Reccomendation for ODB II reader

I'm looking to purchase an ODB reader and I came across a link to but the FIXD reader for what seems to be an ok price around $70/$50 per unit for 1-3 units before shipping. It looks like it has a full featured app and will do enough in the free version without having to pay for the permium app features.

I do have an engine warning light on at the moment (Renault Koleos) and suspect it's probably an O2 sesnsor but want to use the ODB to confirm.

Does anyone else have fthe FIXD? if so how do you rate it?

Does anyone use anything else they would reccommend as an ODB reader at this price point of below?

Anything to avoid (other than everythign direct from china - I dont want a cheap unit, I'm loking for good functionality and resnoble quality)

The main consideration for the FIXD for me at the moment is the features in the app and it presents as a quality unit. I'm considering this as a long term tool for the garage so happy to get something of decent quality.

Thks in Advance


  • Given jaycars one is $69 then fixd is a good price.

    I have a different one though, and I paid more. And I keep it for a rainy day. I wanted one I could rely to implement all the protocols properly. Something cheap AliExpress ones cannot be trusted to do.

  • I have a Gofar ( that I like. It might be a tad higher than the Fixd depending on exchange rate and shipping, not sure. It does the diagnostics and the reminders, but what I find most useful is how it helps keep fuel economy in check. It has an app but I've only used the iOS one. Worth a look anyway.

    • thiks I will check it out. I'm not too concerned about tracking fuel, I might check it out but I suspect I will use it more for resolving errors.

  • I have the Vgate OBD2 Bluetooth Mini Scanner from Amazon $63.

    Software app used is Car Scanner Pro (Android) free version from Google Play, Pro version from cough 'elsewhere' cough.

    I've only used it a couple of times at home so can't comment as to how it compares with major and more expensive fault-finding units.

  • This Autohil one for ~$35 has served me well. Pair it with the same app that @Hithere uses.

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    A corded USB one with a canbus switch and PC software that's much more powerful.

    I use Forscan amongst other software available for use with all cars.

  • Depends on what you are going to use it for.
    For troubleshooting cars, i would say something like bosch.
    I use a scantools. This is good for track days where I use it to read data for later analysis.
    Also this is changing with EV…

    • I woould use it for mainly troubleshooting, I might poke around and check various telemetry but probably use it when the dashborad lights up or something feels wrong

  • I have an OBDLink MX that's served me well for several years though I think may be an obsolete model now. Prior to that I bought some cheap generic from ebay and while it worked to an extent, I found it didn't return all codes. Fixd could be good value given the app but I have no experience with it.

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    Given that it's a French car, well, sort of French!, have you checked out Aussiefrogs?

    There's a recent thread on there from someone who talks about a budget OBD scanner that he purchased. But I think that his idea of 'budget' and your idea of 'budget' might not be the same! Still, it can't hurt to read what he, and others, have written.

    The thread is located here if you're interested.

    • great I will check it out, hadn't checked aussiefrogs

    • yeah I checked it out, it does look cool but thats more than I want to spent. The likelyhood of this spending the rest of its life in a drawer is pretty high….

  • IMO it’s all about the app. I just got a cheapie from fleabay or similar. It works fine over wifi connection to my android headunit.

    Haven’t had to use any special functionality so only used free apps so far. No problems with it, it works well enough to display a bunch of sensor readings on the headunit. Can clear codes too.

  • I have used the Supercheap Auto service a couple of times previously rather than buy a tool. Cost $20-30 from memory, they will hook up to their Bosch reader and give you the relevant codes. Think they can normally reset lights as well if needed.

    • good to know they can do that.

  • +5

    $10 eBay special + torque app = winning

    • woudl this be able to diferentiate between diferent o2 sensors for diagnostics or is it more of a great tool for tracking live metrics?

      • Both. As long as there are different fault codes for the sensors.

    • Literally just received a scanner I ordered (ELM327) yesterday from AliExpress. AU$8.74 and 2 weeks.

      Haven't played with it too much yet - have you used the Torque app yourself?

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        Torque is great. I even paid (using reward $$) to remove the ads.

        • Yeah I haven't played with it too much. The interface on the app is very dated. I also noticed the lite app hasn't been updated since ~2018, whereas the pro was updated late last year.

          I was mainly interested in pulling fuel consumption data out of it, but there doesn't appear to have a fuel level sensor, which I found odd. But as I said, I've only just started playing with it (and am using the lite version atm).

          What data are you using it to get/display?

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            @Chandler: I don't have a permanent setup for live data. Well I did but the novelty wears off. I only use it for fault finding and the occasional 0-100kmh time trial 😃

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    I think this deal is still active. Only have to pay for shipping.

    I got mine but haven't used it yet.

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      Still showing up as $0

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    I do have an engine warning light on at the moment (Renault Koleos)

    That's a design feature.

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    So I did a bit more poking around last night and came across Carly which looks cool and is a bit more expensive, website is not very technical so not 100% sure what the outcome looks like. It got me on the path to Car Coding/tweaking the ECU which does interest me a bit. I wouldn't do engine remapping or anything like that more changing a few of the options to tweak the car. Now I'm thinking two different options:

    1) Go the $10 ebay + torque (or other free app) option for a super low cost and hopefully diagnose my problem

    2) Look to a solution that may be able to allow me to code the computer. Toad (pc app) looks to be the recommended option here but starts to et expensive, ideally phone app woudl likely be the easier solution. Carly has this ability but not for Renault. Is there any low cost coding options avaiable or do I just bite the bullet and go the ebay route and fix my problem….

    • Grab a decent OBD2 tool such as this , then use the free-app provided with the purchase otherwise sign up for a free trial with Carista and cancel the subscription after you have made any changes you wanted.

      OBDLink LX comes with an unconditional 180-day money-back guarantee, and a 3 year warranty.

      I personally have the MX and its still going strong after 5 years , it has been discontinued as they now have the MX+ but i would only suggest the MX+ if you needed to use Forscan or change settings in Ford vehicles.

      • The MX+ is on special ATM

        • With the cheapest shipping it still works out to be $184 AUD from that site , When the OBDLink MX first came out i paid around $250 or so.

          Something tells me its not entirely a bargain at this point , i would just get the LX and call it a day.

          • @JollyHotdog: That's with the dearest mail
            Priority Mail International $58.55
            Priority Mail Express International $72.20
            International Economy $81.03
            International Priority $84.97
            Why is it so dear from the states? Amazon is not that dear. I know the shipping has gotten way expensive this year, but that is ridicules. I will wait till another year if I am in no hurry. I have ~8 devices that go into my OBDII port, I used to be a mechanic. I went to the garage & found my MX device, it is not the MX+, it is just the MX bluetooth. What I have in my ODBII port all the time is this device that does a few things, but the one I was most interested in was the speedo; so I bluetacked it to the carpet on the dash so I see my speedo reading all the time. I wish I saw it when the cop got me doing 142, but I was busy finishing overtaking a long semi in semi wet conditions

    • I wouldn't do engine remapping or anything like

      You cannot do this with this sort of "tool" anyway.

  • Also try OBD2 Australia, around the $40 mark.Hearing good things about these.