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10x Everyday Rewards Points with $20-$500 Perfect EFTPOS Gift Card Purchase ($7.95 Fee Applies) @ Woolworths


Spotted this at a Woolworths in the ACT.

This deal is only really a “deal” in my eyes if you load at least $159 on a gift card, as the bonus points you earn from purchasing a $159 gift card will have an equivalent value of the $7.95 gift card purchase fee.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Please check the back of the gift cards in-store before purchasing the gift card. There has been a report of fraudsters altering a number of gift cards to change the barcode on the back. The new barcode - which has been printed out on paper and stuck onto the back of the gift card - is for a different inactive EFTPOS gift card, which means that when you go to pay and activate for an EFTPOS gift card, you are activating a EFTPOS gift card in the possession of the fraudsters, not the EFTPOS gift card you are holding. If you find any tampered gift cards in-store on your bargain quests, please immediately alert staff in-store.

  • These gift cards (issued by Blackhawk Network (Australia) Pty Ltd) expire three years from the date of issue.

  • These gift cards cannot be used for online purchases.

  • These gift cards cannot be used to purchase other The Perfect Gift Cards at Woolworths. (I tried and the POS system blocked it.)

Terms and conditions

  • Offer available from 8/9/21 to 14/9/21 on all denominations of the Perfect Gift Card (EFTPOS), in Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last.

  • Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro.

  • Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer.

  • Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card from date of purchase.

  • Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions.

Additional Information

Everyday Rewards Dollars

  • 2000 Everyday Rewards points is equivalent to $10 Everyday Rewards Dollars (redeemable at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS across Australia or Caltex Woolworths / EG Australia in mainland Australia) or 1000 Qantas points.

  • Everyday Rewards points can only be converted to Everyday Rewards Dollars or Qantas points in multiples of 2000.

  • Everyday Rewards Dollars cannot be used for any gift card purchases at Woolworths unless your Everyday Rewards Dollars balance has already reached the $4500 limit.

Earning Everyday Rewards Points

  • Any purchase of any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W) will not earn any standard Everyday Rewards points.

  • Any purchase of any gift cards in this deal at Woolworths will not count towards any other bonus Everyday Rewards points promotions. In other words, targeted/personalised Everyday Rewards offers at Woolworths (e.g. spend $x in one transaction to earn y points) usually exclude any purchase of any gift cards.

  • You will not earn any bonus Everyday Rewards points for the gift card purchase fee.

  • If you are purchasing this gift card at a self-service checkout, you should be able to see the number of Everyday Rewards points you will earn as part of this transaction in the top right-hand corner of the payment screen.

  • You will only earn bonus points on every whole dollar. For example, if you specify $50.50 as the amount to be loaded onto the gift card, you will only earn 500 bonus points, not 505 bonus points.

Paying for Gift Cards

  • Woolworths’ POS system allows split payments for gift card purchases at self-service checkouts and serviced checkouts.

  • Gift cards issued by Woolworths Group Ltd1 cannot be used as payment for any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W). Attempting to redeem them on gift card purchases will be blocked by the POS system and return an error.

  • Make sure to check the small activation receipt that the checkout prints after a gift card purchase. If it says successful at the bottom of the receipt, the gift card was correctly activated. If it does not say successful, alert the service desk of the failed activation and they will sort it out. This receipt will be printed out even if you have turned off paper receipts for your Everyday Rewards account.

Odds and Ends

  • Gift card purchases at Woolworths will earn 4c/L (or 6c/L in Tasmania) fuel vouchers.

  1. If you have a gift card where you can check the balance here, it was issued by Woolworths Group Limited. 

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  • good eye to spot this. If you ever see it again please let us know as I cant do this week

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      I only visit a Woolworths on Sundays, so that may be too late for you.

      My advice would be the next time Woolworths advertises a seemingly rubbish bonus points deal for the Vanilla VISA gift cards or any of the EFTPOS gift cards they stock, scan one of the higher-value or variable gift cards at the checkout and navigate to the payment screen to see whether it is going to credit your Everyday Rewards account with any bonus points. You do not have to pay for the gift card at this stage, especially if the points earned is shown to be 0.

      • Vanilla VISA gift cards only exist @ Coles/Target AFAIK.

        • Crap, you’re right!

          I was thinking of the Only1 VISA gift cards.

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        This is EFTPOS card so it can't be used online so it will limit how you can use it. This will be deal breaker for many of you.

        • +3

          Fair. I should add that to the post…

          I am going to save my $500 gift card for the next Coles Gift MasterCard deal.

        • Just hope VISA Variable load card will be on sale soon.

  • is there a limit?

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      No, I don’t think so. I didn’t see any limit specified any of the posters.

