Any Reccomendations for a 14-16 Inch Laptop - Budget $1200 - $2000

Hey guys, have you got any recommendatios for a work laptop from 14-16inch. My budget is around $1200-$2000 athough I could go slightly higher.

I will be using the laptop mainly for programming(computer science) in Uni and I might use the laptop for some very light gaming but it is not a necessity for the laptop to at all game. I would prefer a small dimension and sleek laptop(so not a gaming laptop) but it does not have to be super light.

I would also prefer atleast 512gb storage and 16gb ram with decent battery life and the laptop's resolution does not matter to me nor does it matter if the laptop is touchscreen or not.

I recently had the dell xps 15 but the laptop had qualty control issues and I had to sent it back so I rather not get another dell. Right now I'm eyeing on the new macbook pro 14/16" which would be coming out late this year but I'm open to all options and any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    do you have access to lenovo education? recently got this for missus and I think it is available again with code "EDUCOMM"

  • There's a lot of good deals being posted for Lenovo currently, I'd suggest checking them out.
    Note that a 16 inch screen laptop is going to be ~2kg, which is heavy to me. You should probably figure out what form factor you'll be happy with and go from there.

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    Hard to argue against a Macbook Pro if you don't need Windows.

  • Macbook is pretty good for programming.
    Dell XPS is also good, but back in 2018 their build quality was poor.

  • I would say go for MacBook Pro . It will give you really good resale value also really good machine but once it’s out of warranty it’s bitch to repair and bit expensive as well if something goes wrong which doesn’t happen quite often. Don’t go with Hp either go with Dell or Lenevo or Asus Rog if you want windows . I am working in Hardware side from last 3 years all the windows laptop are not even near to Apple when it comes to speed and ease of use except Surface pro which a lot of Government dept are buying from last 12 months. We have been deploying shit load of Microsoft surface pro’s.

    • 4 years under ACL warranty is pretty decent regardless

  • Macbook Pro - I had so many windows laptops prior in my younger years…..nothing compares to the Mac. Everything just works.

    • As someone who works on a service desk, Mac's don't 'just work', when there are issues they are often significantly harder to resolve.