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[QLD,NSW,SA,WA,ACT] 4.2kW Risen MONO PERC 390W Solar Panels + Solis Inverter $2,990* Fully Installed @ Solar Link Australia


Hello, Ozbargainers!

We have another exclusive and compelling September deal 🍂🍂 for QLD, NSW, SA, WA, and ACT! Enquire now and you might have a fully functioning and sleek Solar PV System before we head into Christmas!

Considering the current economic situation, the sunny weather, and the federal incentives, this deal will fast track you to an affordable solar system with performance and quality whilst reducing the increasing cost of electricity bills, especially for those who work from home.

Starting at only $2,990* upfront after the Federal STC incentives, we have a compelling deal on a 4.2kW Solar PV System fully installed!

What does this exclusive deal include?

11 x Tier 1 Mono PERC Risen BLACK FRAME 390W Panels (15-year Product Warranty and 25-year Performance Warranty).
*Australia's largest Solar Farm (132 MW) in WA was installed using Risen Panels late last year: https://www.merredinsolar.com.au/ & https://youtu.be/d_uQltQcjUA *

1 x 5kW Solis Inverter. Equipped with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind!

5-year Workmanship Warranty

Professional and Knowledgeable CEC-accredited retailer with more than 10 years of industry experience

Risen BLACK FRAME 390W MONO PERC Panel Datasheet: https://solarlinkaustralia.com.au/product/risen-rsm40-8-390m...
Solis 5kW Inverter Datasheet: https://solarlinkaustralia.com.au/product/solis-4g-5kw-singl...

Looking for a bigger system and/ or a battery? We got you covered 👌!

1) 6.6kW System: $3,490.00* (Fully Installed)

1) 6.6kW System with 5.7kW Alpha ESS Battery: $9,990.00* (Fully Installed)

To get this special exclusive deal, simply email your full name, address and contact number for the proposal directly to
[email protected]

If you have an old switchboard with a ceramic fuse please mention it in the email.

*Note: Deal is quoted for single-phase properties. Additional charges may apply, these include: Concrete & Terracotta tile roofs +$200, 2-Storey +$200, 3-Phase +$550, Freight (Over 100km), Cyclone racking (for properties North of Bundaberg) +$300

*Referral Scheme
We also have a tantalising referral bonus if you refer a family or friend! What's better, we will provide a $100.00 bonus to both you and a family/ friend if both of you place an order with us!

Kindly submit your queries to [email protected] with your full name, address and contact number.

Thank you for your interest!

Having trouble figuring out the payback on solar? No worries, just use our handy solar savings calculator below,


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  • +1

    I've been waiting for a New South Wales deal…. Email you about a 10 kilowatt single phase system

  • Does anyone have a solar for dummies guide that they'd recommend? I'm looking to get something installed before summer, but would love some help on where to begin researching.

    • +5

      Plenty of great info here. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/

      • Appreciate it.

        • Watch his 2021 edition video, has a nice Price to brand scale, i used that as a self guide when i did mine, ended up going for the premium inverter myself, the biggest issue is the inverter due to the load its under,

  • if i work from home can i deduct the cost of solar installation when lodging tax return ? because my electricity bill is now very small.

    • no

      • seriously ?

        • +1


          • @Almost Banned: https://community.ato.gov.au/t5/Personal-tax-questions/Claim...

            hmmm it says by choice then no.
            my case wfh is not by choice, company and government FORCED me to wfh.
            answer is still no ?

            • +1

              @ChiMot: its a choice by use solar.

              it's not a choice to use electricity to work from home, so you can claim that.

              • @Nav2k: hmm the wording on that ato page doesnt seems like it.. the sentence for me meaning if people can choose to wfh or wfo, in the normal situation for example company give flexibility.

                probably a grey area.

                • +2

                  @ChiMot: You can claim the power used, not the money to change the source of the power,

  • +2

    how is the calculation?
    it called a 4.2kw system but
    17 panels 390w each = 6.6kw ?
    inverter is 5kw ?

  • How much is this, not installed?

  • +1

    Correct me if I'm wrong the $2990 deal states it is a 4.2kW system.

    Yet the included specs are a 5kW inverter with 17 x 390W panels (6.6kW).

    • Hello Busterau,

      Thank you for notifying us. I have corrected this in the description (11 x 390W Panels = 4.2kW).