      I think Woolworths generally limits you to 10 gift cards per transaction, but I think they may also be monetary limits for each transaction, depending on the store you go to. The recent Apple gift card deal indicated that some staff limited people to $500 per transactions, where some others were happy to sell $2000 per transaction.

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        many staffs are only authourised for transactions upto $1000, if it is over $1000 they will need to get manager approval. It depends on how the store set credential limit for that staff.

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    The only gift cards worth buying are the $200 and $500 denominatios. All others you are buying at a loss.

    $200 = $2.05 profit
    $500 = $17.05 profit

    Edit: I could be wrong but I think the $200 has a $6.95 fee and the $500 has a $7.95 fee.

    Officeworks pricing

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      You can specify any amount between $20 and $500 on the gift card in this deal, so as long as you load $159 or more on one variable gift card, you will offset the gift card purchase fee.

      Obviously, you maximise the number of points you earn vs the amount you have to pay in gift card purchase fees if you load $500 on one EFTPOS gift card (like what I did).

      Also, you do realise you’re gonna start another argument on OzBargain if you use the word profit? Lol

      • I've had a Ginger Joe, so maybe i'm not thinking well, but if you were to buy these to then use solely for shopping at woolworths, would that not work out to be the best deal?

        Spend 507.95 on the maximum gift card, get 5000 (5079?) points

        Spend the 500 on groceries over x amount of time for another 500 points (even more when buying the other rewards points specials) and bring the 17.05 saving to minimum of 19.45 in savings (if not buying any other rewards points items)? or essentially ~4% off your shopping at woolworths while using this card?

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          no reward points on 7.95 purchase fee

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          The best use of these gift cards is not at Woolworths directly as you can always get Woolies gift cards at 4% off negating any benefit.

          Financially it is best to use for transactions where there may usually be a credit card surcharge but not for EFTPOS (e.g. Aldi and countless small businesses). It is also a good way to indirectly spend with AMEX at businesses that don't accept it.

          It is also possible to use these cards to pay bills at Australia Post if you get an attendant that isn't too concerned about how you pay (sometimes I have been disallowed the use of gift cards to pay bills at AP).

          • @Tsuivan:

            I have been disallowed the use of gift cards to pay bills at AP.

            Sound them being BS, it's totally allowed, if it was not allowed then their system would simply refuse the card.

            • -1

              @USER DC: you must be new, the memo has been sent out many years ago in 2016. It is not bs.

          • @Tsuivan: Where to get 4% Wollies gift card?

            • @lovepub: An easy place is through Woolworths’ discounted gift card portal (which you can access if you’re a Woolworths Mobile/Insurance customer, or have a membership with an automotive club (e.g. NRMA, RACQ, RACV).

              Other portals also sell Woolworths gift cards at 4% off.

        • +3

          If its just 4% off shopping at woolies, wouldn't you rather purchase woolworths Gift cards at 4% off and use the eftpos gift cards for other transactions you wouldn't normally get a discount on?

        • I think the best use would be to buy 1 $500 gift card, then use that gift card to buy the next and so on. I'm assuming as it's an eftpos gift card it can be used to buy anything in store including more gift cards.

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    Before anyone asks it, Woolies POS does not allow using this EFTPOS card to purchase another same EFTPOS card. It has a hidden setup similar to using Wish eGCs. Happy to be corrected if anyone tries this time.

    • How do you know? and what is the hidden setup?

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        Because he has tried it obviously.

      • How would I know? It must be from the management team.

        If someone has team member discount, a $500 full load card is available to purchase for $482.95 every day, essentially immediate $17.05 profit from card by card. Hence, it is not surprised to be not allowed.

        • So would you say team members are excluded from buying?

          • +1

            @PeeDee: A team member would get a please explain if they used multiple different cards when paying for their discounted shopping.

            • @JIMB0: No not really Everyday Rewards team will simply end up cancelling team member's plus card. And this sort of behavior could even result in Termination of employment.

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      'Before anyone asks it, Woolies POS does not allow using this EFTPOS card to purchase another same EFTPOS card. It has a hidden setup similar to using Wish eGCs. Happy to be corrected if anyone tries this time.' I can confirm this is correct. Tried earlier today and the system comes up with a strange message about 'mastercard not accepted'.

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        Woolies POS reads this EFTPOS card as MasterCard on the receipt if you have used it to buy other things.

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      FYI I just tried to buy another $500 EFTPOS gift card with the $500 EFTPOS gift card I purchased yesterday, and the POS system returned an error saying “Items Not Allowed”, so it definitely does not work!

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        Found my comment 3 months ago.

        • That explains why the EFTPOS machine showed “Mastercard” on the display after I swiped the EFTPOS gift card!

