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30x Everyday Rewards Points with Apple Gift Card (Excluding $20 Denomination) @ Woolworths


Take two. Full credit to @kelasen for the heads up.

Deal taken from the weekly catalogue starting 15 September.

Please note the following:

  • This deal requires an Everyday Rewards account. If you do not have an Everyday Rewards account, use this link to get 1,500 bonus points as a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus points can take up to 30 business days to be credited to your account.

  • The variable value Apple gift card (where you can load between $20 and $500) is part of this deal. You will earn 30x bonus points for every whole dollar you load onto that gift card.

  • Although the catalogue states the limit is 10 per transaction, some store managers have set their own limits on gift card sales (e.g. $500 per transaction, $1000 per day). You may need to split your purchases over multiple transactions or multiple days.

  • If you are planning to purchase $1000 or more in gift cards, your best bet is to go to a serviced checkout, not a self-service checkout. Large-scale purchases require additional approval steps, and it is easier if that is done at a serviced checkout with a dedicated checkout operator.

  • The older blue-coloured App Store & iTunes gift cards are not part of this deal.

Terms and conditions

  • Offer available from 15/9/21 to 21/9/21 on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards (excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards) in Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last.

  • Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro.

  • Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer.

  • Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card from date of purchase.

  • Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions.

  • $30 = 900 rewards points
  • $50 = 1500 rewards points
  • $100 = 3000 rewards points
  • $200 = 6000 rewards points
  • Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Additional Information

Everyday Rewards Dollars

  • 2000 Everyday Rewards points is equivalent to $10 Everyday Rewards Dollars (redeemable at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS across Australia or Caltex Woolworths / EG Australia in mainland Australia) or 1000 Qantas points.

  • Everyday Rewards points can only be converted to Everyday Rewards Dollars or Qantas points in multiples of 2000.

  • Everyday Rewards Dollars cannot be used for any gift card purchases at Woolworths unless the bonus points you earn from the gift card purchase will push your Everyday Rewards Dollars balance above the $4500 limit.

Earning Everyday Rewards Points

  • Any purchase of any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W) will not earn any standard Everyday Rewards points.

  • Any purchase of any gift cards in this deal at Woolworths almost always do not count towards any other bonus Everyday Rewards points promotions (e.g. spend $x in one transaction to earn y points). However, a number of people reported in the previous Apple gift card deal that the purchase of Apple gift cards counted towards targeted/personalised Everyday Rewards points promotions. It is likely Woolworths has closed this loophole, so it is best to assume Apple gift cards no longer count.

  • If you are purchasing this gift card at a self-service checkout, you should be able to see the number of Everyday Rewards points you will earn as part of this transaction in the top right-hand corner of the payment screen.

  • You will only earn bonus points on every whole dollar loaded onto a gift card. For example, if you specify $50.50 as the amount to be loaded onto the variable value gift card, you will only earn 500 bonus points, not 505 bonus points.

Paying for Gift Cards

  • Woolworths’ POS system allows split payments for gift card purchases at self-service checkouts and serviced checkouts.

  • Gift cards issued by Woolworths Group Ltd1 cannot be used as payment for any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W). Attempting to redeem them on gift card purchases will be blocked by the POS system and return an error.

  • Prepaid VISA/Mastercard/EFTPOS gift cards (e.g. Coles Gift Mastercards, EFTPOS gift cards from this deal2) can be used to purchase Apple gift cards at Woolworths.

  • Make sure to check the small activation receipt that the checkout prints after a gift card purchase. If it says successful at the bottom of the receipt, the gift card was correctly activated. If it does not say successful, alert the service desk of the failed activation and they will sort it out. This receipt will be printed out even if you have turned off paper receipts for your Everyday Rewards account.

Odds and Ends

  • Gift card purchases at Woolworths will earn 4c/L (or 6c/L in Tasmania) fuel vouchers.

  • Gift card purchases do not count towards the spend requirement for the current Woolworths Brick promotion.