      Solar Link Australia

      • no wonder…. ok got it 11 not 17

  • is it a 6.6kw?

    • Hello Ozbargainerlife1,

      Thank you for your interest!

      One of our offers includes a 6.6kW deal (17 x Risen 390W & Solis Inverter) for $3,490.00* fully installed.

      Solar Link Australia

      • do you do Jink solar panels?

        • Hello Ozbargainerlife1,

          Thank you for your query.

          Yes, we do offer Jinko panels as well!

          We recommend emailing us at [email protected] for a detailed quote on these panels and similar brands.

          Solar Link Australia

  • Hello I just built a brand-new house, with 6kw solar, I’m unsure what subsidies the builder claimed would I be eligible for this if I were to buy a 2nd system or is it like a one per household type of thing?

    • Systems are generally installed as one per household but its possible to install a second system (provided there's room) and receive STCs. Probably unwise as a system like you already have installed is suffice for most households and you may loose feed in tariffs as a result. It's also possible to replace your inverter and increase it's size and the amount of panels but again you may lose feed in tariffs.

      • Thanks for your reply. I was looking at it as an alternative to batteries to save money from feed in tariffs. How come I would loose feed in tariffs with a 2nd system, are there limits etc.

        • There is a limit of 5kw feedin per phase in SA. Not sure if it's the same everywhere.

          I had 10kw panels on a 8.8kw inverter installed to get more out of it when the sun isn't in optimal positioning

          • @brocky2006: Thanks yeah it seems there is a limit of 5kw in NSW too.

  • +1

    Take note of their reviews on solarquotes,especially the ones where an issue was encountered and how it was resolved (hint: most weren't resolved reasonably). Also becareful of companies who sub contract out installers as some times the installers aren't CEC accredited.

    For WA, you could get a much better deal with a bigger installer and better equipment (this is budget level panels and inverter). Shop around, wouldn't count this as a deal for WA at least.

    Saying that, at least their well established and you might actually get some after install support.

  • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1382890

    Jinko Tiger and Fronius seems to be the price/value combo even now for any sized system more so if you want to integrate it with HA

    • Fronius is 1k more then say Goodwe, justifiable you think?? im planning to do one too

      • +1

        Fronius is a more established brand out of Europe that you honestly can't go wrong with. Saying that, manufacturers are offering pretty standard warranties across all now and performance difference is negligible. Fronius also has awesome software that offers more than most. If you can afford it, I'd recommend fronius but if your on a budget and looking for best value, goodwe would be fine.

        • Thanks!
          What company did you go with ??
          I have a few in mind with excellent reviews.
          I can afford, just dont know if its worth it, 1k is like 1 year of electricity.. hmmm

        • I’ll second this. When it comes to warranty claims etc, Fronius is an absolute breeze. As a fellow installer anytime i have had to claim for warranty with Fronius (which hasn’t been too often) they have been excellent to deal with. They are literally based in VIC too.

      • I have a 8.8kw goodwe inverter and no issues but then again it's a fairly new install.

  • +2

    hmm, not trying to be a dick here, but there are other companies that are giving similar panels/inverters if anything the same for the same price. Some lower (not saying you should go with the lowest price)

    Just do your research, ask for as many quotes as you can.
    learn about
    -panel tiers

    Look at reviews as well. Not saying this is a bad deal, just saying this is no where near a "bargain".
    ok awaiting negative comments for constructive feedback - ozbargainlife.

    I've decided on jinko tier 1 + Goodwe, or +1k for Fronius inverter; if anyone can convince me elsewise, please do so! i want the challenge!

    • +1

      Agree with the post. Lowest price is generally not the best deal for solar. Most important thing when buying solar is the installer and if their install will be of quality and what workmanship guarantees and after sale support they offer. Next would be the inverter/s and their warranty and compatibility. Last would be the panels and their performance and warranty.

      Jinko is generally a great choice offering usually the best value for performance, warranty and cost. The latest Jinko Tiger N-Type (All-Black) panel is my choice of jinko.

      • Trina is another great mid tier panel brand.

        • I personally have Trina vertex S and have no complaints so far, not quite the panel the new Jinko is but definitely great value and performance

  • +1

    At least on the surface, it would look like a great option for Canberrans.

    Canberra tax is very real for Canberrans, and this is the first real undercut I've seen.