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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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      They can, but some hassles, e.g.

      1. Make an exact $100 purchase using rewards and cancel it later.
      2. Convert store credits into giftcard by contact customer service.
      • -2

        Good luck with that theory. The staff must be love you dearly and want to be your family.

        • +1

          Not theory. I did it this year once.

  • Can you use Apple gift card in Apple education store?

    • Online, not in physical store

      • Do I just redeemed the gift card into iTunes before Shop education store?

        • You could do that, or you can directly redeem up to 8 gift cards in the online checkout.

          • @WookieMonster: or a mix of both :) although the number of gift cards @ time of checkout are limited to less than 8 (not sure the exact number) if also using your Apple balance.

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              the number of gift cards @ time of checkout are limited to less than 8 (not sure the exact number) if also using your Apple balance.

              I didn’t realise this. I assumed you could redeem up to 8 gift cards and the Apple account balance (and a debit/credit card if required), because that’s what it says on the Apple website.

              • @WookieMonster: oh my mistake! you are definitely correct and I stand corrected. That's great news then. I was starting to worry that if I had to add more gift cards to my checkout that I wouldn't be able to do 8 including my Apple balance.

  • +4

    Nice.. just bought 3k worth this morning (6 x $500). The 90,000 points went on straight away as well as the $450 credit loaded to my account. They asked me if I was involved in any scam.. I said yep, scamming you of 90,000 points and $450! haha

    • Where was the store?

    • would also like to know the store too please. Still need another 1.5K to purchase in preps for September purchases.

  • Bought the remaining cards (all $30) at Fish Lane, South Brisbane. The South Bank store had already been depleted.

  • I wonder if they will ever do this deal again, it feels like someone miscalculated lol.

    • +5

      I don’t think this promotion was a miscalculation. I think it has actually worked more or less as intended.

      • It encouraged people visiting Woolworths.

      • It has generated a nice chunk of revenue for Woolworths and Apple (and to a lesser extent, Qantas).

      Apple has just been handed a sizeable chunk of money at a relatively low cost to them.

      Woolworths has received revenue from Apple to cover for the bonus points, and gift card purchases also boost their store revenue figures. (As an aside, there is no way that Officeworks will beat bonus points offers under their price beat guarantee, so a bonus points offer ensures that Woolworths will see a nice bump in their store revenue figures, not Officeworks!)

      Qantas is happy that Woolworths has paid them some money to exchange Everyday Rewards points for Qantas points.

      • Not all Apple gift cards, Everyday Rewards dollars and Qantas points earned as part of this promotion will be fully spent, which is an added bonus for all three parties.

      There is always a proportion of gift cards (or Everyday Rewards balances) that are lost, stolen or simply don’t have their full balance ever redeemed.

      Apple Account Balances are not transferable, so if you have $4000 in your Apple Account and you unfortunately pass away tomorrow, Apple will reclaim those funds and will not issue them to any benefactors (unless required by law, which I don’t think it is…). I think the same can be said with Everyday Rewards account of a deceased person, but I think Qantas allows you transfer out any points on a deceased person’s account before it is closed.

      Woolworths Group reserves the right to terminate anyone’s Everyday Rewards account at any time for almost any reason.

      • It locks people into spending their Everyday Reward dollars at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS or a large number of Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations in the future, so these businesses have more or less have some guaranteed future sales.

      Everyday Rewards dollars cannot be easily converted into cash or gift cards and cannot be used for some other purchases (e.g. smoking products, mobile phone recharges), so that is a bonus.

      If this was a 15% off Apple gift cards promotion, I think that would be a massive miscalculation, as stock shortages would ensue (similar to what was seen with the 15% off TCN gift card sale or the 10% Coles Gift Mastercard sales). By opting for a bonus points offer instead of an upfront discount, people generally won’t purchase these gift cards in as a large of a quantity. (Think about it, most people would rather save $30 that can be spent elsewhere than be saddled with $30 of Everyday Rewards dollars that can only be spent on specific items at specific businesses.)

      I think we will see these kinds of deals in the future (and at Coles and BIG W too), but I suspect it will not be very frequent and the bonus points on offer will vary (e.g. you may only get 20x or 30x bonus points for every dollar spent).

      • Balance may not be transferable, but they can be returned to the original gift card to gift to someone else… Apparently.