Using Apple Gift Cards

  • You can redeem up to 8 gift cards (in conjunction with an Apple Account Balance and/or a credit/debit card) online or over the phone at Apple.

  • You can redeem up to 8 gift cards (in conjunction with a credit/debit card) in-person at an Apple Store.

  • You cannot redeem an Apple Account Balance in-person at an Apple Store.

  • You can load multiple Apple gift cards to an Apple Account Balance, but the maximum balance is $4999.

  • Apple gift cards have no expiry date.

  1. If you have a gift card where you can check the balance here, it was issued by Woolworths Group Limited. 

  2. Another user confirmed that EFTPOS gift card can be used as a payment method for Apple gift cards at Woolworths. 

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  • +22

    Congrats on being the first poster on this, had to laugh seeing 5 duplicates at the top of the page

    • +2

      I tuned my radio to ABC Local Radio to make sure I could jump in first lol

      • +2

        Well done. I couldn’t hold my horses this morning and posted well ahead of posting guidelines ☹️

        • +2

          Sad reactions only.

          For future reference, Woolworths has previously requested OzBargain to honour the embargo on catalogue specials (unless someone put up the Apple gift card posters too early at a Woolworths store). Coles has not done the same, so if you see a Coles deal leaked early, post away!

  • +2

    Speaking of, I've heard numerous rumours that the 120hz screen will be on the Pro versions only.
    Will be disappointed if that's the case since the Pro costs so much more.

    • +4

      A fancy new feature costs more than something without it… who'd have guessed?

      • +2

        Anyone who put any effort into researching the iPhone 12 wouldn't have guessed either since the only differences between the 12 and the Pro are the camera and RAM.

        • +3

          LiDAR sensor as well. Apparently goes a little brighter. But yeah they are very similar agreed.

  • would be great for the upcoming Apple special event?

    • Yep, assuming you have a use for Everyday Rewards dollars or Qantas points.

    • +2

      It’s free.. you don’t have to pay for it

  • +3

    Nice. More bricks packs.

    • *Excludes NSW & ACT until 21/09/21. In a single eligible transaction (excluding specified items such as gift cards, tobacco, liquor).

      • This Apple GC deal is excluded in NSW/ACT? What is a brick pack?

        • No. The Apple gift card deal is nationwide.

          The commenter is referring to the Woolworths Bricks promotion, which has started in all jurisdictions except NSW and the ACT.

          • +3

            @WookieMonster: Oh - glad I’ll be missing that one. Don’t want fake lego tainting my stash.

            • @Bedgrub: Yeah, I know what you mean! I remember a random fake Lego brick somehow ending up in my Lego collection, but the colour was off and it stood out like dog’s balls when compared to my other bricks…

    • unfortunately there are no bricks packs with this.. i did try to enquire for it.

      • That's a shame… Did the receipt say that you have earned 'X' packs?

        • yup she double checked. no it doesnt

    • Love how u lot think that you'll get more of those brick crap packs, when u buy a recharge voucher or giftcards or tobacco products. And again, I will state… u can't get discounts on those latter products that I mentioned as well. Because Woolworths staff don't get such either. Otherwise I would mention it in my profile - if there is a section to add such.

  • +2

    What does "POS" stand for? I only know "piece of sh..", which I assume is not the right one (or is it?)

    • +9

      Point of Sale (i.e. POS system = point of sale system).

      An alternative term would be “checkout system”.

  • +4

    Here we go again!

    Grabs popcorn for the debate whether this is 15% off or not.

    • +8

      There are three certainties in life:

      • Death
      • Taxes
      • Arguments as to whether bonus Everyday Rewards or Flybuys points on gift card purchases are equivalent to a “discount” or “profit”
      • -7

        Speaking of taxes, pretty good bonus to pay the ATO in iTunes Gift Cards!

        • Just, no… smh

    • +1

      With math you're either right or wrong. It's not really a debate.

      • +1

        Maths can be either right or wrong, with no middle ground. However, whether the audience listens is a completely different issue… As one legendary doctor once said, "there's no vaccine against stupidity."

