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15% off Selected Bed Frames, 20% off Plant Pots @ IKEA (IKEA Family Membership Required)


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  • This offer is not available in-store at IKEA Perth

  • Tried to buy a bed in Adelaide and it says that the postcode is not available.

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    Is that girl with superpowers throwing that couch at me

  • How do you find these assemble-it-yourself frames from IKEA?

    The metal ones seem wobbly, the wooden ones mostly squeky (and somewhat wobbly). This is how they seem to me.


    I've just noticed there are only 4 discounted bed frames and they're all-metal - either kinda brut or the wobblies ever, unless you screw them to walls, I guess.

    • There's more than 4 discounted bed frames?

      • Right. Four models have screaming yellow tags with the special price, but now I see each frame in your link has normal price greyed out and Ikea Fam price too.

        • Oh right, I didn't even notice the 4 with the yellow tags, I didn't scroll down enough.

  • Delivery scheduled in 3rd Nov..Not even a chance!


    single bed with underbed storage

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    Good timing as my partner has been wanting to buy new bedroom furniture, Shopback has 4% cashback on IKEA gift cards for an extra little saving.

    • How quickly did you receive the IKEA gift card? I am planning to buy a bed frame tonight, but not sure if the gift card can be used immediately after purchase.

      • Came through instantly, shopback is excellent with the gift card portal