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500GB SIM Only Plan $65/Month for First 12 Months (Then $115 Afterwards) @ Optus


Looks like the deal is back again, here are the deets from the last post, looks like the 10GB roaming and roaming calls have been removed from the plans:

for use in Australia 500GB per month
Standard national talk & text Unlimited
Standard international talk & text to 35 Selected Destinations from Australia Unlimited

$65.00 Month to month
Reverts to $115.00 after 12mths

No excess data charges. Ends 02/11. T&Cs apply.
5G network icon.
5G network access at no extra cost
Compatible device required. 5G rolling out in selected areas. Check coverage.


Data Control

Endless Data with no excess data charges
With Endless Data don't pay excess data charges, instead slow down your speed to a maximum of 1.5Mbps when you hit your limit. More

Share Data
Share your data
Across the eligible plans on your account

Unlimited Data Day
This data buffet is open 24/7. Eligible customers can get 24 hours of unlimited data for an extra $5 through My Optus app, so you can stream, watch and play for an entire day.

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  • +6

    They removed the roaming data and calls

    • Damn, I was planning to use that in Bali next week

      • +7

        you flying to Bali?

        • Yeah

  • Is it for new connections only or existing qualifies?

    • I think they allow both new and existing customers, I didn't sign up but I could select "existing customer"

    • From the CIS - Eligibility, This plan is available to selected new and recontracting services, as advertised from time to time.

  • +1

    Wouldn't it be easier to make this standard price
    Optus and their price gouging marketing
    Or are they matching Telstra again ?

  • Is there a reason not to switch from the 4G home wireless broadband 500GB month to month for $65 to this? Benefits of this being unlimited capped speed data after the 500GB limit and the $5 unlimited day which I could really use!

    • Wondering the same. Seems like a no brainer to get a data sim in the router and share the data.

      • Yes that what I have done for last 18 months, but I recently switched to the NBN because 500gb when streaming and downloading games is not enough.

        • Yup same here, but shared with a $15 data plan
          So 510GB all up on a phone and a modem

    • +1

      I used a very similar data plan from Vodafone and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. Not having to pay for home internet AND mobile plan is great; cuts down the cost from approx 100$/month to 60$.

      Some drawbacks are that I have to keep using my phone for tethering and lack of Ethernet for stable connections, so it's probably not a smart idea if you play online games a lot.

      • not hood for phone to tether a lot either

        • +1

          In the long-term probably, but so far my phone's doing alright. And I think it's worth it considering how much money I saved.

        • I bought one of these portable modems, wacked it in, and it works pretty sweet, don't have to worry about wearing out my phone battery. If you want 5G, makes sure the modem can support this, though.


          • @draaagon: With optus? I tried a few 4g modems (including an optus one) when this was available last year. Telstra and vodaphone worked flawlessly but optus would take you straight to a page to get a data sim. I ended up paying for a data sim as well.

      • +2

        I use a mango travel router and just plug my phone into it when i get home - https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300n-v2/ then everything connected via Ethernet has a solid connection and no hassle tethering everything.

        Also have one in the car so that i can share the internet for kids devices and headunit for streaming music. I have the 500gb plan plus another 4 sims on the same plan (550gb total). 3 home internet connections + 2 mobile phones for $135 a month. Bargain. Get about 50mb down/25mb up at home, so its as good as NBN for my use. Connection is usually quicker elsewhere. I also travel around Qld a lot for work, so with the mango travel router I have the same wifi network for all devices, and if the hotel/motel has WiFi or a LAN port, I use that and everything is still on the same network.

    • +1

      people replied that it's not a stable connection like nbn. so if your streaming or gaming it will disconnect then reconnect several times. I was going to do that too with my telstra mobile plan, but after hearing that i will just keep my non since i play online and can't risk dropping my connection.

    • I am using this sim plan for a while 500GB $65PM, the main issue is the battery runs out quickly.

    • +6

      I have done this but it is against their terms and conditions and it warns you when you put it in a modem. The warning happens when you use your browser.
      What I did was get a data sim instead for $7.50 a month and use that in my modem as they have data sharing.

    • +1

      I combined this last time plus 2 other mobiles.

      I have approx 720gb across 3 mobile services and 2 home broadband services running data share/sims. Real cheap at 155pm

      Never had any issues and I do game online etc.

      • What's the breakdown for the 155pm?

        $65 - 500GB
        $45 - 20GB
        $45 - 20GB

        $155 - 540GB?

