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[Latitude Pay, PS5] Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart $78 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I haven't tried this game but have seen many good reviews.
Use Latitude Pay to get the price down to $78

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Fantastically gorgeous game on a 4K HDR TV and immensely fun to play.

    However it is relatively short, even the platinum trophy. If you value game length & replayability over quality & gameplay experience then may want to wait for further price drops. If you want a great new-gen experience then go for it, well recommended!

    • Agree with every word of this. I don't know why they had to make the Platinum trophy so stupidly easy in a game that is already sort of starved of content. The game is incredibly fun though and boy, the graphics…

      • Third this. Im only about 60% (so the menu says). But the game looks amazing on my LG CX and even though I feel like I'm triple the intended age for this game, I love it!

    • +2

      I liked the length, can't stand games that overstay their welcome. This was a 7/10 for me overall but worth the full price I paid imo. One of the few really next gen experiences out there (yet).

  • Such a great game, this game makes the ps5 stand out even more

  • Thanks OP. Bought

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    Can someone explain Latitude Pay to me? Have a PS5 and have been looking for this game on sale for a long time but now that it is on sale it's behind some kind of payment system wall that I don't understand. I'm not too familiar with stuff like this. Never owned a credit card. Just get my wage and spend with savings. Thanks in advance.

    • It's a Buy Now Pay Later service, like ZipPay or AfterPay.

      • Thanks. I'm more wanting to know about any associated risks or hidden fees involved with it.

        • No fees if you pay on time. You just need to make sure you have money in your bank account on the day they will charge your weekly payment.

          They even send a reminder email a few days prior as a reminder.

          • @cute as ducks: So do you just make an account, link your bank details to it and then let it rip? How's your experience been with it so far?

            • @tacos4brekkie: Also you can pay the instalments early if you're worried about the fees.

            • @tacos4brekkie: This is only my second time using the service and only use it for deals like this but it's pretty easy.

              You create a LatitudePay account (I have it linked to my Visa Debit Card), then on the Harvey Norman website at checkout you select LatitudePay as the payment option. They will charge 10% of the value instantly when you pay for the item, and the remainder is split into 9 equal weekly payments. Also the $30 discount is applied straight away.

              LatitudePay will email you your weekly payment schedule which includes the amount and when it will be taken out of your bank account.

              The only risk (and I might be wrong) is they do a credit check so might appear on your credit report or if you don't have enough money in your bank account for the weekly payments which is a $10 late fee.

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                @cute as ducks: Cheers for your patience dealing with a financially illiterate Aussie. Guess the first mark on my credit score will be for Ratchet & Clank. Always thought it would have been a mortgage or something, lol.

                • @tacos4brekkie: Doubt anyones first record on their credit will be a mortgage.

                  • +1

                    @Junnyjun: A bit of an unrelated comment, but you underestimate me mate. I was planning on having it that way because I've never had a credit card, never seen a need for one yet - except to finance a house. Have been very lucky with work and financing well.

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                      @tacos4brekkie: Having a LatitudePay account will make it more difficult to get a credit card. But the LP account is easy to close.

                      • @sween64: Yeah, for some reason I just couldn't get it to purchase. so I kind of gave up and submitted a ticket to close my account. The idea of credit is just so unknown to me and I'm not in a position to learn how it works to my advantage. Would rather close.

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    Horizon forbidden west for PS5 is also $78. Just pre ordered it.