        • Balance may not be transferable, but they can be returned to the original gift card to gift to someone else

          How exactly?

          • @DoctorCalculon: You have to contact Apple. I do know someone who successfully did it. Had to be the whole amount and on the original card.

            • @Romen: Thanks. Good to know. So, I guess store your card details in a password vault if you plan to do this.

  • Anyone in metro Adelaide who couldn't get one there's plenty of these still available in Woolworths Northgate at least, looking at how many cards they had seems like no one even bought these but hey, the store's keeping them at weird places like gift card place, confectionery station, near exit with other sim starter kits, MAY BE TO LOOK LIKE ALL BEEN SOLD OUT,. When there's so many Available, variable, 20s, 50s,. 100s, 200s??

  • Does anyone know how to check the purchase history of your Apple ID balance for physical products (eg. phone, headphones, accessories from the Apple Store) after you've added the gift cards to your account?

    I've searched and searched and only found this


    It seems like you can view history from the App Store and iTunes Store but not hardware or physical products?

  • I have a $50 spend per week for 4 weeks in a row in order to qualify for 6K reward points booster.

    I just noticed Week 1 has a green tick against it, which can only be attributed to the $1K in Apple Gift cards purchase.

    Has anyone else noticed this with their boosters?

    • Someone else reported something similar on the first day of the promotion.

    • Can confirm this as well.

      Spent $120 of rewards dollars and it counted towards the spend requirement of "1000 points for $30 spend" this week.

      Still have 2000 points/$40 and 3000 points/$50 the next two weeks.

      Killer of a deal!

  • +1

    My local woollies just restocked some $20-$500 cards.

    Doesn’t hurt to check if you’re doing your grocery shopping before this deal expires today.

    Or hop onto the BigW deal in 2 days if you have a store close by.

  • Eastlake Woolworths NSW still have $200 and $100 available but can’t find the variable one

  • Hello Friends. I notice this offer ends today. Would I correct in assuming it's still good until midnight?

  • I bought a heap of these but with mixed success.

    The good: I bought some at one Woolworths supermarket: these were the new style Apple cards that slide out to reveal the number. On my receipt, they are listed as "Apple Gift Cards". The bonus points were credited on the receipt and to my account.

    The bad: I bought some from a Woolworths Metro: these were old style blue iTunes cards that you pull off the spiral sticker. Some were $100; others were variable amounts (and I picked $200). There were no bonus points on the receipt (where it is listed as "Giftcard iTunes"): or credited to my account.

    The Everyday Rewards chatbot said I need to call the 1 300 number. I called that and was told that I would be hold for 30 minutes.

    Has anybody sorted this out? Is the problem Woolworths vs Metro? Or is it the new style Apple Gift Cards vs old iTunes Giftcards?

    Of course, I had the usual problems in buying these at the Metro: they initially told me there was a $200 total limit (despite the catalogue and POS saying there is a ten item limit). I had to explain to the Manager why I wanted them, as they were worried about scams. It took 20 minutes to buy them, and then I didn't receive the points!

    • +1

      It’s nothing to do with woolies with metro stores. Have bought heaps from my local metro store.

      Old iTunes/App Store gift cards are not part of the deal.

    • Yeah I almost bought some blue ones but the points didn’t show up on screen just b4 I paid so I cancelled, it’s a bit misleading from woolies as they just mention apple gift cards in the ad. No mention of new vs old cards. If customer assist won’t help then try consumer affairs or credit card refund etc I reckon

    • Any staff that can’t tell between Apple Gift cards and iTunes should be disciplined badly. Apple spent millions on Marketing and it can’t be anymore clear.

  • Quick question, can I redeem all the gift cards onto my Apple ID account? I'm confused because some people here said that there is a limit of 8 gift cards for one transaction. But it says on the Apple website that you can redeem the gift cards onto your Apple ID balance. Couldn't you theoretically bypass the 8 gift card limit if your unloading all the gift card funds onto your Apple ID, then using the funds in your Apple ID to buy the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch series 7?

    • +1

      Correct. This page provides further details.

      You can redeem the gift cards to your Apple ID, but your balance cannot exceed $4,999.

      The eight card limit pertains to the use of Apple Gift Cards for purchases, which is separate to your Apple Account Balance.

