Buyer Beware: Rosman Computers Stock Issues and Deceitful Business Practices

Generally Rosman is a "legitimate" company, but beware before putting an order through for anything you need in a timely manner (in stock or not).
If ordering online, for any item (whether it shows as being "in stock", "pre-order", "call-us" etc) on their website, they may or may not actually have stock.

There are many buyers who have ordered an item (including myself), and then had their order set to "pre-order". Rosman takes the entire value of the order, and is extremely poor with communication. My particular item it seems, has been ordered by many people weeks before me, who are also still waiting for an exact date on order availability.

I've also seen lots of people complain about a "fee" when trying to cancel/refund the order in these situations too; and the general suggestion has been to contact the ACCC and/or do a charge-back or PayPal dispute.

Had I known any of this beforehand, I wouldn't have ordered.

Rosman really has to improve its website stock visibility/communication.

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    For those wondering, I ordered a Gigabyte M28u monitor.
    At the time it was showing as "pre-order", but had an ETA of 16/09.

    The product was then showing "in stock" on their website (on the 16th) and they bumped the price up approximately $200. A few hours later it was showing as out of stock again.

    My order status has not changed, and I have now discovered 70+ other people have "preordered" this item, and another OzBargainer had actually ordered in early August (about 6 weeks prior to my order) and still has no ETA.

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    Only order from romantic if you're looking for a bad time

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      damn autocorrect

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  • who?

    • These guys, you can tell it's the unrivaled quality of service by the number of negs everytime a "deal" gets posted

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    Basically you lend them $$$ for free.