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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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      That sounds about right.

      If you see variable load gift cards (which can be loaded with between $20 and $500), grab three of them to save the hassle of carrying so many gift cards!

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • Aren’t variable always excluded?

        • +2

          They normally are excluded, but they are not excluded from this promotion.

          If you look at the very last sentence of the fine print in the catalogue on the page that advertises this deal, it says Variable Load = 30x Bonus Points.

          • @WookieMonster: Even if it's in the clause, still afraid it get missed out on counting the rewards point.
            Otherwise the variable is the way to go for sure.

            It's smart too that people don't take 50 cards ,but 5 cards instead with bigger denominations selected

            • @lovepub:

              Even if it's in the clause, still afraid it get missed out on counting the rewards point.

              If that is the case, I would hit up the Everyday Rewards team and pester them for the points, as it is in the catalogue fine print and I have not seen any apologies posted yet.

              When you are purchasing a gift card at Woolworths (or BIG W for that matter) that comes with bonus points, the POS system should tell you before you finalise the transaction whether you have earned any bonus points, assuming you scan the Everyday Rewards card before you finalise the transaction.

              There is a chance the points will not be loaded immediately, but I have not heard of any recent gift card deals where the bonus points advertised in the catalogue were not loaded immediately.

              If you’re not sure, you can wait for someone to post on Wednesday morning whether they got any points when they purchased a variable load gift card, or you can call up the Woolworths Supermarkets hotline and see what they say.

  • Hi I wonder I can only buy the gift card from WWS in store paying full amount like pay $50 to purchase $50 apple gift card is that right?

    • Yes, you need to pay $50 upfront for a $50 Apple gift card.

      Assuming you scan an Everyday Rewards card before you finalise the transaction, you will be given 1500 Everyday Rewards points as a bonus for purchasing the $50 Apple gift card.

  • If i am able to find 10 x Variable load cards @ $500 each, does that mean i can get $5k in gift card and 60k WW points?

    • +1

      That’s what I plan on doing Wednesday morning.

      • what time lol

        • When my local store opens at 7am

          Where do you live? So I know there won’t be another OzBargainer trying to outrun me lol

          • +1

            @zzzman: im in VIC lol so you're safe

      • suggestion you doing it at tuesday night :)

    • +1

      $500x10x30 = 150000 points I think

      Correct me if I am wrong

      • you're right 150000

        • Points rich

      • now you are bonded with woolie they might give you a green T-shirt hahahahah

        • 150000 pts equal to $750 grocery shopping at woolies, that's just 1-2 months grocery spending in a household, not that hard to spend if you already shop at them

      • Curious to how you know you get the 10 points for the $500 spend? Not questioning you, just been trying to find a source to validate my own assumptions!

        • 10 == 10 cards not 10 points

          It's 30x point of whatever value you bought

          • @lovepub: ahhh gotcha,

            so its 1 point per dollar (x30)?

            • @geoffs87: Seriously?
              It's 30 points for a dollar loaded on the card.

              • @lovepub: easy tiger… 1 point per dollar (x30) = 30 no?

                There's a bonus 30x, so i'm trying to understand what the base points awarded was.

                Thanks for the info though.

                • +2

                  @geoffs87: Terms and conditions says “standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards”. Only bonus points.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you can use the apple receipt to claim back GST at the airport if you've paid for products with gift cards?

    • +1

      Gift cards are just another way of payment, you can claim back GST.

    • issue is actually being able to get out of the country in time to claim…

  • Genuinely curious why there's such a rush to buy these cards immediately when the deal goes for a week?

    • +3

      Coz they get snapped up real fast with the new iPhone around the corner

    • You probably won’t find many cards left after the first day.

      • Cards might get restocked anytime during the promotion

        • That's the thing, 'might'.

    • +1

      There are a number of reasons:

      • FOMO

      • There are very limited stocks of Apple gift cards carried in stores, and when you usually see this many up-votes on a supermarket or department store gift card deal on OzBargain, there will be stock shortages throughout the promotion…

      • You cannot get a raincheck for this deal.

