Best Wipers for The Car?

Just wondering what your experiences are with wipers. I have bought Bosch Aerotwins the last two times and they hve been good. OBriens when they were doing my window, offered to sell a pair of them for $50 which is probably the cheapest I've seen them. Happy to be convinced otherwise. Also if you buy them from Ebay do you have a default go to store?


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    I prefer Bosch Aerotwin. Tried that seller on here, but they didn’t last long

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    I've bought from Wipertech a couple of times and they've been good.

  • Sorry to hijack the thread, but usually people buy the refills or wiper blades?
    I have always bought the blades and always needed one after 6 months and tried the arms this time around.
    Whats the general consensus?

    • something i am not sure of as well, if i have aerotwins is it possible to just get the refill for that?

  • I like Autobacs, but wouldn't go out of my way if something was available to get quickly and at a good price.

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    I swear by the Bosch Aerotwins. The last set I bought were from Sparesbox.

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    Lately I used wipertech but didn't find them good and went hard/streaky pretty quickly

    Now trying Bosch which is going well but too early to tell

    Can't seem to find replacement blades though, I find it a bit annoying replacing the whole arm - feels like a waste.

  • My cat usually uses her tongue which seems to be sufficient.

    Oh wait.. you're talking cars.

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    Michelin Wiper Blades from Costco , $14-15 per blade roughly (membership required). they are well designed and are amazing quality for the price.

    Also contains pretty much every adapter you need so it fits every car basically.

  • Been using Bosch Aerotwins for years now. I tried some Wipertechs last year but they aren't as good as the Bosch

  • Currently have Bosch Aero twins and Wipertech. Also have recently purchased Michelin wipers from Costco. Wipertech does the best job so far but not sure about longevity. This is my 3rd set of Bosch wipers on three different cars over the years and they are amazing and tend to last 4-5 years. One of Michelin wipers started squeaking after a month and I have chucked them in the bin.

  • Bosch Aerotwin

  • I use Tridon Wipers and thought its good, but seems like its poor man’s bread and butter.

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