Buying New All in One Desktop PC and Laptop

My laptop is about 10 years old and desktop is possibly same if not more. My all in one desktop had issues while back can’t remember the issues but would not boot up properly etc it was possible it was the button battery needing replaced.
Where as a computer guy I emails said something probably more than just that and due to age maybe not worth fixing.
He was willing to have a look at no cost but never had the chance.

My laptop has windows 7 and was available to update to 10 but I forgot to do it, but after passing on my specs of laptop I’m told I could try replacing to a ssd hard drive I think it was but still possible that windows might not work properly still.

As both are now very dated was thinking of updating both of one now and another later, I’m not after top spec the Ferrari of computers and nothing too costly, as they would only get used now and again.
The laptop replacement might be a good choice as could be left on computer desk and moved around house. Again not looking to spends lots on that also.

My computer was an all in one touch screen hp with everything built into the monitor and it be good to get same sort of thing.

I wanted to update the old laptop as my wife’s iPad stopped working about 6 months ago or more and I’m sure we was told we needed to get on iTunes to sort it.
I can’t remember but tried all the stuff in youtube and online pressing buttons etc nothing worked, it was just if I remember continued loop.
As laptop has old iTunes it can’t be updated due to not having windows 10 and was going to try something there, and obviously desktop is not working.

It maybe sound silly but I could buy the new laptop and give old one to daughter but she is only 9 yrs old and I’m sure it ain’t safe being on the internet as not supported and worried I be hacked etc.
Or make it useable for her to do other things but not online, The times I been on it where I needed a pc for whatever task I’m always worried I’m hacked being online.

What’s everyone’s recommended desktop computer these days more so all in one?
Or even laptop again same for that.
There has probably been many good deals come and gone through the year ie end of financial year, Black Friday, prime day list goes on.

Even good guys have some current deals with % off and extra 10% due to footy final so maybe a good deal there to be had, but I don’t know what’s worth buying.
I have phone and iPad so I’m not stuck but but certain things are better done with a computer.


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    Tldr. Get a better laptop and plug in a large touch screen monitor when you want to. What’s your price range?
    For your daughter, do some research on child friendly computing and internet filters. Also, supervision.

  • Don't bother with AIO's in general overpriced, underpowered non portable laptops. As mentioned above if you are going to go down that route buy a better laptop and touchscreen monitor… although touch is kind of overrated and under developed. Each to their own

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    Mac Mini (M1) currently on sale for under $1k.

    For devices that you don't intend to use frequently — instead of Windows device perhaps consider getting an iPad or Chromebook.

    They boot instantly, get frequent OS and security updates, have long battery life and are good enough for common tasks like emails and web browsing.

    • We have several ipads here well apart from wife's one which is stuck on a continuous loop and will not boot up.
      But we do have phones and ipads but sometimes its just easier doing certain things on a desktop pc or at least laptop.
      As ipads and phones are enough for travelling or taking to work maybe an ipad is enough for now and place it on computer desk.
      Mayhe getting a desktop and laptop maybe is just overfill at present.