Wusthof Epicure 6-Piece Block Set $430.73+ $46.14 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Saw a price drop on this thanks to camelcamelcamel.

Seemed popular in a previous deal I saw for $481.89 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640438
See the previous post for a more detailed description + comments.

The two larger chef knives go for a minimum $230 + $280 according to camelcamelcamel. Googling the Epicure shows ridiculously high RRPs

Researching online apparently some people have received fake Ikon knives from eBay/Amazon over the past 5 years, as far as I can tell there haven't been any fakes from the Epicure range if someone has extra info on this please let me know.

I've been browsing the ChefKnives subreddit trying to land a good pair, settled on these. Might have been able to find something better with more research but hopefully these will be alright.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    nice handles …love this set but don’t need block or scissors

    • +3

      The block is pretty big. I have a small kitchen and couldn’t give up that much bench space. Swapped it out for a magnetic knife rack.

      • magnetic all the way …no wasted space and hygienic. wonder what lives in that wood block after a few months use

  • +2

    These are great knives. I’ve had West hog knives for about 20 years. These are great quality, hold their edge longer compared to the Japanese varieties IMO and have a nice weight to them.

  • This looks like a good useful set, except for the steel. I have a couple of wusthof knives - they are pretty amazing. They're way to good to use a steel on them though - I haven't used a steel in years.

    I have no idea on the price though, just the quality of the knives.

    Personally I'd steer clear of wooden handles too. Are they wood? I tried to find what they are in the description - it doesn't say. This makes me think they are wood.

    • i prefer wood handles for commercial catering , they are more comfy long term.

      • +1

        The handles on these do get good reviews as far as comfort goes.

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    This is 56-58 HRC blade imho, whilst it calls out 58 hrc on spec, generally anything higher than 58 you won't be using a sharpening steel for. So more than likely under 58.

    • Perhaps. Wouldn't you do less damage / remove less material on a harder knife steel? And likewise, wouldn't you remove more material / do more damage on a softer knife steel? You know that different knife steels don't all have the same ideal rockwell hardness? They're nearly all different.

      For example, wusthof use X50CrMoV15 steel - 56 is the accepted max. hardness for this https://knifeuser.com/x50crmov15-steel-review/#x50crmov15_ha...

      I wouldn't use a steel on anything anymore. I don't expect you'll see them in sets for too much longer as people become more educated in knives. Not everyone knows this though; they're used to seeing steels in these sets. Although there is an argument for them in the food industry for use on the floor - easy to keep sterile, no moving parts etc.

      • Wouldn't you do less damage / remove less material on a harder knife steel?

        No, harder steels are more resistant to deformation and rather than bend (which is what you want when using a steel) will tend to break or chip.

        And likewise, wouldn't you remove more material / do more damage on a softer knife steel?

        Not if your steel and steeling technique are up to scratch. When using a traditional steel you're not trying to remove any material, you're only trying to realign the edge.

        I wouldn't use a steel on anything anymore.

        What are you planning to use to realign the edge then on softer steel knives? A strop?

        There's nothing wrong with a good steel as long as you only use it on knives that are suitable for steeling.

        There is the question of whether the steels that come in most sets are actually good steels. Personally I wouldn't choose a fluted steel which seems to be pretty much standard in knife sets, not to mention that the steels that come in sets are usually fairly short in length.

  • +1

    For me at least, as soon as I tried a Japanese/Wa- style knife handle I couldn't go back. The balance just works that much better for me. Worth a test if you haven't tried them before.

  • That bluster on chef knife tho… 😬