Cheapest Xbox Live Gold Membership

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of any decent deals for Xbox Live gold membership, just bought the new xbox and looking to get the xbox live gold and then convert with the $1 game pass deal.

I have seen the talk about buying the brazil codes and using a vpn, can anyone confirm if this still works and a link too as i have seen some comments that MS are cracking down on this loophole.

Otherwise i may just buy it from jbhifi at 79.95 for 12 months, im looking to get either 24 months or 36 months in total, are there any other Aus deals that are cheaper?



  • Just wondering if converting still works?

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    I can confirm converting still works.
    Bought 3 keys the other day and redeemed via VPN to Turkey, bought the $1 Game Pass Ultimate and converted to 36 months.
    I've tried to search for discussions around if you can get banned for it but found nothing, regardless, use at your own risk.

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    I converted Gold to Ultimate at a 1:1 conversion successfully less than a week ago. Purchased a couple of turkish 12 month codes from here: and then used VPN whilst adding to my account. No issues

    • Wow that is much cheaper almost half the price, what’s the process with the VPN? Should I use the VPN on pc, go on my Microsoft account and activate the code for Xbox live then go on the Xbox and redeem the ultimate deal with no VPN?

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        This is the guide I followed. I had forgotten but it has a discount code too which offset the small fee the site charges at final checkout.

        • Cheers legend!! Did this and got 3 years of Xbox live gold converted to 3 years of game pass ultimate with the $1 deal.
          Total was $135 which works out to be $3.75 a month, insane! One year of game pass would cost more than that.

          • @chrisammy98: I'm really glad to hear it all worked out, that's awesome! It feels a little bit crazy getting such a good deal but we'll all be paying their set price in a few years anyway for the remainder of our gaming years so I don't feel too bad. Enjoy!!

          • @chrisammy98: Hi mate that souds great! My xbox live subscription ends in 3 weeks, should I wait until it ends or try and do this now? thanks

    • Thanks heaps man. Eneba were the cheapest Turkish codes I could find at $43.53 per month and can confirm the Gold to Ultimate conversion for $1 is still working as of 28/9/21.

      After Paypal service and Euro conversion fees the 36 months came out to be about $146 AUD which works out to be $4.05 per month which is amazing! Without the $1 conversion Microsoft charge $15.95 per month which would equal $574 for 36 months so it's massive savings.

      Now I won't need to worry about trying to find the cheapest codes until September 2024 :)

      Really appreciate the help and guides.

      • Sorry, just noticed this reply today. All good, really happy that others such as yourselves have been able to benefit. Game on!

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    I did everything on PC. If I recall correctly I only used the VPN when activating the Gold codes on my account whilst logged in. After that, conversion I still did on PC but back in Australia. l'm just trying to find the thread/guide that I followed.

  • Does it work on accounts that have had Game Pass already? My subscription is about to expire and I was wondering if I can do this trick again.

    • You need to wait for it to expire completely. Nothing on your account but Gold. The only difference is that when you try to claim the $1 offer (the promotion to sign up to Ultimate) it changes to a payment of $15.95 OR you can buy a cheap 7 day Ultimate pass and when you redeem that the prompt for gold conversion pops up.

      • Sorry I'm confused. If I do this again, the $1 offer converts to $15 per month charge if I have gold?

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          When people have gold and want to convert to Ultimate at a 1:1 conversion I believe it generally costs $1 as that is the offer that normally pops up, "try Ultimate for $1 for your first month." It is only after doing that in which the offer to convert your existing gold pops up. If you've had it before it recognizes that and then will basically charge you the one-off $15.95 which is the general cost of Ultimate per month and again, then the convert option pops up. Basically you're signing up for the subscription at normal price if you've used it before but after conversion it's going to be a long while until you're charged again for the "next" month.

          I had Ultimate before and it had expired so I know it all works. I however chose to purchase a $6 or so 7 day Ultimate pass.Upon redemption of that, the offer to convert my gold popped up.

          Really hope that makes sense but it's my failure if it doesn't. May be best to see if someone else can explain the process better.

  • Confirming it's still working. CD Keys was sold out, so I purchased 3 years from Turgame for $118.57 (EUR -> AUD conversion from ING). Site felt a little bit dodgy (had to authenticate my card with a photo of the card), but it worked totally fine, and their reviews seem good. Might be better to buy from Turgame through Eneba?

    As noted above, steps:
    - Purchase 3x 12 months of Gold from Turkey
    - Connect to Microsoft Redemption while using a VPN connected to Turkey
    - Redeem all 3 codes
    - Turn off VPN and go to the Game Pass page on the Microsoft website
    - Sign up for a month of Game Pass (pay the $15.95 if you've already used the $1 trial), and it'll prompt you to convert it to 3 years of credit

    • Which VPN did you use? I tried PIA and a free one and I get the error when redeeming the code saying RiskPolicyRejected? Any ideas?

      • I have Surfshark

        • I've just seen a lot of people having same issue, don't think its the VPN unfortunately. Urghhh

          • @ekto: It'd be pretty shocking if the sudden influx from the popular deal tipped them off to patch it. It was surreal waking up seeing the deal with mass upvotes only a few hours after I had tracked down these random threads to get it done, ha. Best of luck mate.

      • I get "RiskPolicyRejected" on a code i just bought from JBHiFi.
        I think the problem is the MS Store, not the codes.
        It says try again later, so I guess I will try again later.??

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    Confirming it's still working as of today with all steps completed via PC

    My existing 18Months of Ultimate expired 29Sep CD Keys purchase was made 28Sep for 3 years of Gold from Turkey

    • Using NordVPN connected to Turkey
      — Once connected navigated to following link using Edge browser
      — Signed in with my normal Microsoft/Xbox account
      —- Redeemed code
      —— Once code confirmed I navigated to my account, within the same tab, to ensure the year had been added (did this each time)
      ——- I closed the open tab, triggered from the above link, after each redemption. (nfi if it made any difference yet was how I did it)
      ——— Disconnected from Turkey server

    • With a completely fresh Edge session logged into Microsoft to reconfirm via the Xbox Live Gold subscriptions page that all three years had indeed registered & were visible in my account
      — From here were two lines of info; first was 'Play with friends on bla bla..' and below that was was 'Upgrade and add a huge library bla bla..' with blue writing at the end of the line that read something like Upgrade to Ultimate
      —- Initially it showed $1 after the tab refreshed, then when I clicked 'join' the screen refreshed again and changed to $15.95 (as it recognized I had had it before)
      —— A window notification advising that membership is being upgraded presented itself and reflected the same expiry as I had seen in my last confirmation with a continue or cancel at the bottom
      ——- Clicked continue then went back into my services and subscriptions to validate all confirmed and no recurring anything until 2024

    • Email from Microsoft came in a bit after to confirm i am subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
      — Advising '…starting Friday 4 October 2024, you'll be billed every month at AU$15.95….'

    • All the above + $160.82 = am covered till 04OCT2024

    • I really appreciate your write up, made it really easy!

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        v welcome :)

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      Thanks LV-426 your instructions still work. Cost me $153 for 3-years + $15.95 once off upgrade to ultimate. My expiry is now in Mar 2025 :)
      I used NordVPN as well.

      • awesome! v welcome :)

    • Thanks for the detailed instructions!

      Still working today - I just did this process with Surfshark and regular Google Chrome, using Incognito mode.

      $148.17 AUD total for the 3 years of XBLG from Turkey, plus $15.95 to convert to XGPU, for a total of $164.12 AUD.

      All converted successfully :)

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