Garmin DriveSmart 65 Sat Nav $278 Delivered @ Johnny Appleseed GPS via Amazon AU


Been looking for a standalone sat nav as you are not allowed to use your phone if you are on your L's or P's, this is the one I settled on after a bit of research, though there are still some conflicting reviews floating around. Been waiting for a sale on it, it was usually being sold for $350, this is the first time i've seen it lower than that.

It looks like JB and other stores have it on sale now too:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I'm pretty sure same rules apply to satnav as to your phone. You can't touch it while driving.
    So save your money and use your phone for navigation

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      I mean you are not allowed to have a phone as a GPS, regardless of whether you are touching it or not, if you are on L or P plates. No handsfree calls either.

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        What state is this in? I have never heard of this in Vic and have seen loads of L & P Platers with phones with GPS. Just don't touch it.

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          apparently it's the same in vic

          not sure if by gps they mean use the phone as a gps or not use a gps at all.

          You can’t:
          use a mobile phone of any kind (not even a hands-free, or hand-held to message) including a GPS

          I'm in Tas but the Tas government websites that mention this rule are harder to find for some reason. I know it's a rule here, I just can't remember where I saw it.

      • Never heard of that rule too in nsw. Maybe it’s a new rule.

        • 5 seconds of Google search and you can get the answer:

          • @lilicoco: Must be a new thing or maybe something they always had but not in my days..showing my age and clearly the message isn’t going through since alot of L and P platers use their phone as GPS. Thanks for the neg btw it was a genuine statement/question that I’ve never heard of that rule and assuming it was a new rule.

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      So, Maps is also a no-go?

      Correct. Using Maps on your phone, even via USB, is prohibited for both P1 and P2 drivers.

      In terms of GPS, a unit can be in operation, but it must be inbuilt into the vehicle design, or secured in a commercially designed holder which is fixed on the vehicle. The navigation device cannot be a part of, or a functionality of, a mobile phone. Also, the address information should only be entered while a vehicle is pulled over and parked.

      • But you can for full license? I've done it so many times when I've been there… :S

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          A fully licensed driver can use a phone to make or receive a phone call, to use its audio/music functions or perform a navigational (GPS) or intelligent highway vehicle system (in vehicle warning system) function but only if the phone:

          • is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle, or

          • can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone, and the phone is not resting on any part of the driver's body.

      • So this means Android Auto is fine if it is inbuilt in the car infotainment?

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    What year is it?

  • Or similar price direct from Garmin.

    I believe if you order things direct from Garmin they generally send you a discount (10%?) offer for your next purchase…. (at least they used to)

    • It says
      Drive confidently with the latest map updates and preloaded street maps for Europe"

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        It’s ok. Whomever writing this in the Aussie hq probably just did a copy and paste. We work smarter here not harder.

        • Agreed, insurance companies are number one on the smarter list :)

  • Do you get lifetime maps with these?

    • several people answered that question with "Yes" on the amazon page but I'm not sure what their source is. i'm not sure whether they are correct or not

      • Yeah it's not clear. I have an older unit that has lifetime maps, but it was clearly advertised at time of purchase.

  • I've used this one for a couple of years and it's all round a great unit. Really nice clear big screen and not super laggy. I haven't used any competitors but I wish finding places was as easy as google maps. But I'm used to punching in the actual address so wouldn't hesitate in getting another garmin.

    • what's better about google maps compared to the garmin?

      • Pre-load Contact addresses and favorites. Traffic data. Real-time re-route in case of road closure to name a few.

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        Type in the name of a business and see where it is on the map. The search results in garmin is just a list of text with their address and distance from you so you're not sure where that place is in relation to where you are on the map. Also small businesses most likely wont appear as most of the data comes from Foursquare not google. It's still mostly a device where you need to put in the actual address of the place after looking it up on the google maps.

        The traffic data is not as good as google maps and mostly a gimmick. The real selling points are:

        • screen size
        • image of which lane you need to be in such as exiting a freeway
        • not reliant on internet
        • i find it more enjoyable to use as a navigation device and less distractions due to phone notification that pop up when you use your phone as a gps
      • Voice command. I can say : hey google, navigate home/petrol station/bunnings etc.

        Google has some smart when choosing a route. It analyses traffic pattern from the past and real time information.

        • i think the 65 has voice command

  • I’ve bought Drivesmart 51 for a couple of months and it’s been running well until now. It also has lifetime map update which I found is definitely worth (for ~$100). Currently no issues driving on my P’s with it.

  • I have one and it comes in handy when I go to regional or remote areas where Waze/Google Maps signal wont work.

    • You know you can download Google maps offline maps, right?

      • Yep but I dont want to go through the trouble of doing that each time.

        • ah if you keep changing remote areas then fair enough, I guess.

        • You can use HERE Maps and download off line the entire country, that's what I use on my phone, or Magic Earth which uses Googles maps I think.

  • Is this a capacitive touch screen unit or resistive?

    • afraid i don't know, the manufacturer doesn't appear to offer this information