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Nissin Ramen Kyushu Black Garlic/Hokkaido Miso Instant Noodle 5 Packets $5.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Nissin RamenKyushu Black Garlic/Hokkaido Miso Instant Noodle 5 Packets $5.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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  • +6

    Does anyone have a strategy for emptying the black garlic oil sachet? I end up trying to scrape the stuff out.

    • I just scrape it out as well.

    • +5

      I squeeze it around to make sure it mixes with the oil. Then I push it all to one side and cut as closely to the edge of the sides its all on. I usually get 95% of it into my bowl by doing this.

    • +10

      try to put in the warm water for few mins, or cold water microwave for 20-30 seconds

      • +5

        I do this too - the warm water thing.

      • Thank you for this!! Will try it out this arvo.

        I trust Mensa is going alright through COVID?

        • +2

          Cut one side open. Then grab a pair of chopsticks, put the sachet in between and slide it down and out. Works for any liquid/paste.

      • Same, warm water, works like a charm.

    • +7

      I have not eaten these noodles before but in the past, I would not rip the thick oils from their plastic but instead put the whole satchel in the noodle with the boiling water. The oil will become liquid and then I just pour it in after and mix it.

      • +11

        I worry when you boil the plastic packaging in the water, the chemical from it will dissolve into the water and the noodle, unless you raise your noodle again with fresh hot water.

    • +3

      I put it in the freezer for a while so it'll become solid.

    • -2

      What I do is to cut the oil package and drop it in the boiling water with the noodles. Pick the empty oil package out after it becomes clear.

      • +1

        Do you plan to live a long life?

    • +5

      put some hot water in a bowl seperately and dip the sachet in to warm it up so it slides out easier.

      Then with a pair of chopsticks on the fatter / flat ends, wedge the sachet in between the chopsticks to squeeze out the oil by sliding it along sachet towards the opening

      Then any you can squeeze out dip it in the bowl of noodles with the hot water and it will come out.

      Chopstick - Satchet - Chopstick .

      Hopefully that makes sense

      • Exceptionally clear. Thank you, Amphetamine Runner.

    • +1

      This is the big qn!

    • +1

      I just run it under warm tap water for a few seconds before opening, it softens everything up and makes it a lot easier to squeeze the contents out.

    • +1

      Towards the end I open the packet over the pot of boiling water that you're cooking the ramen in, and the steam gets all the oil out.

      • That was one thing I had actually tried. I still needed to scrape it out, though? Perhaps my patience was lacking…

    • +1

      Submerge it in the hot water!

    • +1

      Cut it completely and wave it around in the water. Usually works.

    • +2

      I just keep it on the lid of the pot whilst boiling the noodles - gets nice and warm and can then be poured

    • +2

      Just put the packet on the lid of your pot when you boil water for the noodles.

    • +2

      Never bother with the warm water.

      Put the sachet on whatever you cover your noodle with after you put in the hot water. By the time the noodle is ready the sachet should be warm enough that it is liquid.

  • Going to coles later as I need to spend money there, hopefully in stock because these Amazon deals always sell out fast

    • +1

      There are more than enough as always, this goes on sale every 2 weeks.

  • +1

    are these good? love the spicy Nong Shim Shin Ramyun

    • Yes. Awesome for packet noods.

    • Yeah it's basically the instant version of tonkotsu ramen.

      • Don't spread misinformation. The ones for which the deals are posted is not the cause of concern.

        • Arent they made in the same plant? So without testing know one would know if they are bad or not.

          • @Turd: Nothing according to your link mentions any other product impacted. Don't you think the testers would have tested other products as well?

            • -2

              @RSmith: One would think, also does Australia test their products too?

              But you know as 2019 has shown, people dont always do the right thing such as letting rona into the world

              • @Turd: Mate, you are swinging wildly today.

                • +1

                  @RSmith: I mean everyone saw rona coming from a mile away during Jan 2020 yet here now 2021 we are still in the worst of it all.
                  Look at Gladys and how she handled the limo driver case which has sparked the current outbreak.

                  Never trust the people in power!

                  :D yes it's one of those days

                  • @Turd: Hindsight is 20/20… but Gladys didn't handle the limo driver case any worse than other Premiers. Just NSW had to handle the lion's share of returning travellers, and international trade, which is who that driver was driving, so had way more chance of happening there.

                    • @odysseus: It's not like Glady said stay home , don't visit family and friends. Get tested if you're sick.
                      Or if you were at the west Hoxton party , isolate and get tested …
                      If only she told ppl to do that , might have prevented an outbreak.