      • You cannot go to Officeworks and get them to beat this deal, unlike iTunes gift card deals.

      • Lockdowns in many parts of Australia means that a lot of people are not allowed to or cannot or don’t want to hop from store to store in the hope of finding stock. (Imagine if someone who was travelling to multiple Woolworths supermarkets ended up being a COVID superspreader…)

      • FOMO

      • If Woolworths restocks their gift cards in a similar manner to Coles, they will get a third party to restock the gift card aisle, so there is no known way of knowing how frequently (if at all) Apple gift cards will be replenished throughout the promotion.

      • Did I mention FOMO?

      • So where did you hide the gift cards?

        • Lol I haven’t even been to a Woolworths since early Sunday (before this promotion was leaked).

          I don’t really care about this promotion at Woolworths too much, because you cannot use discounted gift cards to purchase these gift cards, plus I am only really interested in Apple gift cards for Apple Music.

          I am happy for other people to scrap over these gift cards.

  • +1

    does anyone know if you can stack the $10 off your next shop?

    i.e if I have 20,000 reward points, can I get $100 of my next shop?

    • +1

      You should be able to

    • +1

      You can redeem up to $100 of Everyday Rewards dollars on your next shop, as long as you’re not trying to buy any excluded products.

      Excluded products include:

      • Smoking products
      • Gift cards
      • Mobile recharge vouchers

      So unfortunately you cannot use the $100 of your next shop to purchase a $100 Apple gift card.

  • Can these cards be used at Apple Employee Portal where they can get discounted Apple hardware?

    • -2

      Are you trying to get your mate who works at Apple to buy you hardware using their 15% employee discount for friends and families?
      Then you need to ask them directly, champ.

    • +1

      Yes, but maximum 8 cards can be used per transaction.

      • But can load the amount onto the account and pay using that?

        • +1

          U can load it to ur personal account and make the purchase via Apple Store, but from what i know, the credit could not be loaded to the employee account. Though i could be wrong.

  • If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Let's say if I do 5 separate transactions on $200 gift cards. Do I still get 5x6000 points? Or I can only check out the 5x$200 gift cards in one transaction to get the points? Cheers

    • I believe it's unlimited transactions.

      But each transaction can buy maximum 10 cards regardless of card value.

      And what's the reason of buying seperatley if u can do it in one go since you only getting 5 cards.

      Alternatively but 2 cards with each card loaded with $500

      • Thanks mate. I'm trying to use the Coles MasterCard, this way I don't have to ask the staff to do split payments.

  • A little off-topic (but only a little): I want to buy a MacBook Pro with M1 using these cards, but I hesitated after hearing a lot about the new chip M1X. They say Apple might release the new laptop in September. If that happens, how long does it take usually to have stock in Australia?

  • +8

    Can confirm $500 on a variable load card gives 15,000 points

    • What’s the maximum value you can get in one transaction? $2000?

      Did the points show up immediately on the terminal? Was a manager needed to approve the transaction?

      • +2

        Points show immediately on terminal then in your rewards account immediately after purchase.

        I spent $1500 so not sure the maximum. No approval from manager was required for my transaction.

        • You did buy 3x$500?

        • Self service? I had to buy mine from behind the counter and the staff had no idea.

        • Can you use self-check out for variable load cards? Thanks

          • +1

            @ja912son: You can but depends on the staff.

          • @ja912son: You can do self service but an assistant needs to approve at the end and you can only do $1000 per transaction

      • spent $2000 60000 points no issue

  • +1

    Local woolies had the cards behind the counter and they had no idea

    Claimed to have called a manager and only gave me $1000 worth.

    Also asked for my licence and TFN

    • Why would they ask for your TFN?

      • It’s a prompt on the screen for a business TFN and you can just click no. It shows up when you do self service as well

        • +3

          I think you mean ABN instead of TFN?

    • +1

      Hi ZeeMan and boardiesboi :)

      • LOL yes that's me. I haven't used the second username on WP and OzB for years… MacRumors? I can't change that username without losing my post count lol

  • Purchased a couple of variable load GCs from Woolies South Melb. There are still about 15 variable loads left with plenty of $100 and $50. Can confirm you get bonus points on variable loads.