        • +1

          65 per month for the Optus one = 500gb
          2 x 59 plan at 50% off each = 200gb
          2 x $15 data sim at 10gb each = 20gb

          However slightly cheaper now given that the data sims were 50% off the other week.

    • I've set this up previously - best way to go about it is to buy the phone plan for use in your phone, then buy a data only plan and use that in a modem you purchase yourself. Phone SIM cannot be used in a modem and they actively block SIMs that are used in modems, somehow.

      If you need more data you can purchase another phone service and just share the data, although that will cost a fair bit more. Also, data SIMs work on 5G if you can get your hands on an unlocked modem that supports it.

  • +7

    So they have removed the Optus One dedicated support, removed the roaming and still want to charge $115 in 12 Months.

    Optus one was the biggest scam Optus has ever pulled. When I first subscribed to it, I had direct access to a team in Melbourne via call and SMS and slowly they moved it back to their overseas support team. Despite it not being dedicated support anymore, they continued to advertise as such.

    • Meanwhile, Telstra offers a larger 5G network (albeit slower, usually), less congestion and are moving their support teams back to Australia slowly. Optus still good at $65 per month for the fact I can share the data to a data SIM with 5G, but Telstra is really appealing without the extras Optus One had.

  • Dumb question:

    Is this 24 month lock in with 65 for 12 months and 115 for 12 months; or

    Month to month leave whenever.

    • Month to month. You get special price for 12 months, then full price if you want to continue

    • month to month, just a discount applied for first 12 months

      • +2


        Considering jumping on this. My jbhifi Telstra port in deal with the gift card from last year is running out. Might jump on this, buy the 13 pro max outright and sell the 12 pro max lol

    • +2

      It's month to month.
      I'm currently with Vodafone, 500GB for $55 (normal price $65), and they give unlimited 10Mbps after 500GB, not 1.5Mbps

  • +1

    Have been on this plan since the last deal. Only good things to say about Optus 5g and Reception.
    However, while I never got to use roaming, it is still disappointing to see it removed (and the cost stay the same).

  • Apparently you can buy the shared data sim anymore?

    I can't even see the $15 plan?

  • Good deal if Optus is good in your area. First check coverage with a friend or prepaid before buying

    • Optus has really come a long way, but unfortunately for some users they're impossible to recommend because they over-subscribe their network to a point where speeds fluctuate between 30-200Mbps on 4G with line of sight. If you like going out to stadiums and large events avoid Optus too, because of this. Combined with the loss of Optus One local priority support, Telstra is looking appealing for a change given they're slowly moving support back to Australia. And that's ithout mentioning 5G for those who want it.

  • +1

    Got this last time. Came from Boost. Two things I noticed
    1. Heaps more spam calls.
    2. If someone rings me they don't hear a call tone, just silence, until I answer (can be a good way to ignore people you want to ghost). Could be something to do with the new Oppo Find x2 Pro I recently got.

    • +1

      Same experience when I was with Optus, lots of spam call compare to Telstra. But then again, Telstra also getting this SMS spams too lately (about parcel delivery).

      For the deal, it’s insanely good but unfortunately my area still haven’t got Optus 5G, so gonna have to stick with Telstra for now.

      • Same here with the spams,. though I personally I think it's more to do with the covid situation as people are more stuck at home cause of lock downs and these spam services are trying to take advantage of that, also I've signed up with a lot of services using my main number during this covid period (for SMS proof for various accounts) so who knows what they do with our numbers

        Edit: Yes spam to me most to do with postal deliveries,.. fortunately these senders can't hide/fake the url in a text sms message like they can in a webpage, hopefully people do look at the url before clicking it, yes you mum lolz

      • +1

        On Boost, and have definitely noticed heaps of parcel delivery spam - didn't know it was a network wide thing. Glad to know it's not targetted, they've been quite aggressive lately, received 3 in one day, as compared to the usual 1 every few weeks.

  • -1

    I've tried this in the past with no success with this mobile plan as this $65 plan is heavily discounted already but I have it on a standard Optus mobile plan (not discounted)

    So see if one can apply a long time running discount with Optus,. so 25% off your 2nd mobile postpaid plan attached with a 1st any postpaid plan (mobile or data),. (Note this deal is unpublished with Optus so good luck finding the right chat agent, do post here if one is successful with this deal)

    So my 1st postpaid plan is the $15 5gb postpaid data plan (cheapest postpaid plan Optus has)

    My 2nd postpaid mobile plan is an older $50 mobile plan with 80gb of data unlimited calls etc

    Since my above mobile plan is my 2nd plan to my 1st data plan then this mobile postpaid plan gets 25% off,.. 25% x $50 = $12.50 off which almost pays the cost of my 1st data plan @ $15

    (Another Optus current deal) I'm waiting for a tablet deal with my 1st data plan to finnish this month and I will be able to make my 1st data plan to take the 50% off Optus deal on any data plans, so my 1st $15 data plan so that will come down to $7.50 with this Optus Deal,..