                      Everyone would've listened

      • if routine testing picked up the issue, you'd think they pick it up in other ones too

        • Yeah you'd think so… but nothing about routine testing is routine… Check how many rona cases we have in Australia in 2021

      • +1

        Eating pan fried food or bbq food may cause cancer too.

      • +1

        Everything causes cancer

    • I can't do the shin ramyuns anymore.
      They absolutely destroy my digestive system :(

    • I like these but somehow they are easy to get sick of and you need a break from it.
      Other types I can eat forever.

  • I remember the AG in Melbourne CBD used to sell these for $8 a box (6*5 packs) 2 months before Best Before date. Still haven’t finished them yet lol.

    • Yeah, if you have an asian grocer near you it's probably worth checking their prices. My missus bought picked up a couple of 5-packs yesterday for $3/ea

  • +7

    Jeff Bezos please send noods

  • Time to see if they're really worth the hype.

  • +2
    • +1

      Nothing local about Coles, they been importing goods from all over the world for their profits and for our belly's to eat the sometimes yummy foods.

    • +1

      Currently, Coles - made in Indonesia, Amazon AU - made in Singapore

      • But which one is better?

      • +1

        Amazon reviews say Indonesia.

  • Can't add these to my cart, just redirects me to my cart that is empty.

    • Amazon is now out of stock.

      • Last time I got these from Amazon, it had short expiry date - bamboozled by Bezos!
        My local Coles had heaps yesterday

    • Back in stock

  • +1

    I don't get it, the same product at same price at Coles is getting smashed with dislikes and 'meh its not so good', but in here the comments are positive - which is correct because the product is good and worth the money.

    The Nissin ramens are miles ahead of Nong Shim and the Indomie noodle soup varieties.

  • +1

    Missed out on the Kyushu Black :(

    Do these normally come back in stock fairly quickly?

    • Coles still have them.

      • Thanks, but want to add to an Amazon order to get free shipping and to use gift card.

    • +1

      Yeah back in stock now

  • do these have MSG added or not?

    • No, there are only fresh veggies in it.

      edit: Oh wait, so I checked it for you and E621 is the first ingredient in the sachet contents list. That means that MSG is the main ingredient in the sachet.

      • My uncle would approve. Time to stock up for Christmas sock fillers.

        • I think I met your uncle

      • Hmm everything that taste good has msg but I sort of stopped eating msg added food mainly due to salt content.

    • Why are you concerned about MSG?

  • The salt in that would be greater then the lakes of salt lake, I should know my grandmother would place 8 ounces of sugar and a ton of salt in the wok, yup.

    But would absolutely try the mushroom 5 spices sauce in Coles, it tastes like chilly and beef rapped around camambert cheese and til it hits you in the face with heat.

    By the way it has no camambert in it, nor beef but the shitaki mushrooms in it would make the noodles in this dish 5 star.

  • +1

    Just out curiosity, does anyone find these better than the other flavours?

    The missus and I prefer Hokkaido miso as we find that the black garlic was not particularly outstanding in terms of flavour and seems pale in comparison taste-wise.

    • Well, FYI, Kyushu Black is mostly just pork broth and garlic, where Hokkaido Miso is pork broth and miso.

      And then someone inadvertently dropped a dob of butter into their Hokkaido Miso, and Hokkaido Miso Butter Ramen was born.

      Just realise I have butter in the fridge and Hokkaido Miso in the cupboard…Hold my beer.

  • +2

    Pro tip: Try cooking Ramen in just milk instead of water, little lower heat. Comes out super creamy/yum.

  • +2

    had this noodles last night. Not bad at all! Added an egg in mine.

    • +1

      You know the secret to a ramen egg is to cook it for exactly, 6 minutes, not a second more.

      • I'm not really fussed about my “ramen”. I just bear the egg and pour it in the noodles while its cooking. Would love to learn more about it but we have a Japanese restaurant which is literally 5mins walking distance from us, so I just get my quick fix there :)

  • +2

    Not sure if it's just my peasant tastebuds but nothing tops the demae "artificial tonkotsu flavour" for me…….. raoh comes close though.

    • my gods if you can find raoh for less than like $10 ea let me know!

      • Asian convenience on Pitt Street Syd CBD opposite Echo Point has the hiyachu for $9.80 a pack of 3. No chance of the others dipping under a tenner this side of the equator I reckon…

        • yeah all we can get at local asian stores are demae and this singapore ones
          so many other types when I visited japan it's so sad we can't get anything

  • These were pretty good for the price tbh.

  • Cheaper at Asian grocer $4.99

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