Truckie Hit My Parked Car and Refusing to Accept Responsibility

A truck backing out of a construction site hit my car and damaged it badly.
My car was parked out side my house in a parking bay.
I only noticed it a couple of hrs later when I went to take my car to go to Coles.(havent moved my car since finding out)
Called the construction company and confirmed there were only 2 trucks that came to site that day. They have proof for this.

1 truck company was kind enough to send their truck the very next day and confirm their truck did not do the damage as the impact location would have been different.
The 2nd truck company was very evasive and unhelpful and blankly refused to accept their truck could have hit my car. Their driver actually lied and stated there were no cars parked when he was backing out. My car was parked there the whole day.

2 days later that truck visited site again for delivery and the supervisor knocked on my door to come and check. he confirmed it was the same truck from the other day.
We checked and found the paint transfer and marks on the truck.
The supervisor then made the driver to back up the truck and check if the impact matches and it perfectly matched.
The supervisor basically confirmed this truck hit my car and we took it on video too and took photos as proof.

The truck driver refused to accept responsibility and refused to provide his license. He spoke to the truck owner who asked him to not give his license and leave the site.
The police wont take my complaint as there is no video evidence or Witness when the incident happened, but accept the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong.
I have photos from the day showing tire tracks showing the path which matched with where my car was hit.

The supervisor gave me the company name of truck 2 and also the owners name and contact number.

My insurance company advised they will charge me excess as I cannot provide complete details.
The Insurance rep also advised this is a very common thing that the truckies do and never accept responsibility as they know they can get away if there is no video evidence or witnesses.

Has anyone faced anything similar?

Update 1:

The construction site is inside a Semi Private SCHOOL where one section is being upgraded. Not many kids in school due to Covid, but there are a few around everyday. Hardly any traffic management or pedestrian management in place when these big trucks enter and leave site.

My car was in the parking bay because we are currently cleaning out our Garage and disposing some stuff since we had our second baby.


Truck Company Name Oberbauer Transport

Some pics

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    Sorry to hear to your frustration :(.

    Invest in a dashcam…

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      • assumes cam is powered even when off…
      • assumes vision is 360?
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        Invest in a Tesla.

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          Assumes sentry mode is activated.

          • @MS Paint: It's not by default? I would think it is and if not it's a single button press when car is in 'park' on the screen from what I've read.

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              @studentl0an: Many disable it as it drains power

              • @MS Paint: The power drain is more than made up for by the avoidance of excess payment & higher insurance costs in subsequent years
                Additional FYI, USB ports & 12V sockets remain powered while the Tesla is parked. A dashcam with wifi capabilities together with a 4G USB dongle ensure incidents are automatically uploaded to the cloud (so a thief can even steal the dashcam/ SD card).

                • @Boogerman: Yeah exactly. I personally couldn't imagine many people turning off one of the best features of the car unless leaving the car for long periods.

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          Assumes potential buyer has cognitive capacity to grasp benefits of owning said Tesla

      • Ive got a blackvue and it should activate if it feels the car move even when the car is off.

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    Check if your neighbours have a street facing camera, with some footage?

    Best bet I would say.

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      I did and they don't :(. I will be investing is some cameras once I get my car fixed

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        Im sure the truckie knows he did it but at the time may not have heard or felt the impact. Still really sucks that there isn't a huge amount you can do without video evidence to get them to pay. Tried going to the company office with those pics and a Stat Dec from the site supervisor stating all the info he verbally provided?
        Consider giving the team at Wired Store a call for a CCTV system in Vic. Quality products and great service.

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      The truck's company also have insurance… exactly for this situation. Really unfair on the OP and unethical / immoral on the company's part.

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        Yeah this bloke was so rude and immoral. I hope Karma gets him some day some way.

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    Did you or anybody else see it happen?

    If not, you are out of luck…

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      Unfortunately I have to agree. I'm so sorry about what happened to you - there are some real scumbags out there.

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      just "find" someone that saw the indicent and the truck driving away

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    Don't panic. It's a Jeep. Engine failure is imminent and that munted quarter panel will be the least of your issues.