          Oh well, I have $1000 in EFTPOS gift cards now… I guess I’ll find a use for them. Maybe physical WISH gift cards or Coles Group & Myer gift cards…

      • If i bought eftpos gift card from coles and can i use at Woolworth ???

        • I think so, as long as it is not the gift card in the deal. If I remember correctly, the EFTPOS gift cards sold at Coles are issued by a different company (TCN).

          However, the only way to find out is to test it out!

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    So essentially a maximum of 3.41% off, making it generally best to use when you can't pay with a gift card.

    • But if you have got this deal or similar, making it compounding discount.

    • or pretty close to 4% off if you then use it solely to buy your groceries at woolworths :thonk:

      • I currently get 4% off from gift cards via my free NRMA Blue membership.

      • -3

        nah don't buy your groceries at woolies. They rip off. Buy the gift card, go to Aldi, and other Asian stores if they accept.

        • +1

          Fair call except Aldi doesn't have everything, and some of the half-price specials at Woolies are worth it. Additionally, I have 2x 10% off shops to use every month.

          • -2

            @Jeffie: Yeah, that's only the half price specials. But I'm finding the half price are mostly junk food, food that makes you question, do you really really need that?

        • to the opposite, Asian stuffs like fish sauce is cheaper in WW/Coles than the Asian shop. Those Asian shops are in fact the rip-off ones.

          Meat is also not cheap in those Asian market and quality is not as good. I prefer Coles meat and bakery product than WW, bakery product like Croissant in Coles is much better than WW.

          • +1

            @samehada: Really? Depends which suburb youre in I guess? The sriracha sauce at my Asian stores are much cheaper than WW.

        • They rip off.

          Not always.

          If they did rip off only you would not be seeing this deal

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    This sort of company they make a lot of money only if you don't use remaining a few dollars left on card. Especially you lost the card somewhere.

    • +1

      They do the business on the fact that life is unpredictable. So if something bad happens to us they win.

  • New to eftpos gift cards

    Can I use this card to bpay council rates, water services, rego etc?

    Can it also bpay credit cards?

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      You cannot use Bpay but pay bills at Australia Post with it as it works like a trivial eftpos card.

      • +1

        Keep in mind that some billers will charge you an additional fee for paying through Australia Post.

    • Can someone confirm please that these can be used at ALDI fee free?

      • Confirmed.

      • I have previously used prepaid EFTPOS gift cards at ALDI and never paid any card surcharges.

        You only pay the 0.5% card surcharge if your payment is routed through the Visa or Mastercard network. EFTPOS payments (savings or cheque) are not routed through the Visa nor Mastercard network, so they do not attract a 0.5% card surcharge.

        As far as I am aware, ALDI has not implemented least-cost routing, so for a regular debit card with EFTPOS facilities, you have to swipe or insert the card and select savings or cheque on the keypad.

  • All that effort for 3.4% at best. You're better off investing your money in an ETF.

    • +3

      Risk free 3.4% would be the holy grail at the moment. Which ETF do you recommend?

      • I've got my money in QQQ

        • Nice, but a tech bet is not risk free.

          • +3

            @Tsuivan: definitely not risk free, but holding these gift cards at such a small discount is kinda pointless imo. These can only be used in store which is frustrating and time-consuming to use up.

            I understand how people stocked up on apple gift cards recently because of the larger discount (and the convenience factor of being able to load it onto your account), but 3% is just not worth it.

            Separately, Woolies is probably the only place I'd spend these EFTPOS cards and I already get 5% off Wish GCs so don't see the use of this. Maybe useful to some for paying bills at the post office i guess.

    • Agree, I have the same sentiment. ~3% isn't worth it

    • Same sentiment. It is a waste of valuable time and effort to get 3.4% as well!

    • All that effort for 3.4% at best. You're better off investing your money in an ETF.

      Buying a discounted gift card is very different from a long term investment in an ETF, you're comparing apples with oranges.

      In any case, I'm sure everyone who jumps on this deal for ~$17 profit for a $500 card will use it up pretty quickly. Making the 3.4% much higher on an annualised basis.

      I bought many $500 cards and will use them up within 4 weeks, which equates to >41% APR… good luck finding that with an ETF!

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    Can we use the prepaid coles mastercard to buy this gift card?

    • +5

      Considering people were able to use Coles Gift MasterCards to purchase Apple gift cards at Woolworths recently, I’d assume the answer is yes.

    • +1

      Coles MasterCard can shop like just normal/day-to-day credit card you get from your bank except some online merchants don’t accept this prepaid MasterCard explicitly.

