What Item Would You Never Buy Second Hand?

I am a fan of second hand item. Almost all of my electronics are second hand. Those that are new, are purchased if only it is cheaper than second hand prices. My furniture and fridge are purchased at 10% of the actual costs, the trouble of moving them is worth it.

But there are some things that I had never buy second hand, but now considering maybe I should:
kitchenware, including cutlery. Although I do eat out at restaurants.
Clothes, not even branded ones.
Beds, although I do enjoy sleeping in hotel beds.

What about you?

Note: consumables like condoms and toilet papers are obviously not for second hand. If you say this, you must have lukewarm IQ.


    • What if you couldn't get new TP, because of Covid panic buyers?

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  • Plankets
    Bed covers
    I can go on and on. Anything that people use multiple times daily it's so gross to buy second hand. You can "clean" them but are they truly clean? It really makes me cringe watching shows where they re use their tissues, don't flush the toilet, go through bins for food, yet aren't homeless….. What's next? If you're that desperate for items you have bigger problems

  • Gaming Consoles… I know.. i know but it is just me.

  • iPhones. After buying and selling a couple phones, I met nothing but the dodgiest people.

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    'consumables like condoms and toilet papers are obviously not for second hand. If you say this, you must have lukewarm IQ.'

    here I am displaying my lukewarm IQ - hmm 20C inside now - yeah that's pretty lukewarm - ow bout yu ?

    someone else has already said it but yeah I was thinking second-hand food

    it tends to be brown and smelly - so I'm just not attracted to it

    tho I've heard some people are - each to their own, etc.

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    Looking at 2nd hand cricket gear on gumtree and see dudes selling their nutsack protector aswell haha

  • Cars over 60,000 km.

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      If its a Japanese car, 60K is barely second hand …..

  • Your jocks in the washing machine.

  • consumables.

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    Makeup - this is one that surprised me but people love buying second hand makeup and there are forums dedicated to it, but it's like buying second hand food where someone's already taken a bite…

  • Brittany spears Chewing gum

  • OP is now a "disableduser"… is this because they got a bazillion negs with various comments, or did something else happen?

  • Flesh Torch

  • I love how OP couldn’t handle the heat of second hand comments and deleted their account.

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    Anything to do with Child safety ie Car Seats.

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      at what age do you draw that line? bizarre

      • I only got a 1 year old i tell you when i guess? probably then they are out of a car seat

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  • Jab needle

  • Ice-cream

  • Fridges maybe?

    I bought a heap of second hand fridges leading up to my newest and they all broke within a year. The first and only time I bought a new fridge it worked well, still using it now about 4 years later.

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    Sneakers or any type of shoe

    • I've bought a couple of second hand sneakers. But only those that almost pass as new. Anything that looks worn out is a no.

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    Orphans never know if they been used and abused

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    Any sort of storage device. Memory Card, SSD, HDD etc. no idea how its been thrashed with r/w cycles, for all I know it could be a few MB's away from carking it along with all my data. So thats a definite no no for second hand gear imo.

  • Helmets (bicycle or motorcycle) and Portable or External Hard Drives,

  • wife, but if it is free, i may considering

  • I think it depends a lot on each individual item its hard to give a hard and fast rule for buying second hand or not.

    all my second hand graphics cards work great at a steep discounted cost.

    furniture as you say is completely overpriced when buying new.

    buying second hand magic cards and boosters have been historically risky.

    also it depends a lot on how you buy, for example you are well protected on ebay. but on facebook marketplace I was lucky i used paypal when i got scammed.

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    Phone/laptop would not buy second hand

    Camera lenses are worth a look if you're into that. Bought 1 second hand and another off ebay from japan

    • I will not buy phone because of hygiene more than anything.

      I just cant get past the thought of holding something that has been in toilet by others.


      put something close to my mouth where it has been in toilet or toiletssssssss.

    • why not laptop?

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        wear and tear on electronics just doesn't seem worth it, a pc which can be cheap refurbished, you can at least easily change parts if required, a laptop with soldered parts on the other hand…

        i have purchased refurbished pc for my dad before

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    Sex toys

  • Discounted health services

  • second hand coffin for sale, one owner, satisfaction guaranteed.

  • laptops and smartphones. .. had too many problems with them in the past … and they are often refurbed and have faults that will re-occur.

    Also shoes…

  • Helmet.

  • Never buy a second hand rental car or ex-police car.

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      What about company cars? Same ethos?

    • why not ex-popo?

      • Because they floor the shit out of the thing would be my guess

    • It'll be ok if there are some manufacturers warranty left but usually not

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    Baby car seat.

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    seks robot

  • Even with every newly announced lockdown I would say toilet paper.

  • Car parts unless they are non moving

  • Remember advertising my wife’s breast pump for $20 few years back. A couple came to buy it, first husband tested the if it’s sucking properly and then called wife inside my home to test it. Then he started bargaining…..within mins i asked to take it for free so he leaves my home. Will not buy also will not sell personal stuff.

    • Haha - weirdos of marketplace/gumtree. If people try to bargain on something already very reasonably priced with me I just decline flat out and say the price is firm and hope they leave. I’d rather give it to someone free who isn’t rude.

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