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[Pre Order, XSX, PS5] Call of Duty: Vanguard $73.95 (with Latitude Pay) + Delivery @ Harvey Norman / Joyce Mayne


Great price for next gen, pulled the trigger. Available from 5th November 2021.

$98 + $5.95 Delivery, then $30 back with LatitudePay

Harvey Norman Link
Joyce Mayne Link

Current gen versions $88 each

$30 off $100+ Spend at Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne (New and Existing Customers) @ Latitude Pay

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    I can't pre order these games. I haven't played a good one since BO3. I haven't played a great one since BO2. Can anyone recommend a game that gives the same thrills as Modern Warfare 2 did back in the day?

    • MW 2019 gives those feelings, apparently next year's cod is going to be a MW2 remake like MW2019 was to cod4

      • I'd buy that. In the meantime I'll give MW2019 a try if this one sucks.

        Edit: Wait, I don't play the campaigns. Is the MP of MW2019 what you were referring to?

        • +2

          MW 2019 both Campaign and MP are top notch. IMHO The only decent COD game for a long time.

          • @konji: Cool thanks. Just bought a physical copy….just in case.

          • @konji: I agree too. The 2019 COD is pretty good. I really like it. I actually dislike the newest COD Black Ops. Hate that one. But the 2019 Modern Warfare is amazing.

            Edit. Just preordered on PS5 OP. Cheers :)

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    If you pre-order cod in 2021, you are a special breed. I have preordered nearly all up to mw 2019 and it is a must to just wait till they actually have a fully supported game or just play the older ones that are full games!

    • Yeah, never pre-ordered a COD and I remember playing the Black Ops Cold War alpha last year and I hated the game. Deleted it and never thought about buying the full game.
      Until 2 weeks ago or so they had a free Black Ops Cold War weekend where you had access to almost the full game (multi-player and zombie mode) and the game was brilliant. Zombie mode was amazing with all the new modes, multi-player was super fan, heaps of maps etc.
      It was like a different game compared to a year ago.

      So I don't know if I want to buy the new 2022 Vanguard game which is good but for now I think it's not as good as black ops cold War or buy Black Ops Cold War.

  • Can someone explain how latitudepay works? Is it like afterpay? How do you get back the $30?

    • Yes like AfterPay.

      The $30 discount is applied instantly when checking out with Latitude Pay. 10% of the value of purchase is charged right away, the remainder are split into 9 equal payments over 9 weeks.

  • Having played the alpha recently and the open beta today, this game definitely seems like something worth waiting to drop below $40 or so. Pretty ordinary to play and has that arcadey feel similar to Cold War.