Cheap - Sub $30 - Airpod (Style) Headphones

Looking at getting my kid a cheap ‘AirPod’ style headphones. Seen Lenovo, blitzwolf, and edifer.

Really it’s for watching YouTube videos, so no need for perfect sound. Just ones that connect easy, and have a built in mic.

Any tips for the under $30 range?


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    Kmart. My friend put hers through the wash and they still worked after letting them dry out for a few days.

  • Just posted, a couple more dollars though, soundpeats air 3 for $44

  • Soundpeats are great

  • They're going to lose them immediately.

  • If you need 'AirPod' style earphones, AliExpress or eBay has good budget options. The buds from Xiaomi are great value and sound decent for their price.

  • These are linked with a /mic/vol/usb charge inlet. Not so easy to lose them.

  • I got the soundpeats q. Oh man they are awesome

  • I think Soundpeats could be the way to go. Coming across a lot of good reviews for them since you've mentioned them.

    Birthdays in December, so still time to look around for a deal.

    Thanks all.

  • Soundpeats are the way to go, great sound quality and the price is fantastic.