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Maharajah's Choice Calico Basmati Rice 5kg $9.50 (Was $19) @ Coles


half price
oh so very nice
come and get your
basmati rice

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    Worse than ever basmati rice

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      Worst basmati rice on the market. Go for India Gate Classic, no regrets with that choice. Though price is close to around $27 for 5 kgs.

      • +5

        Go for India Gate Classic

        Where can I get that @ $9.50 for 5kg ?

        Happy to try it…

        • Read the comment above fully

  • -2

    Best than ever basmati rice

    • Nice trolling mate

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    Worst basmati rice ever, probably go to Indian stores and get any long grain basmati rice , it will be better than this

    • +11

      probably go to Indian stores

      Can't leave the country at the moment.

      • Can't leave the country at the moment

        Don't you have a passport?

        • +3

          Yes I do, but I still can't leave…

          Maybe I need to get a nuclear sub?

          • @jv: The French have some half-built ones ATM, you might be able to OzBargain one of them?

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    Oh haha. I’ve been eating this for years.

    Might have to try another one…

    • +2

      Might have to try another one…

      Try this… It's often half price too…

      • Okay, will wait for the woolies one! Thanks!

    • If it aint broke…

      I've had this before. Some of the other brands are noticeably better. More fragrant/better texture but I was still happy to eat this on the 1-2 times I bought it. (But sounds like its hit and miss with some bad bathces?)

      • Excited to try other ones.

        I’ve probably had over 20 bags in the last few years. Never really experienced any fragrances though haha

  • Bought once, never again.
    Highly doubtful that these are basmati even

    • Its long grain basmati

      Plenty veriaty of basmati rice available in market

      India gate classic only beat market

  • -3

    As everyone said, pretty low quality.

    Coles and Woolies brand do better than this.

  • +1

    This brand takes the wooden spoon for Basmati rice.

    The Woolies Daawat brand (5KG for $10 standard price) https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/129814/daa... is much better.


    • This brand takes the wooden spoon for Basmati rice.
      The Woolies Daawat brand

      Then why post it?

  • So much hate for this rice haha

    • I like it.

      • me too, its Pak basmati rice.

        • +1

          Is that the reason for the hate?

          • +1

            @Jackson: Seems like it.

          • @Jackson: It Does not taste good compared to better quality rice.

  • +8

    this rice
    is not so nice
    according to
    ozbargain advice

    • But I like to eat it.
      I like it a lot,
      I like it with bacon,
      I like it with peas,
      I like with anything,
      So give me more please….

      • Is it song from Housos?

    • +2

      this poem made me laugh so hard i couldnt breath, and my wife laughed at me laughing so hard. dont know why, i guess that is the magic of art. Well done Astro Joe

  • +1

    for it's been random, sometimes very good, sometimes a bit of smell and bad taste.
    The bag I have now is really good, and honestly it's been mostly good

  • +1

    Why anyone would buy rice from another country like India or Pakistan is astounding.

  • -1

    These rice are not really quality basmati rice, the grain is so thick and does not taste good for a basmati rice.

  • Tried it once, never again…
    India Gate Classic is nice.