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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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  • +4

    Is this new apple gift card which you can buy hardware like Mac iPhone etc?

    • +16

      Yes, they are the only cards 'left' - any existing iTunes/App Store cards are now 'Apple Gift Cards' and can be used to buy stuff from Apple.com as well as iTunes/App Store.

      • Do they normally have an expiry date or will be valid forever?

      • Can these new ‘Apple Gift Cards’ be used to pay for the monthly iCloud storage payments too?

        • +1

          Probably; the old ones did.

        • +7


          Any Apple subscriptions - iCloud storage (aka iCloud+ in iOS 15), Apple News+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple One, iTunes Match, etc - as well as any other in app purchase or subscriptions.
          Even AppleCare+ monthly payments.

          Subscriptions come out of your Apple Account Balance before then falling back onto a credit card/PayPal on your account.

          • @BeauGiles: Great thanks!

          • @BeauGiles: I'm assuming that the AppleCare+ can only be paid via gift card if it's monthly.. I'm trying to purchase a 2 year AppleCare+ plan but it won't allow gift cards.. only credit card :(

            • @itsmehuey: I think you can add AppleCare+ to an iPhone if your purchase them together.

              If you already have the iPhone and add it later and go through the phone settings app directly, you won’t be able to nominate gift card or Apple ID balance as the payment method.

              • @zzzman: Yeah I thought as much. I’ll have to hold out for when I purchase my new iPhone and Apple Watch later this year.

      • Not sure how many one can buy ? Wanted to buy cards ehough to get an iPhone !

        • +1

          Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

      • +2

        Do you mean if I have leftover iTunes card from last year which I got for 17% off, I scan them now and they are counted as apple gift cards (so I can use them towards an iPhone)?

        Edit: found my iTunes balance coming up now as method of payment in apple store app.

        Should’ve bought thousands more iTunes cards last year….

        • +4

          Yes if we had known this was coming, we would all clean out the shelves at OW, JB Hifi, HN, Coles, Woolies and basically wherever had them on special.

          • @t25: How did you not know this one coming, USA did this well before AU and it was only a matter of time.

        • But only for payment within the Apple Store app?

        • Hey so if I redeem my velocity frequent flyer points for App Store / iTunes gift cards and redeem them, they will show up as balance in apple store?! Or will my entire balance (existing balance plus newly redeemed gift card balance) be available to use in the Apple store?

  • +25

    To save you the math works out at 15% off.

    Can be used to purchase stuff in the App Store or from the Apple Store.

    • +9

      That's 13.04% off. You Pay $100 and get $115 value. 15/115=13.04%.

      • +11

        I would even value the woolies dollars at less than face value. Because 1) you will have to shop at woolies and 2) having lots of points/dollars encourage spending. When I know I have a lot of points I often find myself buying stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t buy, or care less about the price.

        Maybe 12-13 dollars worth from every $15. Haha

        • Can spend at BWS and Big W too.

        • +7

          And the fact you can still get woolies gift cards at 3-5% off.

          • +1

            @ATangk: So you can stack

          • +2

            @ATangk: You can't buy gift cards with gift cards.

            • -1

              @a1ienz: It means 15 or 13% off at woolies is worth less 5%

        • Actually my only reason is to value them 5% less because that what you get them at .

        • +1

          You're not thinking big picture. Once you have your 1000's of extra points, you then shop the Woolies half price/online only/Everyday rewards specials, pay using 4-5% off giftcards and save more money and earn more points. So it's more bang for your buck in the end.

      • +1

        Should be (actual difference)/(original price).

      • That's 13.04% off. You Pay $100 and get $115 value. 15/115=13.04%.

        Your math is completely off.

        Discount = (Amount_Saved / Original_Value) x 100

        @adam is correct.

        • -7

          Basic maths.

          If you add 10% to 100, you don't subtract 10% again to get back to 100.

          The 15% bonus you can think of as 'buying' 115% of something but getting that part as a discount: 15/115 as a percentage is 13.04%.

          So 'original value' in your equation should be $115 because that's what you're getting. $100 + $15 bonus

          • @ozbargainsam:

            If you add 10% to 100, you don't subtract 10% again to get back to 100.


            Your base is 100 since you paid $100.
            You received a discount of $15 (in the form of a cashback / reward).

