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Philips HD9650/93 Air Fryer Premium XXL $356.80 ($347.88 eBay Plus) Delivered @ KG Electronic eBay


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Everyone's favourite air fryer.
Not as good as previous deals with cashback on top but still a solid price

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  • Are KG Electronics sellers of factory second/refurbs only?

  • Awesome - thanks. I bought one at a much higher price earlier this week as our previous air fryer broke at the weekend. Now I can make a price protection claim on my CC.

    So far, not really impressed with the amount of cleaning this thing requires compared to our Tefal Actifry (4 items vs 2 items).

    • I bought one 3 weeks ago from Amazon and claimed cashback 50 dollars.

      • How long did the cash back take? I submitted mine 2 days ago and haven't heard anything

        • Got cash back confirmation email after 6 days of applying.
          Got money into my account 2 days after that email. So, all up 8 days from the date I applied for cashback.

        • Have you received the registration confirmation email yet?

          • @sedi: Yea, I got the registration email. When filling in the bank details, did you put bsb+accnumber all in one line?

            • @Bearboi: Yes it was in 1 line. I found it a bit bizarre too, but I wrote it in there without spaces.

              • @sedi: Cool, hopefully I've filled it in correctly. Time will tell, cheers

      • Missed that $50 cashback deal as it finished before I broke our existing fryer.

  • Aw why did I cave on the tefal at dj

  • +1

    Item appears OOS

  • Back in stock. Thanks. Got one