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Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum 1L $63.99 ($62.39 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Boozebud eBay


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Great price for the big 1L bottle.

Original rum also the same price on sale…


Region: Barbados
Style: Dark Rums, Rums
Size: 1000mL
Alcohol: 40.0%

Excludes: Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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  • +3

    Sounds fancy.

  • never tried this…. is it more of a rum to drink neat or mixer?

    • Can be both… Great in cocktails.

      Great on ice.

    • It's pretty much like any rum this colour, not super dark and sweet but not like white rum. 40%. You can barely taste any pineapple so you can pretty much ignore that it says pineapple at all.

      • I find the pineapple flavour very evident, which I enjoy. I wouldn't say you can ignore it completely, my partner dislikes the taste of it but loves rum generally.

        • The original is also on sale!

      • We didn't notice any pineapple flavour either. We tried it neat, and mixed, and while we thought it was OK, we prefer other rums.

      • I dunno if I'd agree with that personally, I think the pineapple comes through nicely in this, but I suppose if you're expecting it to hit in say the same was the coconut does in Malibu then yeah, it's a lot more subtle.

        I also wouldn't be using the colour of the rum to try and figure what it's gonna taste like, especially with the number of producers that apparently add colouring to their rums.

        I'll need to check how my current bottle's going, might be worth grabbing this now. I definitely try and keep it in my cabinet though, my favourite use for it at the moment is with a kaffir lime syrup in a pineapple/kaffir daquiri.

    • I also didn't detect any pineapple flavour, which really disappointed me because I had high hopes after reading all about how they allegedly use fresh, ripe, hand-picked pineapples and go through a complicated process to infuse them into their original rum.

      Furthermore, it absolutely ruined my pina coladas. They were disgusting. I'm sticking to Bicardi White Rum for pina coladas going forward. (Open to suggestions though!)

      • +1

        For pina coladas I generally reach for Appleton signature or Havana Club 3. The Havana if I want something lighter with a little kinda smokiness, and the Appleton for some funk. 50/50 split works fine too, throw in a bit of something like Coruba if you want to bring some more mollases to it.

        Best thing I did for my pina coladas was going to a home made cream of coconut, real easy to make and certainly tastes better to me than the coconut condensed milk I'd been trying previously.

        • Thanks for the suggestions!

          I'm interested about your comment above where you mention kaffir lime syrup - is this something you make yourself or do you know of any good brands/spots to buy this? All the lime juice/cordial sold at Colesworth has been totally unusable from my experience. It would be great to have something convenient that doesn't lack in the flavour department too much compared to fresh lime.

          • +1

            @JimmyLmao: It's something I make myself, but it is insanely easy to do, and works out cheaper than any store bought syrup I've seen. It's definitely not a replacement for a lime cordial (and certainly not lime juice, this is a sweet syrup), as the flavour from the kaffir leaves is more about the fragrant spice notes than any real citrus zest.

            Here's how I make the syrup (roughly):
            - 300g raw sugar
            - 300g water
            - half a dozen or so kaffir lime leaves

            Start by making the plain simple syrup, so throw the sugar and water in a saucepan and put in on low heat, stir it pretty cosntantly to dissolve the sugar. You really don't need much heat at all for this, most people go too hard and end up burning the syrup which makes it really caramelised and takes away from the flavour you're looking for.

            Once the sugar is all dissolved and you've got a clear liquid, throw the kaffir leaves in and stir them around, make sure they're not just floating on top.
            I usually throw a lid on the saucepan and leave it on low heat for like half an hour, stirring the leaves every five minutes or so and checking it's not simmering (if it is, back off the heat).

            After half an hour take it off the heat and let it cool, then strain it into a bottle and refrigerate. My last batch was made a few weeks ago and is still in good shape in the fridge, but it won't last forever which is why I tend to make smaller batches of the stuff (plus it's easy to whip up when you want some more).

            To us it, try this:

            60ml Stiggins Fancy Rum
            30ml fresh lime juice
            22ml kaffir lime syrup

            Shake well with ice and serve up in a coupe (or serve over ice if you prefer, you do you!).
            It's just a daquiri, but the flavoured rum and syrup make this a great summer sipper.

            Side note: I started using the kaffir syrup when I couldn't get a hold of little calamansi limes, but if you can find those, do a similar thing but instead of kaffir leaves used the zest/peel of a dozen of so limes in the syrup, it's fantastic.

  • Would this rum go well in a pizza sauce?

    Going to buy a bottle because why not? That's a good price for a litre of rum and never had this one before.

  • Thanks, bought the 1L original. BTW if anyone here is a fan of dark rum, the O.F.T.D plantation is amazing. It's twice as strong so it lasts twice as long :)