Are You Working from Home?

Is your job being packaged up so your employer can export it in the future?
I have a friend who is completely comfortable that they have hardly been to the office for over a year.
But, the saving from exporting even one job overseas, can easily pay the airfares to manage it.

Education may be more difficult, but can your primary schoolers be better tutored on line by overseas Phd's.


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    can your primary schoolers be better tutored on line by overseas Phd's.


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    Is your job being packaged up so your employer can export it in the future?

    Depends on the job, I don't think mine can be. However I don't think it is as sinister as it may sound, while this may not be anyone intention directly, naturally businesses will see an opportunity in this and take it up and export jobs. Its the same with with automation and jobs lost in automation over the last 30 years. Nobody was sitting there in an evil way saying that lets fine a way to replace humans with machines, its just natural technology advanced over a long period of time and thousands of individuals applied what was available to them in their industries and naturally jobs were lost.

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    If my employer could have outsourced my job , they would have done it ages ago.

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      Some companies are learning that it can be done much easier than they thought… Treating this whole thing as a 'practice run' to see if it works and any problems that may have occured.

      • yes, the late adopters. When it works… that's the grey swan to watch out for… :(

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          Agree , moving the role offshore is easy. Keeping up the performance level of the offshore resource takes time. Especially when you outsource your role to a service provider.

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            @isthatallyougot: ∆ This. Got laid off once, outsourced to (funny enough) the country next to where I'm originally from, ffwd 2 years quality goes south nearing going out of business, got a call out of the blue to return as a contractor for much more pay… to patch things up to where they were.

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    for low level customer service/banking roles, yes, that will inevitably be shipped offshore

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      I've found most Big 4 banks have been bringing their call centres back on-shore oddly enough

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        id imagine because covid shut them all down, not because they really wanted to.
        and yet cba wait time is always 1 hour

      • Telstra did that too, used to be mainly based in Phillipines

        • I'd be really surprised if the people operating Telstra's chat function were in Australia. It's like talking to a brick wall.

      • ANZ still offshore. I'd say it annoys me, but they have essentially zero call waiting times and are open 24/7. The last couple times I had to contact CBA because of a fradulent transaction, I was on hold for over an hour and the service was worse than with ANZ.

  • Self employed and working from home for years. Not much diff to me but happy to see more people WFH. It's just that much better.

  • Working from home, but considering a lot of stuff I do runs on AEST, doubt my job will be exported overseas.

  • Working from home, kids education institution is still local school. Although we have some success outsourcing our kids second language tuition to an overseas tutor instead of using a local tutor.

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    work in IT, job could be outsourced overseas, but like many companies they tried and the quality was garbage it cost more to fix.

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    out-sourcing jobs overseas and working from home are 2 very different things. One is not linked to the other, as both existed prior to the pandemic.

  • Work from home, I guess they could export my work overseas but we are a global company with offices all around the world so if they were going to do it they could have done it ages ago I guess.

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    Having a Phd doesn't mean you're a good teacher.

  • Can’t do my job from home, requires me to be on site. It’s been a good thing to get out of the house and go to work when we can’t get out much otherwise.

    Based on what I’ve seem with home schooling kids can’t be taught better online, they need an adult to direct them and that’s not always possible if parents at working, even from home.

    A big part of school is learning to interact with other people.

  • WFH, not really in fear of outsourcing. Huge shortage in skill in my industry already.. outsourcing would actually cost more.

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    I work from home part time, and full time during lockdown. I work for Government, so unless those offshore can get Aus Citizenship, I think I am pretty safe.

    • The good thing about the govco shop is data sovereignty - the 1's and 0's just can't leave our shore no matter how hard they try. Nevermind roles that require security clearance, they just can't go offshore, period.