    Also, is the crease damage on the drivers door near the Cherokee badge pre existing?

    Also, is that a dead magpie next to the front passenger wheel of the Kia?

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      My engine was quite fine thanks

      Yes that mark near the badge was pre existing.

      Not a dead magpie. Just a piece of paper on a windy day

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        Jeeps aren't known for their reliability..

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      Don't panic. It's a Jeep

      Err isn't it more like Panic. It's a Jeep!?

      • The Truckie wasn't so much lying when he said there was 'no cars parked there' tis a collection of bits that happens to be mobile at times classic J E E P Just Eventually Explosion Prone

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    You have the trucks rego.


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    I really need an MS Paint® diagram… lol

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    If you have comprehensive you'll just have to fork out excess to get it fixed. Then it will be up the insurance company to chase up. My partner had a reverse in and drive off by a truck driver at the lights once. The insurance company investigated. We gave them the license plate and description of truck. The excess was later reimbursed.

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      Similar thing happened when my family member had an accident at an intersection. It took them a while, but about 8 months after the accident, the insurance company called and refunded the excess back. I was somewhat impressed with the whole process.

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        Yes I recall as well that it took awhile to process. Had to keep calling to find status.

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          Same here. Similar incident, A casual driver at a removalist. We also pushed the police to lodge an incident. Handed it over to our Insurance company and paid the excess. It took intermittent communication with the insurer asking them where it’s at but a year later the excess was refunded.

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    Similar thing happened to me. I called the police. The at fault driver told the police they didn't do it. Nothing the police could do. The circumstancial evidence was strong but was ultimately useless. The at fault driver got away with it. I ended up just paying the excess simply because I couldn't bear looking at the damage anymore to remind me of the injustice.

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    Log an incident with the cops, put in a claim and let the insurance sort it out. You might get a refund on your excess if they get the truckie to accept responsibility. Keep hassling the cops to take action. Try a different police station.

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    Name and shame the company into forcing the driver to pay. There is some moral responsibility there.

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    Be careful where you park your car. If you park near a construction site with heavy vehicles coming and going all day you're asking for trouble.

  • Well you know his name and where he lives… Nah don't go smashing Windows at midnight, that would be irresponsible, just, but illegal.

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    Is your car driveable? Follow the truckie. Find out where he lives or what he drives when not in car. Go to town.

    • the impact was/is right above the front driver wheel. so didnt want to risk driving it.
      Its been towed away now

  • I would have expected with a construction site, and heavy vehicles reversing into traffic that there would be a requirement for a traffic management worker to supervise the reversing of all vehicles into the main road.
    You should ask for the details of this person, and potentially get their witness statement (or at least provide details to the police for them to do the same).

    You likely want to try to get the construction company on the hook, since they should have been responsible for safely getting heavy vehicles into and out of the worksite.

    Depending on what state you're in there are generally guides for heavy vehicles, which will advise / require the use of a spotter in certain situations.

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      Yes i am already preparing a report to submit to Vic road and the council for the lack of traffic management and pedestrian management on this site.
      To make matters worse, the construction is for a Semi Private School where they are upgrading a section with newer building.

      All the more reason for them to take this serious as they could cause accidents to kids entering and leaving the school.
      I have already submitted a complaint to the FM at this school.

      • Semi Private School

        What is this?

        An expensive school where they train HC/MC truck drivers?

        If so, it looks like they need better teachers.

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          Kenworth Anglican Girls School?

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    Checked if school has cctv that can see the area?

  • If you have proof, CCTV, witnesses, or have police investigate, you may be ok

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    I'd be surprised if the driver is even licensed, the way the owner told him to leave without providing it.

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      I'd be surprised if the driver has a valid Visa / PR, let alone license.

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    Tell your insurer to do what you pay them to do and investigate themselves.
    You have an admission, you have evidence, now hand it over to them and get them to do the rest!

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    Take them to court. Small claims & claim your insurance excess.

  • Hi r u in Victoria if so contact national panels their lawyers will chase them for u
    All the best message me on messenger
    Desmond D’souza

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