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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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      15-20% off JB / HN gift cards?I have never seen any of those unless it is a scam

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    Just bought 10 x $100. Cashier initially said the max was five but put it through anyway. She asked if I was aware of the scam (really impressed that Woolies are part of the solution). Shen then asked for my business name and TFN, which was odd, but I suspect the ATO are cracking down on fraud.

    • +1

      LOL.. you really gave Woolie your Bussiness name and ABN…. my god man…

      • Of course I did, and she looked it up on ABR Lookup, then asked for by birth certificate for confirmation, because the employees at the smoko counter are given training to do all that. /s

        • -1

          Surely you are taking the piss?

          You are aware that you are not obligated to provide any of these information.

          • @DoctorCalculon: Yes I am taking the piss. I did not provide the information, but it was asked.

    • +1

      lol wut?? why would they ask for that??? I got asked about the scam which was nice but they did not ask my TFN lollll

  • I purchased $1000 at South Yarra woolworths: 9x$100 and 2x$50 (They were the last $100s). Only 10 gift cards are allowed at one transaction so i had to buy $950 then buy $50 again. I bought it from the self checkout, checkout machine's been set to not accept any more than 10. There was a minor problem where I paid $950 but one $100 card failed to activate so they refunded $100 then I bought it again. Staff were aware of people buying a lot of apple gift cards recently and also asked if I was being asked to purchase this for someone to check if I am being scammed which was nice. Points arrived in about an hour or so.

    I am curious as to why Woolies are giving away so much points only for apple gift cards. I'm guessing they have some partnership with Apple with the planned release of new iphone, watches, mac, etc this year. Anyone know anything?

    • +9

      I don’t know anything for certain, but I am happy to speculate.

      The fact that it says Advertiser Promotion on the catalogue hints at the fact that that Apple and Woolworths came to an arrangement where Apple would help fund part (or even all) of the Everyday Rewards bonus points being issued when purchasing an Apple gift card.

      This is a good promotion for Apple, as it locks people into spending products at Apple, since you cannot (directly) use these gift cards to pay for products or content outside of the Apple ecosystem. You can always sell this gift card yourself later on to another person, but the face value amount you have paid for the gift card still sits with Apple. For example, when you buy a $100 Apple gift card, you essentially hand over $100 to Apple that gets thrown into a large pit of money, and Apple can use that large pit of money and spend/invest it as they see fit. You have lost the ability to invest that $100 yourself, but you have given Apple the opportunity to do that themselves. Apple benefits even more if/when people purchase gift cards and then lose them or forget to use them.

      I think it is also safe to say the profit margins on Apple devices are more than 15%, so at the end of the day it will only make a really small dent in their profits.

      By using gift cards as a payment method instead of PayPal or debit/credit cards, it means that there are no options for a customer to do a chargeback, and there is no need for Apple to pay transaction processing fees to PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, EFTPOS, etc.

      Woolworths would be (mostly) happy to have a gift card promotion like this, as it will drive additional foot traffic over to Woolworths supermarkets. The hope is that this will encourage people to visit a Woolworths supermarket, and then pick other items up whilst they’re visiting the store. Driving foot traffic is probably not the wisest thing to do at the moment, particularly since a handful of Woolworths stores in the ACT are also known to be COVID-19 hotspots, but I digress…

      • I am sure the unused or forgotten to be used portion of the gift card will be around 10-15% of the gift card value anyway.

        This is where they make money for nothing. Either way it's a win for apple and woolies

        • +1

          Sure, but unlike JB Hifi or whatever where you'll either leave the remaining say $4 on a GC to rot, or go into the shop and find something for $10 to "use it up", at least your remaining AppleID balance will still be useful for apps/media/iCloud.

      • I think all the discounted promotions are funded solely by the gift card company, similar to how the tyre retailers add discount, (when they add discount, discount is paid by manufacturer, because other parties, like seller, middle-man etc. involved in the transaction can't loose money).