            • @DoctorCalculon: 15% off is when you pay $85 for something worth $100.
              The $15 worth rewards point is not a discount as it cannot go back to your bank.

            • +1

              @DoctorCalculon: think about it this way

              if you spend $100 and get $100 back in cash then yeah your logic holds

              but if you spend $100 and get $100 off a future purchase you're getting 50% off because you get $200 worth of goods for $100

        • +1

          Which way do you think is correct in this example?

          Buy a $100 Store A gift card get $100 bonus Store B dollars

          Your way = 100/100 = 100% off
          @cehh5imm way = 100/200 = 50% off

          • +1

            @Certified Angus: 100% is right if you see the bonus store B dollars as “money”.(e.g. store B=100 VISA gift card)

            50% is right if you see the bonus store B dollars as value gained, in which case goes towards the A giftcard itself. (e.g. 100 A gift card with loaded value of 100 added if you buy one)

            In this situation I’d say it’s more like the first since store dollars is much more versatile and can be treated like money and not store A gift card

            • -1

              @XanderYuan: you're spending $100 how can it be free?

              • @chickenface: e.g. store B=100 VISA gift card, equivalent of money spent

                • @XanderYuan: but you never get your $100 back

                  • +1

                    @chickenface: you do if it is 100 VISA giftcard

                  • -1

                    @chickenface: you can even use visa 100 to purchase another deal on the same terms and you can create infinite value from the transactions, essentially the deal is giving you an endless supply of store A cards

          • +3

            @Certified Angus: I can't believe this/your post didn't end the discussion there and then.

            Either we're getting trolled or maths is dying.

            Apparently 'buy one get one free' is literally 100% discount. A literal steal.

      • Can't understand your logic behind

        You Pay $100 and get $115 value. 15/115=13.04%.

        Maybe I'm too simple, sometimes naive! 😄😄😄

        To my understanding, if you can access to 5% discount WISH gift card regularly. The reward points should also discounted by 5% to reflect that, i.e. 15% * 0.95 = 14.25%.

        • I think you are correct. You spend $100 and get $115 value. So $100/$115 is 86.96%. So it is only 13.04% off.

          • -1

            @yezipeng924: You spent $85 dollars over 2 different shops because you paid $100 then got $15 off = $85 (so you didn't pay $100). The gift card has a value of $100 (not $115) so you paid 85% of the $100 gift card value. That equals 15% off.

            You are out smarting yourself.

            You are not paying $100 for a $115 gift card.

            • +3

              @Tim349850: For this promotion, you are paying $100 and get $100 gift card + $15 extra value. So the total value is $115. You are not paying $85 to get $100 value. It is differnt. In my opinion, it is only 13.04% off . Do the math, 85/100 and 100/115. it is totally different.

        • ha ha


        • +1

          Easier way to think about it, you are buying $115 at 13.04% off, you only pay $100!

      • -3

        Wow you can actually do the maths, most people get tricked into thinking that the 3000 points is the same as $15 cashback when it's clearly not.

        +1 for OzBargainers able to do maths!

        Then I scrolled down to get disappointed by a guy saying you are wrong lol. -1 for OzBargain. I guess things never change 🙃.

        For those who don't get it, unless you can directly change 3000 points into $15 cash, back into your bank, the 3000 points ARE NOT THE SAME AS CASHBACK.

        The 3000 points is the same as a $15 gift card. You are being "sold" 3000 points in conjunction, so you are paying $100 and getting $115 worth in gift cards.

        NOT paying $85 and getting $100.

        If you still think 3000 points is the same as cashback, then by your logic, gift cards = cashback. So you are paying $100 and getting a cashback of $115. So that makes it 115% off. Yeah nah.

        • +3

          Just because you're not getting $15 cashback for the 3,000 points doesn't mean that it's not equivalent to $15 cash to some people i.e. because it saves them $15 in cash off their shop.
          The value of the bonus points can only be determined by the recipient i.e. what they're worth to them. Some will value the Apple Gift cards and the bonus points at their face value and therefore assess the offer as a 13.04% discount. Others may see it differently because they can get the same "face value" for less via other discounts.

          • @bean_counter: Yeah, as I said, by your logic the iTunes gift card is also a cashback then.

            The 3000 bonus points are worthless until you make that $15 purchase. So in the end you are making a $115 purchase. Therefore it is pay $100, get $115 worth.