        • +2

          If there was a vaccine against stupidity, those that needed it wouldn't get it anyway……

        • "there's no vaccine against stupidity."

          Shame. I think a few people could use some internal 5G connectivity in their lives.

  • So could you load the giftcard into Apple Pay and use it pay for groceries?

    • +2


      You can only use Apple gift cards to purchase products (i.e. iPads, iPhones, MacBooks) or content (e.g. apps, in-app purchases) directly from Apple.

      This deal may be of interest to you… except for the fact that you cannot add it to a mobile wallet or use it online.

      • Can they be used to buy refurbished products?

  • Looks like Apple really wants us to buy their new phone :)

    • +2

      A new Apple phone,,, hang on, didn’t they just release one last year?!?

      • +1

        Don’t they all release phones annually?

      • Yeah … they just released the same phone again :-) It's the new iPhone.

  • +2

    Any idea when new MacBooks will be announced. I assume this week’s event is for portable devices and my 2013 MacBook Pro may not hold on much longer

    • Me too! I believe October is the speculated arrival time. So so keen!

      • More than likely late Oct/early Nov for delivery in hands. Global chip shortage :-(

        • Yeah, I’m hopeful I’ll have one in my lap by November

          • @JutakuHome: I just hope that everybody doesn’t think these new MacBook pros are replacing the entry level.

            I would love them to but they are going to start at $2500+, maybe even $2800. Trust me, I want to be wrong.

            • +1

              @John Stone: Looks like I might need to get a few more of these cards then

              • @hindo: If u did or wanted to get these Apple gift cards, I can tell u now… it won't work out cheaper if buying a device at Apple. Remember those "HIM" & "HER" and "HOME" ones that have JB-Hifi being one of the participating stores on it?… When they have 10% off, the devices would be that, but you're really paying 10% for the card. Especially when you're giving the card to someone as a gift.

            • @John Stone: I’m thinking the base level 14-inch MBP will be ~$2600. Obviously want it to be less, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Education store discount should bring it well under $2500

            • @John Stone: I doubt they'll be that much. Given the lower price of the M1 chip, I can't see them asking for something around the same price as older Intel MBP's used to be. Granted, a 'covid inflation tax' may come into play.

        • They’ve basically nailed the supply chain… even managed to get Samsung to manufacture parts for them via LG lol.

  • I already plugged $4.5k so I, ladies and gentleman, will step aside on this very cracking deal.

    • +5

      Weird flex, but OK.

      • +9

        I don’t think that is as much of a flex as this one lol

        • haha I absolutely take that back!!! Wow….

          • +2

            @KangaDrew: I got 6.8k worth of cards out of the last deal and I thought I was overboard lol

            I’m using the bonus rewards dollars quite well though. Spent almost $500 over the last couple of weeks and “free” groceries!

            • +1

              @zzzman: That's a lot of Apple tech! But hard to pass up at 15% off.

              waits for the profit vs discount debate to ensue

        • I couldn't imagine casually spending $36,000 at a grocery store regardless of what I was buying lol

      • +4

        Nah, not a flex. Some guy dropped $30k.

        Mine a quite a few others were chump change in comparison.

        • +1

          Yeah I saw the link that was previously posted… that was just a mind boggling lump of cash to dump into GC's.

  • Do these replace the standard iTunes gift cards?
    Wanting to purchase iTunes music.

  • +3

    So once I load these in, my monthly Tinder subscription will come off the balance of the cards? Confirming for a friend.

    • +2

      +ve for thinking smarter, not harder. And also, it's always nice to see mates looking after mates ;-)

      Also, yes.

      • Damn I have always been thinking hard on Tinder. No wonder…

  • +1

    I scored $225 Everyday Rewards dollars on the last deal, so it's always nice to see that banked for Christmas! Another $500 worth of GC's? Don't mind if I do!

    • I somehow feel incredibly bullish on Apple’s share price!

    • You can use your everyday reward dollars banked for Christmas at Big W online anytime. I have mine set to be banked for Christmas as I had a 5x points promo but could use them now at Big W online.