        So all Woolworths, Coles gift card promotions are similarly funded by the manufacturer of gift card, in this case, Apple- who would be paying Woolworth's to add points to customer's rewards cards.

      • -1

        Such an eloquent answer and no I’m not being sarcastic.

        They just earned thousands of money the last 3 days without selling one single physical product.

        • By this logic they’ll be giving away thousands in physical products in coming months

    • Btw, it’s a good thing that you cannot purchase more than ten gift cards in a transaction, as you would only earn bonus points on ten gift cards.

  • yesterday I saw someone buy 8 x $500 (worth $4000) of these GC, Store allowed it to sell them but they got manager and who not whatever to approve it, after the cashier asked them about their ABN etc. I think that person was just super dumb to be buying this many in 1 transaction. even store said to him he can buy it need to split it up in multiple transactions. Store could not override the ABN details i think, because of course they need to put some business details on their and if customer doesnt have that then they cant put any detail there.
    at the end I think he got full discount of the 10%? back in rewards points I think. But my assumptions says his Rewards can may be flagged very soon if he continues buying more and more gift cards.

    • I bought 10 x $500 in 1 transaction took 3 mins total, no need to split or ABN the cashier confirmed $750 of points before the transaction completed. I can’t imagine they’d flag their rewards as the T&C say 10 per transaction with no limit on number of transactions per card.

      • +1

        Surprised, to hear you bought $5000 worth of GC in a single transaction.

        I guess it may be state wide or like store wide or something like that restriction of ABN then

  • +4

    I went to buy 6 cards at one store today and was greeted by someone who said he was a manager asking why I needed to buy 6.

    When I said it was to purchase Apple product (duh!) he flat our refused, saying it sounded like it was part of a scam so he wasn't going to sell them to me. I asked to speak to the store manager who ultimately came over and said not a problem at all - and I could buy as many as I needed - in a single transaction and without any ABN or further verification. As I was leaving, the first member of staff approached me and said he believed I was part of a scam and he still wasn't happy with me buying the cards!

    • +2

      Pisses you off….but put it the other way, he is doing some others a favour if they were being scammed.
      Probably you can thank him for his concern and wish him a great day as he will have many more apple card to sell in the coming days

      • I agree - it's good for the to ask the questions, but he was very clearly implying that I was the one about to do the scamming (?)

        • Some DH’s think they are the Manager lol .

  • Does anyone know how long it takes before the cards are active? Looking to buy something tomorrow and the receipt says it could take upto 48 hrs

    • +1

      should be pretty much instant. i bought my card, went back to my car and loaded the card into my itunes account.

    • +1

      Normally activate immediately at checkout - make sure you grab the receipts that get spat out…. Mine were added to my account using my phone straight after leaving the supermarket

  • Can I pay by woolworth e gift cards and still get the points?

    • No as cannot pay with Woolworths e gift card

  • +3

    Been stocking up on 10 of these every day lol.

    Something goes wrong every time like a card wont activate or the staff give you a hard time. Bit of a pain in the ass.

    Ready for new iPhone + new watch and part of a 14" MBP (hopefully) though :D

  • BTW if anyone doesn't know can use these points on fuel too, Always whenever you need fuel, and its cheap price fill up cars at Woolworths Caltex/Ampol wherever they accept rewards dollars, So dont have to be stuck with Woolworths only.

    And fuel bill will definitely surely be over $10, and you can essentially get fuel for free at times, (You need to do math on how much fuel to fill up, when it gets to that many L stop fueling, and pay with only your rewards dollars.

    • Not quite. You cannot do this at Caltex Woolworths fuel stations in Tasmania.

      • Weird, I always do it in Metro Adelaide usually it's Nailsworth Caltex thats cheapest (when Woolworths Caltex is cheapest)

        • It’s because Caltex Woolworths in Tasmania is pretty much excluded from the Everyday Rewards program.

          You can scan the Everyday Rewards use the electronic fuel vouchers saved on your card, but you cannot earn any Everyday Rewards points or redeem any Everyday Rewards dollars.

