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Apple Mac Mini M1 (8GB RAM / 256GB SSD) $997 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$987 is the lowest price according to CCC. But at this current price it's cheaper compared to other shops that I could find.

Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU and machine learning performance
8-core CPU packs up to 3x faster performance, to fly through workflows quicker than ever
8-core GPU with up to 6x faster graphics, for graphics-intensive apps and games
16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning
8GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
Advanced cooling system sustains breakthrough performance
Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity
Two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, one HDMI 2.0 port, two USB-A ports and Gigabit Ethernet
macOS Big Sur with a bold new design and major app updates for Safari, Messages and Maps

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is there much performance difference between this and the new Macbook Air?

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      Depending on which MacBook Air you get graphics performance will be slightly different but other than that They are pretty much the same whilst the mini has slightly better sustained performance as the Air has a passive design which some people have used thermal pads to dissipate more heat via the enclosure resulting in identical performance.

      • +12

        Also please do not forget that you get an industry leading display, touchpad (~$179 sold separately) and keyboard (~$179) included for the extra price. Although you lose one gpu core, I would still say that the MacBook Air is the best value for money device. Especially if you can get for the education price + discount gift cards.

        • +5

          Absolutely. Get the MBA M1 over this, extra $300 is well worth it for portability and all the above reasons. You will not notice any performance difference.

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      Not many people mention this, only the Mac Mini M1 can run dual external monitors. Macbook M1 you are limited to the laptop screen and 1 external monitor.

    • Yes, the tdp down is 25w? vs 12w, meaning the CPU can use double the power for sustained workloads. Not much intensive stuff you're going to do on a M1 Mac, however, so might as well go for the air.

  • +3

    I got this, but regret not being the M1 Air.
    For a little more the Air is more useful and worth the extra $

    • Sell it and buy the Air one :)

      • Don't want to make a lost.

  • 2 bucks cheaper at Costco if you’re a member

  • Not cheaper than the education deal which is ongoing and available to everyone, its like a life hack for apple products.



    • dont they need to check your student id or email ?

      • I think I need to edit my original post, I dont know whats the process, but I'd imagine we know someone who is a student right? if you search ozbargain there are comments regarding apple might investigate and charge you the differences if they found you are not eligible, but I know plenty of students.

        • +1

          yea but buying via a student cant claiming for work, tax deduction.

          • @SS625: I think claiming for tax offset is very different, because of the ongoing WFH, you can say 1% is for student stuff, and 99% is WFH ;) just like the way you use your home or internet.

          • +1

            @SS625: How would the Tax department know how you purchased it? The tax invoice is identical and has no record of how you purchased it or what discount you may have got.

      • +2

        No they don't, just brought 1 and also you can get 4% cashback buying on Apple gift cards via shop back, so if you buy $1000 Apple gift card, you will get a $40 cash back once it been approved.

    • +4

      You could also buy $980 of Apple Gift Cards at Woolies with 15% back in Rewards dollars ($147 back). Taking this down to $830.60.

      • online or in store?

        • +3

          Instore only, see here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650860

          I bought $4,000 worth yesterday with no issues.

        • You can do either, just depends on how and when you redeem the gift cards. Don't redeem them on your Apple Account Balance if you wish to spend in store.
          Gift Cards can only be purchased instore at woolies.

  • +1

    A lot of audio guys are complaining about incompatibilities with this, and suggest waiting to see if the next version is any better

    • -1

      That's limited to really specific external USB DACs right?

      I was going to say I didn't have any issues with my commoner-grade audio gear connected via USB to my Macbook Pro M1 (Logitech G560 speakers, and Audioengine HD3s) and thought the Mac Mini M1 would be the same.

  • What's a good screen for the Mac Mini? Something around 27" and QHD or 4K would be ideal

    • +1

      I'm using a Dell S3221QS (bought for around $360 on a very good OzB day), and it's great so far.

    • Pricey but I use the LG 27” 5k. It’s amazing except for the microphone and speakers

  • +4

    I'm personally holding out to see if there's a new Mac Mini with an upgraded M1X chip.

    • I am waiting for the M1X mini too with 16GB ram base model

      • Yeah it's the 8gb of ram that's put me off buying this in the past and can't really get a 10% discount on a custom spec'd one.

        • They manage to do surprisingly well with 8gb of ram (all my other systems have 16-32gb) much more efficient than other architectures
          but an m1x with 16gb of ram will be a beast (and will upgrade when that happens!)

