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A bit about us:

Australian Made & Owned
Genuine Sheepskin
Family Business
30 Years Experience Manufacturing Sheepskin Products
Postage is $9.95 for Regular or $19.95 for express in VIC, $12.95 / $24.95 other states. (FREE postage over $300 within Aus.)

Please also note that our website only accepts one discount code per transaction.

Pick up is also an option from our factory showroom located at 9 b Macbeth St Braeside Vic 3195 Just off Malcolm Road (Open Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm (Closed weekends and public holidays) - Contactless pick up when permitted. —— Always call first please to make sure that items are in stock and put aside.

For enquiries email [email protected], call 0395880033

If you don't see something you are after please contact us :)

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Original Ugg Boots


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    Hi guys. Are you able to define this for me - in deals from Ugg Australia they make sure to remind us in every possible comment that they're the only Australian owned and made in their own tannery. If you are both Australian own and made and using Australian lambskin I can't comprehend how you can both be correct, unless you are sourcing materials from their tannery?


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      This is very true. They have a small sheepskin tannery which is where they get the skins for their business (they do not supply others) however as there are no more tanneries left in Australia that supply the masses the raw Aussie skins are shipped overseas to be tanned and then shipped back to Australia. The tanning process used is state of the art and eco friendly and produces a much better finished product which is why the majority of Aussie sheepskin manufacturers use them.

      The same can be said for some of the soles that are used (including that particular company) unfortunately as much as we want to source absolutely everything from Australia sometimes little bits and pieces have to come from overseas. There are some other companies out there that manufacture much less of the boot here and yet are still allowed to use the Australian made tag.

      I hope that this clears it up a bit more and if you have any more questions please let us know.

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        Fantastic response - I really appreciate divulging more than you really needed to, I think many Ozbargainers will be pleased to have this info.

        • You're welcome :) It's a very very confusing industry. We like to be transparent. If theres anything else just let us know we are always happy to help. Have a nice weekend.

      • The real problem is ambiguous “Australian-made” tag - too much latitude.

        It belies belief that sending raw material overseas and reimporting it tanned isn’t just laziness.

        Given raw material, leathercrafting and customers are in Australia, wouldn’t it ingenious for multiple “Australian-made” vendors to jointly invest into building an Australian tannery and then verily claim to be Australian-made?

        • In theory I like what you're saying but practically it wouldn't work as that would require too many moving parts from too many people assuming that you can find everything here and that all of these parties get along and are willing. Unfortunately I don't think that this would happen.We would be open to discussing this though!

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            @Original UGG Boots: Thanks for confirming - it's laziness. Much easier to outsource to someone else, far away, with own logistics, work conditions, waste disposal, etc. Actually, now, I don't feel like paying more for Australian-made - keep change for Negatively Geared property portfolio.

  • You guys sent me the wrong size and after multiple emails still haven't actioned a return.

    • Hi, that doesn't sound like us we like to sort out returns within a week. Can you please pm me your name / order number? If it is us I will make sure that this is resolved for you very quickly.