This was posted 8 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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GoPro HERO10 Black + Bundle (Spare Batt, Swivel Clip, Tripod, 32GB MicroSD) $599 Existing / $699 New Subscribers @ GoPro


Fresh off the press the latest GoPro has arrived.

Incremental upgrade to the GoPro9, a new chip since hero 6 means faster overall, improved frame rates, improved video quality. Improved horizon levelling as well.

At $599 with the subscription, the bundle with the accessories seem to be a decent value.

EDIT: it appears to be $599 for existing customers, $699 for new customers for the accessories bundle, otherwise $599 for the camera alone for both new and existing customers.

Existing customers:

Anyone with an older GoPro will appreciate the upgrade, anyone from a GoPro 9 probably can skip this one.

GoPro Hero10 launch video:

Verge Review:

Seth Bike Hacks:


Peter McKinnon Review:

Suggested uses during lockdown:
*Webcam for work (can claim tax deductions!
*Dashcam for recording bike rides
*Record your bike rides/commute

Mounts I own and can recommend:

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  • I saw the 10+bundle is $699?

    • Hmmm

      This is what I'm seeing but I am an existing customer

      • Probably because "GoPro Subscriber? Login to get your discount"

        • Yeah probably. Title updated…

          What's stopping someone to subscribe first then login and buy? I wonder.

  • 699 for me too

    • Must be diff pricing for existing vs new. Title updated.

      Not much of a deal at $699..

      • +1

        Not much of a deal at $699

        That's still a good price for day 1 of a new release.

  • It's $599.95 for everyone if you buy with the 1 year GoPro subscription

    • I'm seeing $829 if the box "Save with 1-Year GoPro Subscription" is unchecked and $699 if it is checked when viewed in incognito mode..

  • Click on HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle then back on HERO10 Black and price drops to $599.95.

    • +1

      But that's for the camera only without the accessories bundle yeah?

      • If you are an existing subscriber (mine was still running from GoPro9 purchased last year) you get the whole bundle for $599

  • +1

    Bought a HERO8 about 2 years ago to take scuba diving and off-roading…….. HERO10's out and still can't use it yet. Not sure worth the upgrade but certainly tempting.

    • +1

      Mmm the horizon levelling is black magic levels of good. Think that's new to hero9 onwards.

      • +1

        Horizon levelling is available in the gopro app post processing for Hero 8. Obviously not the best way but still available

  • +1

    I see how you have posted however it's $599.95 with 1 year subscription and memory card and $699.95 with the accessory pack: Magnetic Swivel Clip, Spare Battery, Shorty, 32GB SD card, Camera case

    • Yeah okay we're on the same page.

      In my initial deal I'm seeing it as $599 with the accessories bundle as an existing subscriber.. funnily enough the camera alone is the same price. Maybe it's a pricing error.

      See here

  • I don't think accessory bundle is $599.95 for existing customers.

    • Why are you starting a new comment each time and not replying to existing threads lol.. is what I'm seeing.

      • i think I replied before you posted. Okay just reading terms around cancellation of subscription, so if thats not refundable you save ~$30 as you pay $69.99

        • Looks like they covered that one off, so if already not a subscriber you can subscribe then buy with accessory bundle for effectively $669.94

    • It is, I just bought the whole bundle for $599 (I'm an existing subscriber)

  • +1

    Been waiting for my Hero 5 to somehow die, but it's still going strong… Probably going to have to wait until Hero 20 or something before I need a new GoPro!

    • I too have a hero 5. The stabilisation difference is staggering depending on what you are using it for..

      • +1

        Same here. I’m looking for an excuse to upgrade but with all the lockdowns, there’s only so much footage of my street I can take!

  • Showing now seemed to be a delay

  • Have they stopped selling the Hero8 then, its greyed out, i was hoping i could pick that up for a bargain price as this is my first dive into this world

    • Hero 8 showing as 419.95 (rip 420) with 1 year subscription
      I have a hero 8, I wish it had the front screen sometimes

      • It is showing for that but the add to cart button greyed out as if they arent offering it any more, is it not grey for you?

        My main use is for filming the kids riding on dirt bikes so the front screen isnt something i really need

        • Had to login, then I could add to cart

          • @raphael2012: So for someone who hasnt paid to subscribe we cant buy one currently :-(

    • The improvements in stabilisation is very real, the reintroduction of replaceable lens and bit more future proofing in terms of battery and accessories makes it worthwhile to get the 10. I feel.

      • Yes built in horizon levelling is insane

        • So you don't need the max lens mod anymore?

          • @dreamstation: the limit is still at 45 degrees. if you want to be able to mount anything more than a 45 degrees tilt and still want a level image, you still need max lens mod.

            Its just a matter of time before they dont need the max lens mod.

  • Looked like they were offering a free 1 month subscription but page is gone now, couldn't add to cart earlier when it was live. I'd pull the trigger at $599. But brand new to GoPro world but want one for my motorbike and pup adventures.. Any ideas welcome ;)

    • +1

      Peter McKinnon posted a motorbike video using GoPro 10
      Check that out
      You should be convinced

      • Damn, great suggestion, that footage from the drone and front fender is crazy, it's only for my roadbike work commutes but that'll come up nicely.. Sold ;)

  • +1

    Is it possible to buy the $599 or $699 bundle and cancel the $69.99 subscription before it charges? I've heard people have done it from recent GoPro 9 deals via PayPal as the subscription is charged at a later date and can be cancelled before being debited.