            If you are still unwilling to understand, then you are more than welcome to stay down there.

            • @Outsider: ??? I'm largely agreeing with you….
              "Some will value the Apple Gift cards and the bonus points at their face value" i.e. $100 and $15 worth of points = $115… for the $100 they pay, which for them equates to 13.04% discount. If the 3,000 bonus points saves them paying out $15 in cash then to them it's value is equivalent to $15 in cash.

              I think I understand all of this better than most. My username isn't because I'm on a baked bean diet!

      • You spent $85 dollars over 2 different shops because you paid $100 then got $15 off = $85 (so you didn't pay $100). The gift card has a value of $100 (not $115) so you paid 85% of the $100 gift card value. That equals 15% off. You are outsmarting yourself.

        • You pay $100 for the gift card - and you get a $100 gift card and $15 worth of points (some people may not value points being worth $15 for various reasons).

          • +2

            @bean_counter: Yes so 15% off the $100 gift card the next time you shop. I value 3000 points being worth $15 because they are.

            • @Tim349850: No it's not 15% off. Read the posts above and do the math.

              As for the points, they're worth $15 off your shop at Woolies, BWS etc, which may or may not save you $15. You might shop somewhere else e.g. Aldi and get the same groceries there for $12. So if you get them at Woolies you're only saving the $12 you would have spent at Aldi. Plus there's other reasons they may not be worth $15 to you but I'll stop here. So as I said originally, YMMV.

              • @bean_counter: I just did the maths for you read my post. $100 gift card value and pay $85 over 2 shops. As for things being cheaper at Aldi? That wasn't the argument. And assumes something is cheaper at Aldi. It is a myth that Aldi is cheaper, just wait for things to go on sale at WW and also have a much bigger range. Plus I get 10% off once a month with a WW sim card. Most of the basic things such as milk are the same prices among the different chains as well. Same with private label stuff which WW has plenty of, which is all that Aldi has.

                • @Tim349850: No you pay $100 for the gift card. Then in a subsequent shop you have to buy something to use your $15 in rewards points for. It doesn't work that way in real world as has to be redeemed in multiples of $10 but for the sake of the exercise let's say you bought $15 of groceries that you ended up paying $0 for because you used your 3,000 points instead. So over the 2 transactions you've bought a $100 gift card and $15 worth of groceries and you've only outlaid $100 in cash and received $115 of goods ($100 gift card + $15 groceries) - which equates to a 13.04% discount (rounded to 2 decimal places).
                  As for the rest of your comments. They apply to you but don't necessarily apply to anyone or everyone else…. so as I stated, YMMV

                  • -1

                    @bean_counter: That is assuming that you don't get rewards points on what you paid with using everyday rewards dollars. Say you bought 10 x $100 cards for $1000 for $1000 value, you got 2000 points for each one and 20,000 points in total, so $100 in rewards dollars, you then buy (a free) $100 gift card and get another 2000 points or $10 off. A lot of the time you can boost in the app for 5x points (don't boost the 'bank for christmas' one), or there will be a boost so for example you might be able to buy an avocado for $1.3 and get 50 points.

                    • +1

                      @Tim349850: Using bigger numbers won't change the % but if it makes it simpler for you then do the math and show me how that gives you the 15% discount you originally claimed.

                      When you do you may wish to consider:
                      - it's 3,000 points earned for $100 Apple Gift card in the above promotion; and
                      - whether you can use rewards $'s to buy gift cards.

      • -2

        You spent $85 dollars over 2 different shops because you paid $100 then got $15 off = $85 (so you didn't pay $100). The gift card has a value of $100 (not $115) so you paid 85% of the $100 gift card value. That equals 15% off.

        You are not paying $100 (over 2 shops) for a $115 gift card. The gift card is worth $100.

        • The aren't saying the gift card credit is $115, they're saying that the total value that you get out of this deal is $115 ($100 Apple credit + $15 worth in points).

          You're not able to to use Rewards points to pay for gift cards as well.

