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[PC, Steam] Free - Titan Quest Anniversary Edition & Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition @ Steam


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  • I can't remember whether the original or sequel (Deadly Games) of Jagged Alliance was multiplayer…

  • Wow, I was just thinking of buying Titan Quest for a nostalgia trip, too. Classic ARPG re-released in 2016 with modern updates for anyone who hasn't heard of it.

    Thanks dealbot and THQ Nordic!

    • Also on Android

    • Ah like diablo

      • Titan Quest is too bright and sunny for Diablo fans. They should play Grim Dawn.

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          Honestly I love the clean aesthetic of Titan Quest. But the gameplay and functions of Grim dawn outstrip TQ by miles.

          Everytime is smarter in GD.

        • I found TQ the stupid peasants kept telling me to go out and kill dinosaurs for them for no reason. What did the dinosaurs ever do to anyone? They look cute to me and leave me the hell alone so long as they don't touch me.

          I'm perfectly fine killing the undead and demons, but dinosaurs? That made me question who was the good guy.

          • @freefall101: You mean the crocodile people?

            Most of the mobsters in TQ are humanoids.

            I'm down to burn arachnid villages.

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      Me and a friend gave TQ a good crack about a year ago. The game is god tier. You have to look up this greek guy on youtube who makes all these RP builds such as the 'god zeus' build.

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    Never played Jagged Alliance, but Jagged Alliance 2 is one of my all time favourite games, so I might take a look at this just to see how JA2 improved on it.

    • JA2 is greatly improved but the quality RPG element is still there

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    JA1 was an awesome game, one of my all-time favs, thanks Dealbot!

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    Titan Quest Anniversary is a great deal. It combines the original game, Immortal Throne, and updates.
    I'm playing it now and getting smashed by the Titan on Olympus.

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    Loved the Jagged Alliance series it's a shame everything after Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire is bloody terrible.

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      Have you tried Jagged Alliance: Back in Action? It's very different to the original games, but surprisingly fun once you install some mods such as the Realistic Rebalancing mod.

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        I've got all of the Jagged Alliances but could never get into Back in Action, it just didn't feel like the original 1 and 2. Might give the mods a go and see if it's improved it seeing as the last time I played back in Action was in 2013.

  • NE1 else getting:

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    The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL.


    When I searched for it on the store it added fine.

  • Man THQ Nordic is one of my fav game dev.

  • join my server BargainQuest I'll be playing this game next few days

  • Cheers!

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    I only just realised that THQ Nordic made Jagged Alliance 1 free on Steam because it announced that Jagged Alliance 3 is coming:

    Announcement trailer is here:

    I'm cautiously optimistic, it looks like JA meets XCOM.

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      cautiously upvotes comment noting previous JA sequels after JA2

      "RPG-element" - doesn't mean that there will be character interaction and the voice acting previously seen… :(

      EDIT: OK; just saw the youtube clip. Reservedly optimistic.

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    Gosh JA1 (and JA2) is one of my fav games of all time ! Mother …

  • Xopowo.