          There are also a small number of Caltex Woolworths fuel stations in the rest of Australia, but almost all on mainland Australia will allow you to earn Everyday Rewards points and redeem Everyday Rewards dollars.

    • +1

      BTW if anyone doesn't know can use these points on fuel too

      I find fuel is always cheaper at Costco.

    • Noticed recently no longer can use woolies money at caltex in vic.

      • check on the everyday rewards app, where you can use them, it should have them in app locations where it can be used

      • Just redeemed $40 on Tuesday in NSW. Have you redeemed it there before? If first time try, you may have visited the Ampol owned one.

  • Can we get bonus point on the variable card? Tried to buy the variable one but the points were not showing on the machine, $30 one did have 900 points showing on the machine. So didn't want to risk and put the last two variable cards back.

    • +1

      Have purchased a few variable ones and can confirm it is working.

  • After seeing this thread I went and bought $2000 worth of apple shares in stake.

    • haha
      At least buying an asset than a liability

      I wonder how much life would have been easier IF The currencies in the world were not FIAT, i.e. if the USA did not go off the Gold Standard. Imagine if we all went back to Gold reserve currency one day. Wealth would be so more equal. Savers would not be punished.

  • I am simply dumbfounded by the maths or lack thereof in this thread….

    $15 (3000 points) whatever you want to call it is always going to be $15. Full stop.

    You are obviously NOT paying for that $15.

    If you were you would be paying $115.

    You are paying $100. Full stop. The end. Transaction complete.

    After that. Wow you get $15.

    Last time I checked 100-15=85…

    End of story

    • +2

      Thank you, not rocket science. And for most with everyday rewards $15 at Woolies, big w and Caltex is as good as cash 💰.

      • +2

        At least take off 5% for easy obtainable gift cards so $14.25 .

      • Might need a rocket scientist to step in at some point

    • My point of view is you are paying $100 for $115 of value or $114.25 if are being pedantic.
      100/115 which makes it 13.1%

      Saying 100-15 = 85 would imply you are paying $85 to get $100 of value which is not the case.

      • In what way are you paying for $115?

        Let me put it like this…

        What if woollies gave you the $15 in advance and you could spend it on a $100 GC?

        How much would your total spend be?

        Makes no difference if you get the $15 before or after the transaction.

        • you are paying $100 for $115 of gift card value

          • @googoogaga: A $100 GC will not have a value of $115. It's not discounted from $115 to $100. It's value is $100… you get the full $100.


            • @lowlifeskum: so in your point of view, a deal like this where you get 10% bonus on your myer gift card purchase (meaning you pay $100 for $110)
              is the same as

              Paying $90 for $100 Myer gift card?

              • @googoogaga: Not talking about anything except the current promotion.

                According to you and many others:

                If you give someone $100 and get back $115, you're actually only getting back $13.10… even though your woollies balance says $15? Where did the $2.90 go?

                • @lowlifeskum: we are talking about % off not a $$ off.

                  • @googoogaga: No. You're talking about a % off instead of $15 spendable money.

                    • @lowlifeskum: because you paid $100 CASH out and you are getting $115 in CREDIT back. You are NOT paying $100 CASH out and getting $15 CASH back and $100 CREDIT

                      • @googoogaga: "You are NOT paying $100 CASH out and getting $15 CASH back and $100 CREDIT"

                        Yes that's exactly what you are getting

                        • +2

                          @lowlifeskum: Sorry to say but you can't put $15 worth of Woolworths Dollars in the bank and tell them to pay off your mortgage/credit card or putting it in the piggy bank. $15 Woolworth dollars does not = $15 CASH.

                          If thats how you feel, I will give you $1000 woolworths dollars and you give me $1000 cash

                          • +1

                            @googoogaga: Whatever. You need food to live. So it's as good as cash imho.

                            View it however you want. You're entitled to your opinion.