          You spent $85 dollars over 2 different shops

          I can't understand how you came to this. $100 + $85 averages to $92.5 each shop (+ rewards credit for 2nd shop)

          • +1

            @kururii: He's saying that the $100 he spends buying the gift card is effectively reduced by the $15 he saves on the 2nd shop. The flaw being he's not getting $15 back to reduce his original outlay to $85. He's just saving $15 on his next purchase, the value of which he's ignoring (for simplicity we're also ignoring accessing points has to be in multiples of $10)

            • +2

              @bean_counter: pmsl

              The BONUS VALUE = $15 (3000 points)

              The DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE = 13.04%

              A BONUS is NOT the same as a DISCOUNT.

              @bean_counter and others who understand this are right.

              All those who don't understand this… I take it you are not Accountants, Physicists or maths Teachers (At least I hope you're not… lol)

              It's hilarious that this is debated every time one of these promos is run.

              Maths 101 people.

      • -1

        Agree. The $15 Gift card to be used in same store would be 13.04%, as it is similar to IOU/ store credit issued by the store. So, you do have to spend at the store.
        Let's see this.
        You buy a gift card of $100 and purchase some items. Now, you get another $15 worth to spend, that you use to purchase some more items.
        So, you purchased $115 worth of items. And you paid $100.

        Why it is throwing people off is that if it was actual Visa card with no conditions or limitations on the use, then it is actually 15% off, as a Visa card is (almost) as good as cash.

      • Consider this scenario where the points are essentially an alternate currency:

        • I usually spend $100 when I shop at Woolworths.
        • Today I buy a $100 gift card with cash and receive 3000 bonus points.
        • Tomorrow I do my regular $100 shop and pay with $85 cash and the 3000 bonus points.
        • I now have my usual $100 worth of groceries and a $100 Apple Gift Card.
        • My wallet is $185 lighter this week.
        • Compared to a regular week I have spent an additional $85 but now have a giftcard valued at $100 as well as my regular groceries.
        • Technically it may be a 13.04% discount but it certainly feels like I got 15% off the giftcard.
        • This works because I need to buy groceries regularly. Sure I was restricted in my choice of supermarkets but if I really prefer to shop elsewhere I could still redeem the points at BigW, BWS or for petrol.

        • when you put it like that it seems even worse, you paid $185 for $200 of goods so got a 7.5% discount

    • +2

      I posted this last week and came back to see the incredible discussion that has ensued from it. FWIW I think the correct answer is 13.whatever% not the original 15% I posted, but doing it again I'd still say 15% as its more meaningful, useful & what most people will understand.

      Regardless, explaining you get 15% or 13% off is just a short-hand version… in reality you don't get % off at all… what you actually get is reward points to the value stated in the original post, which may or may not be realised at the value we calculate them at.

      So everyone settle, it doesn't really matter.

  • +4

    good timing…my itunes account is down to 41c.

    • Hope you stocked up with $2000, seems to be the sweet spot

  • They have finally moved to Apple Gift Cards in Australia too. I tried to checkout on Apple Store and looks like we can now use the “iTunes Gift Card” balance to purchase hardware too.

    I’m glad I stocked up quite a bit when iTunes cards were regularly discounted!

    • most of the itunes deals were 15% off, which is pretty similar to this deal, right?

      • +4

        I used to buy them from Officeworks to get 5% on top.

      • +1

        I'd say 15% were the majority of deals, yeah https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/itunes-gift-card - this time around though, they can now be used for physical stuff at apple.com which arguably makes them more valuable.

        • What a shame we can’t get at normal 15% off and office works to price match!

          • +2

            @fozzie: I know! I used to always get Officeworks to price match coles and get more than 15% off.

            I suspect this Apple gift card promotion won’t be a regular thing. Maybe woolies just want to attract people to spend more in store?

  • +1

    "Limit of 10 per transaction applies"

    Nice - easy way to stock up in preparation, and get 15% off iPhone 13.

    • Nice! Would definitely be keen to get my hands on some for discounted Apple stuff. Looking at a new iMac, new iPhone this year.

    • That's what I'm doing. I've already been saving and have the cash set aside for a new iPhone, so 30,000 points banked for Christmas is a no brainer.

  • Is there a limit to how many cards or how much in value you can spend in one transaction?

    • I think it's limited 8 gift cards in one transaction
      More precisely just tried with one purchase on Apple store and got this:
      You can use up to 8 Apple Gift Cards. Apple Store Gift Cards can't be used with Apple Pay or split credit card payments.

