New Sim Plan Reccomendations

Currently looking to switch sim plan been with telstra for the year at $59 and the $500 gift card about to expire in about a month.
Planning to move to vodaphone $45 per month 80gb for bundle and save 4 devices 15% i believe

are there any better options ?


  • sorry op this isn't really answering your question, but thought I'd also mention that if you have 4+ services with vodafone, you can also get any nbn plan from vodafone with $40 off per month. for example, the $75 nbn25 will be $35 per month

    • we got 30 off the $130 NBN plan for "being a long term customer" which is an additional $15 off what was listed with only 2 devices on vodaphone

  • I have been with Circles for over a year now.

    No issues at all. Optus network. I'm on a $32.50/month for U/L calls and txt. 100 gb data.

    I think they have $10.00 off a month deal atm.

    $28.00 a month for 100gb atm is a great deal

    • You can use the code “60GBOBS” to get 100GB @ $18/mth.

    • unfortunalty doesn't look like their is 5G

  • You didn’t say what are your specific requirements? Needs 5g and how much data? Only 1 sim or multiple as you talk about 15% off?