    Just read the above comments, It looks possible to buy the subscription first and get the HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle for $599. It is $699 for non-existing subscribers. Though, I don't understand how this works as the $69.99 subscription charge makes up the $699..?

    • Yeah wondering this, but given you're buying the deal with the 1 year subscription would it also cancel that, or if I just go ahead with the 69.95 payment first, then the 599 discounted essentially I get 2 years of sub? Probably making it a bit more palatable spending that bit extra? Waiting for retailers to list their pricing, I think jb hifi briefly popped up as $749 so this 599 with accessories (even with another 70 possibly) is going to be the best way to go for sure

      • +1

        Agreed mate, I think it's best to wait until the other brick & mortar retailers list their product today.

        Could be possible to OW price match with this deal for an extra 5% offl? Though I'm not sure if they will match the bundle

        • +1

          Cheers mate, yeah that could be the go for a b&m store, bring it down to $665ish but running close to that gopro direct accessory bundle and possible 2 year sub?

          Hmm, just tried to add a sub to cart on gopro and it's telling me $29.95 delivery on top of 69.95, must be trying to throttle it.. Damn

  • Thoughts of grabbing this now or waiting until Christmas season sales?
    Only hesitation to get it now is lockdown = won't be able to use it for a while!

  • Should say existing subscribers In post not customers. I'm existing customer but not subscriber and see 699 for bundle

    • +1

      fair point, title updated

      • Cheers you got my hopes up, then broke my heart haha

        • +1

          haha find a mate and buy it via them!

          • @lawyerz: Finding some friends may cost me more! Jokes! Prob best to subscribe for $69 then buy the deal

            • @quikstix: Hi friend can you buy me one when you subscribe?! ;)

              Haha, let me know how you go, I tried buying the sub but it tried to charge me another 29.95 for delivery, waiting for a support email back now

              • @RickoWest: Cheers for the feedback, I have a hero 7 black and umming if it's worth upgrading… I should probably spend it towards the new dji Mavic 3

  • +1

    Ordered, thanks for post.

  • +1

    Thank god , I don’t pull the trigger on Hero 9 last week . This price is reasonable, got one too . Thanks :)

  • Can I get the bundle for 599 if I subscribe now?

    • No. The reason you get the $599 price is because you don't get a new subscription with the order.

      For example mine expires in Jan 2022, and by buying it at 599, I don't get a new subscription or extension to my subscription. And I've already paid for this subscription last year.

      I'm not sure what's stopping people from subscribing first $69.99 and then buying at $599.95, which will make it less than $699 by $30.

      • Is the subscription worth it?
        It this true for 'no question asked camera replacement' ?

        • I would say yes, mainly because of the discounted accessories that you will inevitably get some.

          See here, as an example:

          I do not use their unlimited cloud storage, and I've never had to claim their camera replacement policy.

    • +1

      Maybe? I got the discounted price by signing up to the 30 day subscription trial in the Quick app - have been using Hero6 for a while.

      • +1

        A bit late, but for anyone reading this worked for me just now.

        Downloaded Quik app, said I had a GoPro but didnt link it, clicked on link near top of page to start free trial, signed up, signed into GoPro site and got it for $599.

  • Looking to upgrade from my Hero5 Black… Reality is that I won't be able to use it until November due to lockdowns, but want to know if this is indeed a fabulous price - is it worth grabbing now, or hoping that it remains in place by then?

    I am not a currently a subscriber. When I add the camera to the cart, it adds it at A$529.96 and the subscription at $69.99 for a total of $599.95 (I have no need for the accessories) - so it looks to me like that $599 includes the 1 year subscription?

    • $599 price to non subscribers are for the camera only. $699 for the bundle.

      Can't say if its a fabulous price or not, its a just released camera. It'll surely go down in price but if past deals are any to go by, it doesnt go down by much and the bundled accessories changes with time.

      • Aha, makes more sense now! Hmm, will have to decide on it soon I guess.

        Any recommendations for lights to use for diving? I've seen the two official ones on there but they are only rated to 10m. My last cheapy ($40) off ebay flooded pretty quickly.

        • Ah I’m unable to help you with the lights but perhaps someone else might be able to help you there!

  • +1

    I got the Hero 7 pro which was the first with hypersmooth but still mediocre battery life. It's still great so don't think theres a reason to upgrade beside the horizon leveling thing…

  • If new customer can you buy for 699…then buy another for 599? Then return the first order

    • LOL! i mean…. let me know how it goes?

    • It's $599 for the camera only for both new and existing subscribers.

      This deal for $699 is with the accessories bundle for new subscribers.

      JB is $70 more expensive.

      • But what if you don't want to subscribe?

        • With the subscription included, it's cheaper than buying outright from JB.

          You don't have to renew it for the second year.

  • +1

    So I just got my HERO10 for those are considering it for its high resolutions and high frame rate be aware there is a thermal limit to the camera.

    I overheated my camera in 18 minutes filming 4k 120fps. I am quite disappointed this isn't front and center but it is what it is. I didn't have moving airflow so when I'm on the bike there will be more air passing by as I peddle along but in saying that. Summer is coming! I am not hopeful once the heat kicks in I'm going to have to run it without a case just so it can dissipate heat fast as possible.

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