What's Your Favourite Moon Cake Brand (...and Flavour!)

Ozbargainers … give me your moon cake brand suggestions. As a kid, "Wing Wah" was a common brand we had every year - but now as a grown up (ie when I have to pay for it) I can't bring myself to paying $50 a box! Whats a good moon cake brand you would recommend - or is it the more expensive the better (ie you get what you pay for).

And for anyone who is about to say "wait until moon festival is over and get them at half price" - the standard 1 or 2 egg yoke ones are usually sold out at my local stores. The only ones left are the flavoured ones that noone likes.

Secondly — interested to know what your favourite flavours are. Vote below (or add your own!)

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  • 15
    Salted Egg & Lotus Seed
  • 6
    Red Bean
  • 5
    Mixed Nut
  • 3
  • 3
    White Lotus
  • 4
    Snow Skin
  • 0
    white lotus seed with triple egg yolk


  • +1

    Wing wah is the best, that's why it's so expensive. Double yolk ftw. The other brand I'd also get is meixin.

    • Tai ban icy skin moon cake is greater too.

      Meixin I think is better than Wing way.

      • Meixin has a lava version which looks super interesting but I haven't seen it sold here

  • The snow ones at Jim's Malaysian aren't bad either.

  • Your

    • You are favourite.

  • +1

    try a viet one
    they have lots of random stuff in it
    bit weird, but worth a try

  • +1

    Whats a moon cake?

  • Redjade in Sunshine or Amour Bakery in Altona do decent moon cakes. Redjade is priced well and tasty. Amour is less commercialised but is slightly pricier. Jim's Malaysia is Sydney was very good too. A bit pricey though.

    But all time favourite brand is from Hung Hiong.

    Mung bean with 1 yoke or durian. Yum yum!

  • whats a moon cake?

    • 20 bucks, same as in town

  • How is pandan not on there. One of the best dessert flavours

    • You beat me to this question - it's my favourite too. Maybe it's a Malaysia thing and not traditional enough?

      • Haha maybe. Costco did a 4 pack one recently for pretty cheap (can't rmb the brand) and my mum reckons that it's even better than the malaysian ones. The pandan was really good.

        • Thanks - I’ll keep that in mind when I’m back home. Just polished off a 4-pack from the W hotel KL. Mou tak ding 😋

    • Yesterday I bought Win Win Brand made in Malaysia for $30 from New Yen Yen Hurstville, low sugar combo of durian yolk, white lotus yolk, pandan yolk, and taro yolk. I haven't opened it yet.

      Just did a Google, it's available online too.


      • What's your verdict of this brand in the end?

        • It's decent only, nothing special

  • +1

    My favourite is the Wing Wah - White Lotus Seed with one egg.
    It smells nice on outside, firm, love the oilyness inside when I bite into it. The sweetness is good too. The egg is crunchy in middle and real.
    However, for $55 a box, I can only afford one box.

    I did comparison with Mei Xin, found the Wing Wah more oily and nicer.

    For best value, I buy Guangzhou Restaurant - White lotus seed no egg. Its $30 a box, not Wing Wah quality but totally yummy for $30 for white lotus seed traditionally one. They also have 2 egg version but too many eggs means less white louts seed.

  • Question for the aficionados.

    Are the yolks cooked or are they raw?

    • +1

      Cooked- salted egg yolks :)

  • Matcha 😷

  • Mixed nut (wu ren)

    Traditional cantonese variety.

  • Sugar Honey is not bad at all, 4 Assorted 2 Yolks and only $26 in Glen Waverley, Melbourne.

  • Suggested white lotus seed with triple egg yolk

    one of those triple egg yolk white lotus seed Maxim ones represent half of daily recommended intake. I actually don't like eating moon cakes but like bringing them into work just to see their facial expression when eating it

    • +3

      Once my relative got given a pack of four triple yolk ones before getting on the plane and declared them at customs upon arriving. They said prohibited due to the egg yolks - and that they'll confiscate them. Being the tightarse that he is, he didn't want to throw them out and asked if it was OK if he ate them, they said yes. So he sat at the bench at customs eating four triple egg yolk mooncakes. He's never looked at them the same, since. I really wish border security/nothing to declare would have been filming that day :(

  • Had to Google what a moon cake is. You learn new stuff everyday.

  • Due to my chronic high blood pressure, I really shouldn't be having any of the white lotus seed with salted egg mooncakes… but it just doesn't taste right without that one salted egg adding its aroma to the white lotus seed.

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