher in the laundry room alongside my washing machine? our rental doesn't have room for a dishwasher in the kitchen but it can fit in the laundry room. considering buying this.

  • +4

    Still boycotting Harvey's for causing us to pay GST on overseas purchases. And for pocketing the covid grants when making record profits. Leave that grant to the small guys that need it you greedy old man.

    • Harvey actually repaid the Jobkeeper eventually.

      Hate to find myself defending the guy but facts are facts.

      • didnt repay the full amount. and that was only due to pressure not because he wanted to. 6 million out of 22 million.
        dont think there is nothing to defend those facts.. like saying sorry because someone tells you , you should not because you mean it.

  • This model vs this model ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648128

  • Dam! I’m looking for series 8

    Great though my mate raves about these which is why I want one

    8 gets no front buttons for kids and somehow dries dishes and Tupperware more.

    • +3

      Ikea sells rebranded Series 8 for almost half price compared to original's RRP

      Compare this:

      with this:

      Proffsig is also made by Bosch.

      • Awesome I’ll investigate !

      • Interesting! Are you sure it's a rebranded or a knock off version?

        • +2

          Other than being identical in the looks department Bosch dishwashers have few unique features like heat exchanger and zeolite drying and there's simply no other manufacturer who makes them.

          Other Ikea dishwashers are made by Whirlpool and Electrolux by the way.

        • Check the water and energy rating… that will speak volumes

  • Good machine, installed one recently. Super quiet, fits heaps, good features, dig the cutlery drawer, can turn it on/off from the couch 5m away.

    • Just wanted to ask to make sure it's normal, when you close the door (completely) on the washing machine, do you find it makes an audible click sound?

      • Yes, it has a magnet and catch system I think.

        • Okay thank you, ironically it's louder than the machine itself which is ultra quiet.

          Appreciate the reply.

  • do you know if it is possible to buy and then deliver in few months time?

    • You can usually pick a delivery date up to 4 weeks away, however I believe it is possible to move it again. You can contact AO via the live chat option for confirmation

  • We had a Bosch dishwasher in our old house. Used for years, excellent brand.

    I really don’t see the point of the home connect feature. Load it up, press a button and it goes (or set for a few hours time). I’m not sure why you’d load it up, walk away then use an app to run it.

    • I just looked it up, apparently you can speed up the cycle during the wash. This is pretty handy if you put something in that you forgot you'd need soon. Not sure if other dishwashers do that.

      • Ok. I usually just open it, our old Bosch unit would pause the cycle then when it’s closed again it’d continue.

        IoT is a feature that manufacturers all love because of marketing and staying “ahead of the curve” but you do need to question the necessity. Especially when you weigh in the risks of hacking.

        • Not because of marketing, but because of statistics it provides. There's little to no reasons for manufacturers to make machines that can be used twice a day if statistics shows that on average they're used every second day.

          • @DainB: I’m sure the manufacturers know the typical utilisation of their products without needing to build in statistics collection into their products. Dishwashers have been around for decades but IoT hasn’t. This is the thing with a lot of IoT implementations, it’s a solution to a problem you never had in the first place. The problem is invented by marketing.

            They have design requirements for usage profiles and life times, I think it wouldn’t matter of you used it twice a day or once every two days.

            Someone else said good to run the dishwasher when you’re on solar, I agree with that, that would actually be useful. I am not aware if this can be done but probably using a “smart” inverter.

            • @GeneralSkunk: I will believe you the moment I see home appliance with IoT system that does not call home and uploads telemetry. Until then.. yes, you pay for it thinking it adds some value to you and it actually might be but real value is usage patterns per country that allow build differently specced devices for different markets. And yes, every manufacturer is doing that, including Bosch.

        • Yes, but continue with the same cycle or can you update the cycle mid-cycle.
          I think hacking is a consideration though, which is more an issue for recording devices and locks/security.
          Though I guess someone could hack an oven and burn down my house?

    • Home automations to tick it on when using solar would be cool

  • How do you slide these in without scratching up the floor?

    • there's probably a youtube video on it.

      my guess, use cardboard?

    • Plastic base did not scratch my floor, slid in to place and then lowered the feet to set the height.

  • +2

    Price dropped overnight, it's now $1107.
    Also just been to Good Guys, they are happy to price match AO and also included free delivery. Paid with discounted gift cards for another 5% saving.

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