    • Yes, you can.
      But not sure if Woolie allows you to split a transaction to multiple Coles Mastercard (eg. 3x $250 for a $507.95 gift card payment)
      Believe Coles doesn't allow to split payment when you buy gift cards there.

      • +2

        not sure if Woolie allows you to split a transaction to multiple Coles Mastercard

        Woolworths allows you to do split payments when purchasing gift cards at any checkout. This was confirmed by a few people in the recent Apple gift card deal.

        Believe Coles doesn't allow to split payment when you buy gift cards there.

        Coles’ POS system does not allow any split payments for gift cards at self-service checkouts under any circumstances.

        If you are seeking to do split payments at a checkout, you need to go to a standard checkout (i.e. either at a checkout with a dedicated staff member who packs your groceries for you, or the service desk).

        I paid for third-party gift cards at Coles two weeks ago using split payments at a standard checkout without any issues.

  • Folks, if I use a credit card to pay for this gift card, will the transaction be treated as cash advance?

    • +5

      bro, you shop at woolworth and not using cash out, there's no way they will know you're purchasing gift card (even if they know) nor theat it as cash advance.

      BTW this card cannot cash out using ATM Savings.

      • Awesome, thanks a lot.

  • Thanks OP for the detailed explanation (and tips), though I agree that the value of the deal may be quite restricted (in terms of who and how much one can benefit)

    • +5

      Thanks OP for the detailed explanation (and tips)

      No worries.

      I agree that the value of the deal may be quite restricted (in terms of who and how much one can benefit)

      Yeah, I agree that the value of this deal may be quite limited for a lot of people.

      My perspective is that the “value” of this deal really depends on your circumstances and what you value from gift card deals.

      I don’t mind stumping up $500 for an EFTPOS gift card if I get a chunk of Everyday Rewards points (or Flybuys points) in return, so long as the value of the points I get in return is reasonably more than the purchase fee.

      I have done about 70% of my grocery shopping this year at Woolworths, plus I buy petrol from a Caltex Woolworths fuel station, so it is not hard for me to redeem the Everyday Rewards dollars as part of my routine shops.

      I routinely buy Coles Gift Mastercards when Coles runs deals on them, as my credit card is an AMEX, and I find that a lot of businesses either don’t accept AMEX or charge a crazy surcharge for them, so these gift card deals are handy for me. I am waiting for another Coles Gift Mastercard deal, since I prefer a prepaid card that I can use for online purchases, so I will save my $500 EFTPOS gift card deal for that…

      I can also see these gift card deals are also handy for anyone trying to meet credit card spending requirements, particularly since I don’t think there is actually a limit on the number of bonus points you can earn as part of this deal.

      However, it will be harder to justify the “value” of this deal to a lot of other people, and that’s fair enough.

  • Pretty new to EFTPOS gift card. Is it possible to use this card to do the repayment of the AMEX bill at AusPost?

    • As far as I am aware, you can only pay an AMEX bill using cash or cheques, and any cash payments incur a $3 processing fee.

      You also cannot pay for an AMEX bill at Australia Post if you are enrolled in online statements.

  • I saw some $50 and $100 at my local, no $500.

    I noticed Op said at least $159, does that mean we can grab any card and choose the value we load on? And we just get 10x woolies points?

    I obviously want to get the $500 to make the most of the fee payable

    • +2

      Only the black Perfect EFTPOS gift card can be loaded with an amount that you can choose between $20 and $500. Once you scan the gift card, you can specify the dollar amount you want on the gift card.

      The 10x Everyday Rewards points is for each dollar of the gift card face value. For example, if you load $250 onto a variable EFTPOS gift card, you will get 2500 Everyday Rewards points.

      The reason I mentioned $159 in my post is that if you load less than $159 onto the black EFTPOS gift card, the value of the bonus points you receive will be less than the gift card purchase fee.

    • Look for $20-500 Perfect gift card. It took me some time to find one.

  • Not bad. Not great.

    After yesterday’s Paramount deal.. it was never going to be easy.

  • Can I use wws dollars to buy?

    • No, unless:

      • You already have $4500 of Everyday Rewards dollars on your account, or;

      • The points you earn from buying an EFTPOS gift card will push your balance above $4500 of Everyday Rewards dollars.

      When you are on the payment screen, there is no option to pay with Everyday Rewards dollars.

      • What is the significance of $4,500?

        • That is the maximum number of Everyday Rewards dollars you can have on an Everyday Rewards account.

      • You already have $4500 of Everyday Rewards dollars on your account,

        What if having >$4500 Everyday Rewards dollars

        • You cannot have more than $4500, as that is the maximum number of Everyday Rewards dollars you can have on an Everyday Rewards account.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: So how exactly can you use those Rewards Dollars to buy this if having $4500 + ??