Birdies Herb Garden Bed $69 (Was $129) + $12.50 Delivery @ Biridies Garden Products


Birdies Herb Garden Bed. 0.6m round and 0.8m high.

Perfect for spring gardening and keeping yourself entertained during lockdown.

RRP is $129, but discounted to $69.
Flat rate shipping is $12.50.

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Birdies Garden Products
Birdies Garden Products


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    Sadly the 2 ordered came seriously scratched despite their sticky film. They don't seem to care either.

    • Don't worry, you'll soon focus on what you're growing. They'll at least be covered with dirt on the inside.

      First 2 Aldi garden beds I bought couple of years ago. This year I had to avoid something and stepped on one side a bit; no noticeable dent, but not in tip top shape

      Second 2 I got from Marketplace for free - much bigger too.

      Total cost of all of them was fair bit less than this not including the shipping because I focused on functionality vs aesthetics. But these do look good.

  • Do these have anything on the base so soil doesn’t go everywhere? The image shown looks like it gas a base.

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    For birdies website there’s an affiliate code from the self sufficient me youtuber 5% code: SSMEbird

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      Lets get in to it

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    Don't be fooled by the picture. It doesn't have a bottom so it will leak.

  • 0.8m tall?
    What flowers/vegetables/fruit plants need that height of base?

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      Root vegetables, asparagus, etc. This is actually not as high as mine, which are at 1m. At the end of winter and summer the plants get dug out, soil mixed and start my new lasagna. You also don't have to bend over so much so you can easily see the underside of plant leaves to check for pests and other problems. They're also higher than the altitude most pests flies at. If you're keen you can build these as wicking bed.