      • Yeah I know, but thanks :-)

  • Anyone who has done this before for an iPhone or two, any gotchas or find print to be aware of?

    • +4

      Nothing really. Just make sure if you strictly want to buy in store you need to use the cards, and there can only be 8 maximum and any remaining balance needs to be sorted by cash or credit card.
      Recommend buying bigger denominations for this option.
      If you are happy to buy online particularly during covid, by however many you want - just load up your online balance and buy away.

      • So can I load up say 10 x $200 cards somehow online and then spend $2000 in one go on apple website? Rather than just be limited to isn’t 8 x $200 cards on a purchase?

        • +1

          Spot on! Anything over 8 cards, just add them to your online store / Apple ID balance and you aren’t restricted to 8 cards this way.

          • @BusMan247: You can buy with your Apple ID balance:
            • Buy apps, games or in-app purchases from the App Store.
            • Buy music, films and more from the iTunes Store, Apple TV app or Apple Books.
            • Pay for subscriptions such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. …
            • Pay for iCloud storage.

            was told (by apple online support team) that i can't use apple id balance to buy iphone. anyone confirm?

            • @aaroncmw: Yes, all products included. Apple can confirm:

            • @aaroncmw: This webpage makes it clear that you can use an Apple Account Balance to purchase products at the Apple Store online.

              Section 2 of the terms and conditions of the Apple gift card makes it clear that you can use the “Associated Balance” (which is another name of the Apple Account Balance) to purchase products (e.g. an iPhone).

              The Apple online support person you spoke to is factually wrong. I believe the United States, Canada and Australia are the only countries where you can use the balance associated with an Apple account to purchase products, so that may explain the confusion?

  • -1

    EFTPOS deal wont stack, it finishes tomorrow —— "NOTE: this deal could be stacked with this deal."

    • +1

      But you could get an EFTPOS gift card tonight or tomorrow, then get Apple gift cards on Wednesday.

      I am assuming that EFTPOS gift cards can be used to purchase Apple gift cards at Woolworths…

      • +2

        I just asked my local woolworths at bankstown and chullora nsw.. they said the eftpos gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards including apple gift cards.

  • +1

    Waiting to see if it’s worthwhile upgrading from a iphone11 pro max to the 13.
    Rumours say it’s not this year, next years will be the major upgrade.

    • +1

      I’m getting a 13 but the 14 looks waaaay nicer

      • lol?!?! 14?

    • +1

      These are the same rumours every year.. I'm still sitting on my iPhone SE 2020 patiently waiting.

  • I wonder if apple have done a deal with woolies? haven't seen this kind of deal pop up with Coles

    • My guess is yes.

      The first Apple gift card deal at Woolworths was specifically marked as an Advertiser Promotion in the catalogue, which hinted at the fact that Woolworths and Apple came to some sort of deal.

      I always thought companies issuing the gift cards were the ones who footed the bill of any gift card bonuses or discounts, so it is interesting that Apple hasn’t seemingly done a deal with Coles or Target yet.

  • We are only able to use 8 gift cards on Apple website, how can we purchase iPhones that over $2,000?

    • +7
      • Load some gift cards onto your Apple Account Balance first, or

      • Purchase the variable value gift cards (where you can load between $20 and $500). They were included in the last Apple gift card deal at Woolworths, and are not listed as an exclusion in this gift card deal.

      Keep in mind that the maximum balance your Apple Account can have is $4999.

  • Hope they do not sell out so quickly like last time.

    • +1

      Considering the fact that Woolworths and BIG W had this deal in the last month (plus the first Woolworths deal got 434 upvotes), I think stock will be less of an issue this time.

      • Mate, you never know.

        Too many brodens come out during lockdown to clear out all stock.

    • Both Woolies i checked this morning had zero stock of any denomination. Alexandria and Park Sydney stores.

  • let my hoarding begin hehehehe

  • Can I use this to purchase AppleCare Plus for a new phone?

  • Can these GC be used at Apple Education Store? Still considered as Apple website right?