                            • @lowlifeskum: I'll just leave this here for you then.

                              Spend $15 on groceries (paid with woolies dollars)
                              Spend $100 on Apple gift card
                              Total cost on creditcard / bank statement = $100
                              Total VALUE of goods received = $115

                              Does not equate to what you were trying to demonstrate, which is somehow using the $15 woolworths dollars to pay off the $100 that you spent initially.

                              • @googoogaga: It doesn't make a difference if it's credit or not

                                We've got eachother and that's a lot for food

                                We'll give it a shot

                                Woah… we're half way there

                                Woah… $15 free food

                                Take those points

                                I'll convert them I swear

                                Woah… $15 free food

                                • @lowlifeskum: I believe googoogaga is correct. For example, if I have only $25.50 I won’t be able to obtain the min gift card deal posted here as I have to have $30 to earn 900 points that is $4.50 worth towards future shopping. So it is not 15% off but 15% bonus value which means the discount is $4.50/$34.50 = 13.04% not 15%.

                                  • @wtfnodeal: You're entitled to your opinion

                                    • @lowlifeskum: Sure. You are entitled to your opinion too. I would have a different opinion if the $4.50 was a cashback without needing to spend it only at Woolworths with certain restrictions applied although there could be a small loss on time value of money before actually receiving the cashback.

                                      • -2

                                        @wtfnodeal: I'm not a rocket scientist (but we might need one)…

                                        The way I see it is:

                                        $115 - $100 = $15

                                        $15/$100 = 15%

                                        Sure you can only use it on daily essential nutrients that keep you alive but hey

                                        Perhaps all forms of credit should be subject to new formulas?

                                        • @lowlifeskum: Why are you only dividing by $100 and not $115?

                                          The entire value proposition is getting $115 in whatever form of credit, with $15 being the bonus portion. Therefore, the discount or bonus percentage or whatever you want to call it is $15 / $115 = 13.04% as others have mentioned above.

                                          You're inflating your discount proposition by taking the lower value as your divisor.

                                          If you're getting $15 discount off a $100 spend, then that will be $15 / $100 = 15% and not $15 / $85 = 17.65%.

                                        • @lowlifeskum: Perhaps you can get an actuary to explain it to you? The key difference here IMO is discount and bonus value.

                                          • @wtfnodeal: The 13% Lonely Hearts Club is fully entitled to their opinions (3rd time)…

                                            Time for a rocket scientist to chime in.

                                            Enjoy spending your $13 at woollies

                                            • @lowlifeskum: Maths has no opinions. The answer is either correct or incorrect.

                                              I think this type of maths highlights how some people calculate GST.

                                              If I were to ask what is the amount of GST paid on a $100 item that is inclusive of GST, are you going to say it is $10?

                                              • @googoogaga: I guess in this particular promotion, which is the only thing I'm referring to, it boils down to one simple thing.

                                                Do you eat food?

                                                If not, then yeah the $15 is worthless.

                                        • @lowlifeskum: Alright I have had a look at your very first comment about getting the $15 spendable value for every $100 value of Apple gift card purchase but have never said it is equivalent to 15% off. In that case there is no conflict with googoogaga’s argument about % off then?

    • +1

      I think we found the climate change deniers of the discount vs bonus money debate. I'm aware of all the negs from y'all on my other post.

      I'm gonna give this another shot.

      Suppose there's a promotion that gives you literal cash back in your hand. For every $100 spent, you get back $15.

      You have $2000 to spend. So you redeem the promo 20x. You get back $15x20, or $300. You redeem the promo 3x more. Now you've got $2300 of goods.

      Now, suppose this other guy who wasn't aware of the promotion, buys $2300 of the same goods and pays $2300. You see this guy, tell him he should try this site called OzB, and he could've saved $300.

      Do they reply:
      a) I spent $2000, and I could've saved $300, or
      b) I spent $2300, and I could've saved $300.

      I don't want to give any the answer as to which one sounds like nonsense.