    1st data plan $7.50
    2nd mobile plan $50
    - $12.50 (25% discount) = $37.50

    Total Cost for both postpaid sims
    $7.50 + $37.50 = $45

    2x postpaid sim plans data shared total 85gb, my 1st postpaid data plan sim is in a 4G modem for home use (for my Fetch Mighty, PC etc) and 2nd mobile sim plan my main mobile number is in my Note 10 mobile

    Mentioning all above to see if anyone can test the 25% off deal on there 2nd postpaid mobile plan with this $65 500gb mobile Optus deal (that's if one already has a 1st any data plan with Optus), though like I said in the past Optus wouldn't do it but hey no harm trying and testing an Optus chat agent, they do at times make mistakes lolz, do post your successes here for others👍😁

  • +2

    I was speaking to my account manager at Optus about this particular plan, as we have one of our plans from the Optus One deal previously, which is due to expire (the discount) in a couple of months. He claims that I am not able to "convert" or "resign" onto this plan using that number, even though it seems like I can online. He also says Optus has changed their billing system and long story short wants people to pay more and therefore are trying to not grandfather the $0 data-sharing sims.

    Long story short if I "upgrade" to this plan on any of my existing numbers, my data sharing will no longer be "compatible" to share with all my other numbers including those $0 data-sharing sims. Has anyone trie and what are you experiencing?

    • +1

      $0 data-sharing sims they must be very very old plans, I do remember them long time ago probably over 4 to 5 years ago just before I joined Optus, certainly sims everyone wanted to own to data share with there existing sim plans, I can see why Optus won't let you data share this particular plan and force you to use there new data plans and starting from $15 for 5gb, well $7.50 on there half price data deals for 12 months

    • I don’t see anything in the Critical Info Summary to suggest a change from existing plan. The description does mention ‘eligible’ data sharing plans though. My $0 data sharing sims are also compatible with current plan, surely data is pooled across all Optus plans as advertised -otherwise you would be notified of a change to any plan being exempted one would expect.

      • +1

        Nope just clarified, Optus are changing their billing system in the backend to what is called Autopay, instead of direct debit, more like a subscription in a way without generation of a bill for one to pay. They claim anything with word “direct debit plan” or a name with “plus” will not be compatible with current existing shared data arrangements.

        • Thx for highlighting this change @joeiwu, I see it is detailed here - https://www.optus.com.au/for-you/support/answer?id=20141

        • That new billing thing is primarily for consumer accounts, since you've mentioned 'account manager' so assuming you've got business account with Optus, and won't be impacted at all.

          With regards to the $0 shared data plan, you can't add devices/resign on that plan (since it's not an in-market plan), but you should be able to keep it to use as normal.

          • @lanriver: I have both business and personal accounts with Optus. Both account manager and also chatting online via livechat they give the same answer; regardless of whether you are on the business plans or consumer plans, if for example you have a $0 sharing sim, and you sign onto this $65 discounted plan, they are 2 DIFFERENT data sharing pools. I guess the point i'm trying to make is you will lose the ability to share this 500gb data with any "legacy" plans such as (but not limited to) $0 data sharing sim. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong though, if someone can tell me otherwise based on their experience.

            • @joeiwu: Yeah I was missed your point. Yes the new 500GB offer (plus) plan doesn't compatible with the legacy $0 shared data plan.


  • Anyone know if I want to share this data with my partner, how much is the minimum cost? We're both not using Optus atm.

    • Pretty sure there's no contract.
      But monthly for 1 data sim and 1 mobile sim = 7.5+65

      If you want 2 mobile sims optus said they can do their $45 per month plan with 50% disc thus, 22.5 +65.

      • How do you get 50% on the $45 plan?

        • you gotta call them and ask, she said she could do that if transferring from another carrier.

      • My advise talk to Optus sales over the phone during business hours,. usually you'll speak to someone in Australia sales who I've found the most helpful and know all the Optus deals without messing one around

  • Has it ended already? Says valid until 2/11 but shows full price on website.

    • No still works. Try Ctrl+F5 to force refresh your cache.

  • Can you stack this with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650483 for 505GB shared between two SIM for $65+$7.50?

  • This deal is back for Click Frenzy.

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