      • Damn I wish I knew about this earlier……. I would have bought out all the remaining $50 cards to put into my Apple Balance and I would have had enough for both the iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch. People were saying there was a limit of 8x gift cards for one transaction so I was drove to like 5 different woolies to try and find the $200 and $500 ones but could only find $100 ones. Ended up buying 8x $100 cards.

        • If you want more gift cards and can make it to a Big W in the next 7 days, they're offering the same promotion.

          • @Thrymr: I unfortunately live in NSW, we're locked down here and all the Big W's are closed :(

            • +1

              @tofusana: Fingers crossed Coles or Target will run a similar promotion soon!

    • +3

      You have three options for using your gift cards for Apple Store purchases:

      • Redeeming gift cards directly to purchase items from an Apple Store in-person, over the phone or online. If you do this, you can only use up to 8 gift cards to pay for the items.

      • Redeeming gift cards into your Apple Account Balance first and then using the Apple Account Balance to purchase items from the Apple Store over the phone or online. If you do this, you don’t need to worry about any gift card redemption limits, but you cannot use Apple Account Balances for in-person purchases at an Apple Store, plus the maximum Account Balance you can have is $4999.

      • Redeeming some gift cards in your Apple Account Balance and then redeeming up to 8 other gift cards directly for purchases from the Apple Store over the phone or online.

      If you’re not going to be gifting gift card codes in the future and you will not be purchasing any items or paying for any AppleCare+ or out-of-warranty service costs in-person at an Apple Store, it makes sense to redeem all the gift cards into your Apple Account Balance first.

      • Apple account… the one linked to Apple ID in the App Store balance? If so I have some iTunes cards and if load them both into my Apple ID account, could it be used to purchase anything to do with Apple online or over the phone including iPhones and iPads? Or Apple can identify which bit is from iTunes which bit is from Apple gift card?

        • +1

          All existing iTunes and App Store balance have been converted to a single Apple ID balance and you can use your existing balance to purchase physical products

        • Apple account… the one linked to Apple ID in the App Store balance?


          I have some iTunes cards and if load them both into my Apple ID account, could it be used to purchase anything to do with Apple including iPhones and iPads?

          Yes. Apple change their Australian gift card terms and conditions on 09 July to specifically allow you to use an App Store balance or App Store & iTunes gift cards for purchases at an Apple Store (e.g. iPhones, iPads).

  • +3

    Thanks, OP… not too bad a deal! I ended up with about 36k in gift cards, which should last me for the next few upgrade cycles. I always buy my Apple stuff on launch day. Always. As an unexpected bonus I got the last few rounds free because the self-checkout forced me to use rewards points on the gift cards after reaching 900k points. Deduct expenses of several full tanks of petrol… Greta Thunberg would not be impressed, but somebody needs to prop up the Ponzi scheme known as the global economy.

    • That is a good ROI!

    • +3

      36k!?!?! I thought my 6.8k was too much lol

      That’s like three times my credit card limit

      • +3

        I'll shut up with my $7k …

        $36k would probably get you through 9-10 years of iPhone and Apple Watch !

        • A “maxed-out” Mac Pro is around 80k… without a single monitor. So it really doesn’t go that far from certain perspectives.

          And before you say, “Nobody would be stupid enough to buy a maxed-out Mac Pro!”… I’m sure there is another idiot like me out there (but perhaps not in my village).

          Tim Cook could afford a dozen by morning tea, but, then, he gets his for free. With the monitors, of course.


    • In one store or different stores and multiple times? Otherwise you should have ask a Woolworths security guard to escort you safely to your car when you more chance getting robbed than scammed.

      • From tharlow:

        Deduct expenses of several full tanks of petrol

    • In total, you earned $5400 in reward dollars. Insane! Did you crash the Rewards app?

      • Or 540,000 Qantas Points. Once travel resumes, that's enough to cover a round-the-world journey in First Class, and then some.

        • +2

          In the mean time, they don't need to think about paying for their groceries ever again.

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: The irony (or coincidence?) is that I almost never shop for groceries at Woolies. But I’ll get a few copies of my rewards card, and the kids will probably survive for a while (hopefully they all play nice).

            Some people take a challenge way too seriously. Yeah.

            • +2


              I almost never shop for groceries at Woolies

              I believe there are ways to convert some of your RD into a WW gift card that you could gift to a family member.

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