      Now, there's this other other guy, who knows of another super secret staff deal, and can get a 15% discount, and also happens to have $2000. So they take $2000 of goods. Buys it for $1700. With $300 left over, they buy another $300 of goods for $255. They still have $45! So they get their calculator out and buy $52.94 more goods. Now they have $2352.94 of goods from their original $2000 budget.

      I trust everyone's reading is as good as their maths.

      • Or a simple explanation that the equation for bonus value is a ‘+‘ $300 to the $2,000 as opposed to discount is a ‘-‘ $300 from the $2,000 before calculating the discount %.
        Edit: there is no need to further explain to lowlifescum since it is not listening anyway.

      • If you put a man’s head in a hot oven and their feet in a bucket of ice water, on average, they should be warm.

        Moral of the story, numbers don’t always tell you the whole picture.

        I think you’re over thinking it dude!!

      • I believe you're definitely spot on there.

        Clearly he can't read too as he seems to think that you're siding with his logic, but i digress, cbf responding anymore lol, you can't reason with someone who's got blinders pasted to the front of their eyes.

        • Yeah coins only have one side too

          I upvoted because he took the time to put in a lengthy post on the topic. Unlike you who only took time to belittle an opinion that didn't align with yours

    • +2

      I'm currently on hold with NASA to see if I can speak to an engineer, but middle of the night there so could take a while…

  • Hey guys, can I use this to buy the Apple Education store bundle for a mate overseas?

    Or buy it, add it to my account, then give them my account to licence it?

  • Used the Coles prepaid MC from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630293 to acquire $2k of Apple giftcards, boom!

    • Master stroke

    • You still have gift cards left over from that deal?

  • +14

    Thanks for posting this deal OP. I have gone and bought another $2k worth of cards. My wife left me, but I will be getting an iPhone 13 pro max and iMac which will help me deal with the pain.

    • +1

      at least your new phone and iMac won't leave you.. I hope :3

      I just loaded up enough for the iPhone 13 Pro (or Pro Max if the regular Pro isn't "pro" enough, like the 12 Pro series) and an Apple Watch S7.

      • Nice one. Apple Watch might be on the cards for me especially if there is a bit of a redesign!

        • Yep! Even if it’s not a huge redesign, I held out and didn’t upgrade from S5 to S6 last year so if the specs and battery in particular are better it’s a huge win for me. Trying to keep my upgrade cycles to at least 2 years. Last year was a m’eh year for upgrading iPhone and Apple Watch. iPad Pro on the other hand, that was a definite upgrade for me this year coming from an Air 3.

  • Went to local Woolies and they are completely sold out… Eastwood NSW

    • +1

      Thanks for this mate. I'll have to scope out a few others then.

      • +1

        Unfortunately, there is no way to check stock availability on the Woolies website as searching for "Apple Gift Card" yields actual apples. FML

    • The Woolworths I go to has been restocking a lot, theres a different assortment of cards every time i go.

      • Can you share the name of this magical WW store? ;-)

      • Yes can you please let us know which sitter Store? All my local ones are constantly sold out and no restock.

      • My local store has unicorn next to gift card stand.

  • Plenty of $50 and $30 available at Marrickville NSW Woolworth's this evening.

  • Anything left in VIC metro? Went to both Southbank (Melbourne Square) and South Melbourne Woolies and they're all out of stock except for the $20 cards.

  • Now I just need to do with a ton of everyday rewards dollars :-) Big W would have been good, but looks like they only have a very limited Apple range.

    Fuel is the other alternative I guess…

  • Plenty of them sitting in Eastlake

  • Any luck sighting at Macquarie Centre NSW?

  • +2

    Went to woollies for my weekly shop and used $120 worth of rewards points.

    Check you booster in everyday rewards as spending using rewards points count towards these spend requirements.

    I had a 1000 points for $30 spend offer and got these points using the rewards dollars.

    Big win!

  • Is there anyway to convert these Woolworths dollars to Woolworths giftcards?

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