Trademark for an Extension of Existing Name

Hi All,

We have an existing trademark.

We are introducing a new line, and want to trademark that line under the existing logo.


Joe Blogs ® - this the existing trademark of ours

Joe Blogs® ZERO - new line, but with the word ZERO as part of the logo.

We want to register the logo with the word ZERO after it. Do you think this will go through?


  • What happened when you applied for the ™?

    • it cost $500 to to submit the application. Only after do they assess and advise.

  • +1

    Easy - just call IP Australia and they will do the check and advise.
    "Zero" itself - no. Joe Blogs Zero, could be fine.

    • +1

      I called them, the person said it should be fine, but could not assist until after application.

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        Sounds about right.

        Time to draft up an application! :)

  • It will go through, but it may not give you anything extra if "Zero" is generic and "Joe Bloggs" is distinctive.

  • Coke Zero beat you to it

  • If only there was a field of IP professionals who specialise in IP…….

    • yeah, if only they weren't relatives of lawyers.

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        Well sounds like you need a professional's assistance since you missed the "Fast track" process plastered all over IPA's website that appears to suit your circumstances…

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          That has nothing to do with what I asked. You still pay $500. I am trying to avoid this payment if I know it won't be successful.

          • @smigglejiggle: That's not what you asked.

            Anyways, the answer is no. You have to pay.