  • Got $2500 worth of variable $500 gift cards. No issues at all 75000 points appeared instantly. They did it in $1000 transactions to minimise risk of activation errors. Still plenty available at woolies oakleigh.

    • Just checked my rewards app and for some reason I got an additional 10x the points as a separate transaction. Checked my boosters and not sure why I got it as I have no other offers

      • That’s a lot of points lol


        • +1

          No no 10x the points on the load balance 100k in total

  • Can confirm points on variable load. Been asked for name and address. Points show on the screen before making the payment. Did $1800 in one time, smooth and quick. No problem at all.

    Edit: and it can trigger your weekly spend offer


  • Just got 4 $500 loaded, when you tap the rewards card it will show the bonus point on screen and receipt (15,000 for $500). I guess it really depends on who’s behind the counter, for me I had to do separate transaction for each card. Parra Westfield, still plenty various load and $200’s

  • Got 4100 this morning, 7x500 and 3x200. Had to wait 10 mins for manager, then they had to inform me that there are scams involving gift cards. All 1 transaction, took another minute or so after payment for cards to activate. Points showed up instantly.

    • Similar experience, had to wait for manager

  • +1

    Can I check since I was only able to get the $100 ones, if I’m to buy a $1300 MacBook Air, I can load the amount into my apple account and pay using that?

    • You sure can

  • Went to 3 woolies. One had the old iTunes cards, one with cards behind the counter and one free for all

    Got 3x$500 and 20x$100 = $3500

    All variable cards, $200 and $100 gone at woolies town hall.

    I couldn’t pay more than $1000 per transaction at a self service checkout and the lady told me to pay first and then start another transaction

  • Went to a local woolies in Brisbane; there were 20+ variable amount cards.

    grabbed 9 x $500 in one transaction with no issues except the manager had to scan her card to allow it.

    135,000 points showed up on the counter screen at the transaction.

  • Got a few variable ones at my local woolies. Asked the self serve checkout clerk to help me load them, scanned my rewards card and it shows the points I got. Paid $2200 in a single transaction

  • Bought 15x $100, did 3 transactions, had to ask store manager for approval, was asked multiple times to ensure I’m not committing fraud crimes

    • You can only apply 8 of them in apple's checkout though right?

      • Add all gift cards to your Apple ID first and then pay online.

        8 card limit is for physical stores and if you redeem them during checkout online.

      • Previous comments saying that you could load all of them into your apple balance and check out with the balance.

      • +1

        If you are using them as a gift card then there is a maximum number of gift card numbers you can redeem per transaction.
        However, load all the cards onto your Apple ID and you can use your Apple ID balance to pay.

        eg purchase a MacBook Pro 16” for $3499.
        You have 10x$200 vouchers. You can either redeem 8 of those vouchers and keep 2 for later, or add them all to your Apple ID - sign in during the purchase and “pay” using the prepaid credit now on your Apple ID.

  • My local only had the old iTunes cards so was told to check back later or call the store beforehand and ask if the "white/colourful apple gift cards" had come in.

  • What is everyone buying with these points?

    • +1

      iPhone 13 Pro Max in a month for the gift card

      Points just go towards weekly shop at woolies

    • Woolworths gift cards or QF points

  • Manager/supervisor didn't allow anything more than $500 per transaction. Initially I was trying to do it at self checkout, but got pulled to service desk to do multiple payments. YMMV.

    • Similar experience, did 3 transactions for 15x $100

  • I've got 4 x $500 cards and received 60,000 rewards points. All in one transaction but the manager needed to authorise it.

  • Pretty smooth experience for me. 9 x $500 variable cards. Just went through self serve, had assistant help confirm variable value for each, then final check for transaction for $1K. Looks like $1K is the threshold for requiring verification.

  • What is the maximum amount that people have gotten so far?


  • Be aware that variable load does not work at Woolworths Metro Central Park Store. It works fine for $30,$50 and $100.

  • I can confirmed $100 and $200 cards work at Sunshine (VIC-3020) WW store.
    Just emptied my wallet this morning.

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