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Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth, FM Radio, Auto Brightness, iTOMA CKS708 $35.99 + Delivery @ iTOMA Store via Amazon AU


Nice auto dimmer, I have one. Check "Apply $10 off" checkbox

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    A clock AND a radio in the same device? Such modernities, what will they think of next? Cameras with telephones in them?

    • i'd love one that not only wakes you but puts you to sleep too

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      Even better, can probably still get your clock radio built into a bed at franco cozzo?

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    If I yell "OK GOOGLE" at this can you confirm I will look like an idiot?

    Nice auto dimmer

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      don't you already?

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        I have no lockdown buddy so I'm assuming yes

  • In the market for a clock with a nightlight and speaker. Have a baby in the house now and we have our iPad setup as a always on clock, play YouTube music from our phone, and keep the room lights on dim. Would be great if there was one (not super costly) device which does this all. Any suggestions?

  • can't see the discount at checkout anymore