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Reebok Nano X $42.50, Nano X1 $71.28 + $8.50 Delivery (Free over $99) @ Reebok


Update: Figured I'd update the deal with the various Nano bargains now I have a bit more time.

Sizes are actually unisex, so you can use this chart to convert mens / womens https://www.reebok.com.au/help-section-size_charts.html

Nano X

$42.50 Chartreuse / Vector Navy / White Sizes: Men 5 / Women 6.5, M6 / W7, M6.5 / W8
$42.50 True Grey 1 / Horizon Blue / Chartreuse Sizes: M6 / W7, M6.5 / W8

Nano X1

$71.28 Core Black / True Grey 8 / Pewter Sizes: M7.5 / W9, M8 / W9.5
$99.75 Dynamic Red / White / Black Sizes: heaps
$99.75 Black / Cool Shadow / Cold Grey 4 Sizes: heaps
$99.75 Black / Night Black / Reebok Rubber Gum-01 Sizes: M8 / W9.5, M9 / W10.5, M13 / W14.5
$99.75 White / Black / Reebok Rubber Gum-01 Sizes: heaps
$99.75 Les Mills White / Vector Navy / Pure Grey 3 Sizes: heaps

Nano X1 Grit

From $105. Too many to list them all, but plenty of sizes and colours available at that price. Search with this link: https://www.reebok.com.au/search?q=nano%20grit&sort=price-lo...

Nanoflex TR

From $56.25. Too many to list them all, but plenty of sizes and colours available at that price. https://www.reebok.com.au/search?q=nanoflex&sort=price-low-t...
Haven't tried the Nanoflex myself, but some of the reviews are pretty good. Esp if you do a lot of running and plyo.

Don't believe the was price listed by Reebok on the Nano X, these are usually about $100-$120 as they've been replaced by the Nano X1

Shopback also has 10% cashback currently, works out at ~$45. IMO probably about right for the doughnut design, not sure what they were thinking there. But they are a great Crossfit shoe for the price. Personally, I didn't like running in the Nano X as much as the Nano X1 or the Nano 8, but I found them very stable for lifting.

Current sizes available (These are US sizes)
M 9 / W 10.5
M 10 / W 11.5
M 13 / W 14.5
M 14 / W 15.5

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  • Doughnut motifs on a pair of runners… 👀

    • I don't know if I'd say these are runners lol

      • Sneakers?

        • +1

          I would probably call them trainers above runners or kicks

        • +1

          Crossfit / gym training shoes. Wouldn't want to run in them for long, soles are too low and stiff.

          They're pretty much designed for crossfit-style or gym stuff with low heel / stack height for lifting weights, rope wraps on the midsole for climbing ropes.

  • Not many left.

  • +1

    These are awesome, but no size 13 available.

  • +3

    These are horrible looking shoes.

  • i wear 15, only 14 available :(
    are they true to size, or will they fit me?

    • reebok nanos IMO tend to run true to size in length but a little narrower compared to nike, puma or asics.

  • +2

    theyve got nano x1s / nano x1 grits on special as well… with that code they should about $100 (plus delivery)

    e.g. https://www.reebok.com.au/nano-x1-shoes/FX3244.html

    just grab something else cheap to get over $100 for free delivery

    • Yep I picked up a pair of the black Nano X1 grit for $105 delivered with this code. Not bad. Cheers OP!

      • Nice! I have a black & white pair I picked up for $95 (after cashback). Absolutely love them.

  • +3

    The donut looks like sh*t on the shoes

  • I have had these for ~18 months and they are great gym shoes. They are not runners. But if you do gym work, they are excellent and very durable.

    • How do you know when you didn't go to the gym the last 18 months :)

      Thongs or barefeet are excellent for home gym.

  • Any good for cricket in those sweaty summer months?

  • The original Nano X Doughnuts have sold out, but still plenty of other Nano bargains, I've updated the deal now I've some time to do it properly.

  • +1

    BUPA25 coupon not working?

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