          • @macmanluke: Yeah I think for 1k they're great value and heard the 8gb is more than enough.

            • @Sidog: I have been using M1 Mini for 6 months now
              used daily for developing apps
              There are times where it run out of rams and i need to close off some applications (usually Google chrome is the big eater)

              I know Safari has way better in resource management
              but just get used to chrome give it sync across multi devices including windows

              • @littlesoldier: Yeah I've got 32gb of RAM in a late 2012 iMac… still a solid machine but no longer supports latest MacOS.

    • Yep I wanted to do the same thing but Mrs couldn't wait :(

      • +1

        Should of introduced her to Mac Buyers Guide

  • Been looking for a portable monitor for it and so far this seems to be one that under $300 AUD with decent spec but I have to get it shipped via USA, anyone got other options let me know, searched the ozbargain forum and not really much discussions. https://vissles.com/collections/monitor/products/vissles-m-1...

    • Are you planning on walking around with your Mac Mini and portable monitor?

      If so why not just get a MacBook Air?

      If not then why not just get a regular monitor?

      • +1

        She doesn't want the macbook air, we just had 2 Macbook 12 go down on us in less than 5 years, once borders open, she wants to take the mac mini two and from China to Australia and have that portable with her, HAHA her idea I rather get her a 13 inch macbook or something instead.

        • +3

          Surely a Macbook Air makes so much more sense even if she doesn't intend to use it in transit!

          As for the 12" Macbook… my wife has one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't break given it was notorious for various issues/premature death. I actually am surprised they didn't use the 12" chassis with the M1.

        • +1

          I guess that sort of make sense. But honestly using a portable monitor is not a very pleasant experience imo, it feels kinda flimsy, and could break or whatnot.

          Carrying around a Mac Mini + a large portable monitor is a pretty darn huge sacrifice in terms of convenience and mobility, just to avoid having to get an air. Just my take ;)

          • @Dr Fruit: where you gonna get power for the mac mini?

            • @SS625: Oh yeah that too. I guess you'll just always have to be looking for a plug, which kinda sucks.

              Also I'm not familiar with portable monitors, do they need a separate power source? Or will they work by taking up one of the (USB-C maybe???) ports on your Mac Mini?

              Anyway - too much hassle!

          • +1

            @Dr Fruit: HA HA true, I'll let her learn and see if a macbook will be her purchase after the Mac mini, also will need to take a wireless keyboard and mouse but i think she just have both keyboard and mouse in Australia and China, with us doing trips around Australia going to be interesting if she wants to take the mini mac but I still have 1 macbook 12 that works so using that myself. Once that goes will not go back to the Macbook 12 line up again.

    • might as well get the air m1

  • Comparing this vs a laptop is irrelevant. They are designed for different purposes.
    If you are buying a machine to be a desktop, get a Mac mini. If you are buying a machine that needs to be portable, buy a Mac Book Air

    A Mac Book Air as a Desktop sucks. As soon as you plug in an external screen it starts to get warmer and will throttle performance. Better on the M1 than Intel, for sure — but still a factor.

  • +1

    I bought the M1 Mini with 16/512 - waiting a month for TNT to pickup and return to Apple.
    It's a great machine, but I use windows for work connected via citrix and I will stick with a windows machine for the time being (for various reasons).
    If I didn't have to connect to work (or they didnt use Windows), then no problemo - I'd be very happy with this as a casual use.
    I even got a triple monitor setup working (except that windows randomly move around on sleep)

    • Try Parallels it works very well and fast on the m1 - Get latest version 17 they have 14 day trial so try befiore TNT pick it up

      • I got Parallel 16 which also works with M1
        while it works fine overall I feel like the resolution is a bit low

        Another risk is the ARM windows is still running under insider program
        which has no guarantee when the program will ends
        Microsoft has recently announce that they are not planning to have a ARM Windows 11 either
        A bit sad news for M1 mac users


  • Damn that's tempting!

  • I jumped at this deal last week as my PC died. I ordered Saturday morning, arrived Saturday night. As a first-time mac user, I have to say that this machine is incredible.

    Bought the 8/256 version.

    Tested it out with 50 chrome tabs, and all apps open, and did not notice any decrease in performance.

    Go ahead and but it if in doubt.

    PS: also pick up a docking station for all your peripherals.

    • I didn't know that Amazon does same day delivery. Welcome to the Mac world!