      • +3

        You should redeem it online first - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT211163 - which will add it to your Apple Account Balance. eg that's how it's available for use in iTunes/App Store.

        When you redeem an Apple Gift Card online, you can make purchases with your Apple ID balance, including apps, subscriptions such as Apple Music, products from apple.com and more. But for some purchases, Apple ID balance can't be used.

        There isn't a limit on payments made at apple.com with your Apple Account Balance, and can be paid with credit cards, or other I redeemed Apple Gift Cards https://www.apple.com/au/shop/help/payments#giftcard

      • Apple Store Gift Cards can't be used with Apple Pay or split credit card payments.

        is this suggesting you cant use 200 or 400 and pay the rest of an ipad/iphone with a CC?

        • +3

          No no, I think that quote is wrong.

          I found this under section 6 of the Apple gift card terms and conditions:

          If a purchase exceeds the amount available in your gift cards or codes and Associated Balance, another payment method on file or credit card you enter may be charged. If that is not available, you will be asked to pay with another payment method or the transaction will be cancelled.

          Gift Cards cannot be used for purchases in combination with Apple Pay or PayPal, or with payments split across multiple credit cards.

          • +4

            @WookieMonster: Yeah, the actual Apple.com Payment Page says;

            Using more than one payment method
            You can also combine payment methods to pay for your purchase. Choose from the following combinations of credit cards and Apple Gift Cards:

            Credit card(s) - up to two
            Apple Gift Card(s) - up to eight
            Apple Gift Card(s) - up to eight + one credit card
            Apple Gift Card(s) - up to eight + Apple Account Balance
            Apple Gift Card(s) - up to eight + Apple Account Balance + one credit card
            Apple Account Balance + one credit card

            Apple Gift Cards and Apple Account Balance cannot be used with Apple Pay or split credit card payments. Please note that you can use the value from all types and generations of Apple Gift Cards.


            • +2

              @BeauGiles: I think we’ve both ended up saying the same thing!

              I obviously should have said the commenter’s interpretation of the quote was wrong, not the actual quote…

            • @BeauGiles: Can you use apple giftcards in the physical apple store? So by the sound of it.. you can actually buy as many gift cards as you want and just put it onto your apple account balance?

              • +3


                Can you use apple giftcards in the physical apple store?

                You can use physical Apple Gift Cards to physically walk in and pay in an Apple Store - but with the maximum of 8 in one transaction.

                You can't use your Apple Account Balance to buy in a store (but you can buy online for pickup)

                Where the Apple Gift Card is available, you can use your Apple ID balance to buy products and accessories at apple.com/au or in the Apple Store app.

            • @BeauGiles:

              Apple Gift Card(s) - up to eight + Apple Account Balance + one credit card

              Wouldn't we just all load up our credits on the Apple Account Balance and process it in one go.

              Let's say I buy 20x $200 (split across two Woolworths card), load up all to my Apple Account and then head into the Apple store to get my iMac

              • +1


                Wouldn't we just all load up our credits on the Apple Account Balance and process it in one go.

                Yep, I'd say that would be the way to go… redeem the cards to your account, and then you have a nice big balance to use to pay at Apple.com for pickup in store or delivery wherever.
                (Eg, $2000 balance, if iMac is $2099, you can pay the remaining $99 difference on your credit card…. or just get another $100 gift card to redeem)

                Let's say I buy 20x $200 (split across two Woolworths card), load up all to my Apple Account and then head into the Apple store to get my iMac

                Looks like for Apple Account Balances, you can only use that balance online (but then you would just head into the Apple Store to pick up your iMac)

                • @BeauGiles: Even better: get your local Apple Store to price match sale prices (maybe a limit of 10%?), e.g., they price-matched JB for us when they had 10% off M1 MacBooks… then pay with your physical gift cards.

              • @t25: Am I reading this right ? Let’s say 10 x $200 = 60,000 points ?

                • @nzthunderboy: I'm definitely seeing it that way.

                • @nzthunderboy: Confirmed. Completed today. $300 credit with woollies from $2k in cards. It’s great for us because I have a wife and 2 kids who always buying stuff at Woolies every week.

                  Even if I lived at home though with my parents, giving mum a few hundred $$ to spend is pretty cool for the weekly shop.

  • +1

    So potentially discounted ipads when they release it later in the year???

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