Apple Student Discount Available Where?

In the market for a new MacBook for my daughter and would like to take advantage of their education pricing. Being a fully fledged member of the OB community I need to save more and as I have a $200 DJ's AMEX offer kicking about it would be great to use it combined with the EDU discount. Can anyone from experience tell me if the EDU pricing is available anywhere else aside from Apple direct - specifically DJ's? In the US it appears that any authorised retailer can provide it but uncertain about here.

Before I cop shade, yes tried to call them but gave up waiting on hold.

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  • Have you considered buying apple giftcard? If yes, look at this deal
    Not a discount but giving you rewards point for future shopping, better than nothing

  • What is the DJs offer?

    Apple in the US works pretty differently to here. I don’t think resellers (Wallmart, bestbuy etc) can give the education discount or at least they couldn’t last time I was there. Most US College campuses have a electronics store where they provide significant discounts. is the list in Australia.

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      JB Hi-Fi applies the education discount in-store if you show proof you’re eligible for the education discount at one of their stores.

      I don’t think DJ does though.

  • I don’t think you can take advantage of Apple’s education pricing at DJ unless you are able to somehow take advantage of DJ’s Price Promise.

    I say “somehow”, because I don’t think DJ will price match a discount that is only available to a restricted group of people (e.g. students, parents of students), but you never know!

    You would have an easier time price matching with other retailers if you JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys were running another 10% off MacBook deal.

  • specifically DJ's

    No. Could try get them to price match the Education Store, but whether they'll do it isn't guaranteed.

    Source: ex-DJs staff.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone. Given the challenges in connecting with DJs during the pandemic might just go the JB route when a 10% sale comes up.

    • You look like you live in Queensland; just go in store and ask? They're not closed there, are they?