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Half Price Optus Data Plans - from 5GB $7.50/Month for First 12 Months (Existing & New Customers, Facebook Required) @ Optus


Optus is currently offering 50% off their data sim plans via the Optus app. So the cheapest way to get Optus sports is on their 5GB plan. The plans are also unlimited downloads at 1.5mbs after the limit is reached. So a decent deal for those that want Optus sports.

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  • Isn't this for your additional services as an existing customer?

    • No. Can check out as a new customer from Optus website (via the OP link). Cannot see the offer in My Optus App.

    • yep, you're right. Just updated it :)

    • Not like last time as I can checkout as a new customer. It's also stated in the T&C. The deal last month requires an Optus account aka existing customer.

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    Existing customer means with Optus direct or can be with Amaysin, Coles, etc ?

    • Only optus

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    36mnth only

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      It's month to month

  • I can't find it within my optus app

    • Says on fb, not on my app either

    • It just popped up in my app today

      • You're on the ball :).looks like only difference with this plan is it won't allow sms/mms and also can't join subhub, so no free amazon prime for 12 months, and no bills sent. Even the reference number on bottom is the same PRO0239 6/20 but the word PLUS in the optus choice data plan is added and the plan ID number is different. However the data choice is no longer available to new customers

        • That sucks :(

          • @wakie: No wonder it was so confusing, changed in such a short period, optus probably lost too much money presumably with the free amazon prime ?

            • @corky: yeah that sounds very feasible. I removed the SubHub reference to my OP. Shame really, I will probably pass up on this offer now.

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                @wakie: I signed up to this (12/9). Also just signed up to SubHub (22/9). Wasn’t working for ages, but worked today! Had to get the Optus agent to create a ticket for me or something, but not sure if they fixed it.

                $7.50 sim incl. SubHub!

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                  @Dealhunter967671: Just checked and I can access it now as well, I hadn't contacted them or anything. Great!

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                    @hamza23: Thanks for confirming! Also check the “add ons” -> “data boost” section to see if you were eligible for the free 20gb/m for 12m - I was :)

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                      @Dealhunter967671: Got it as well in My Optus app! Thanks, would never have looked there otherwise.

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    great! thanks just signed up - been hoping to catch something like this - recently came to the end of the of promo period for Telstra 5gb for $5 per month data only deal plan. (12 months has finished so back to normal price of $15 per month). That plan was also shaped to 1.5mbps after the 5gb was used, according to the last 2 bills I managed to use 300GB during each of the past 2 months (moved house recently and haven't yet got NBN up n running… so I put the $5 SIM in the telstra modem 4g backup slot and it keeps all the alexas/google home etc running, some light usage for a couple of family androids, email, FB messenger, discord etc, and I stream youtube etc. (low res) to my phone like all night long every night.

    will be interesting to see if Optus turns out as well as Telstra has done for me

    definately sucks sometimes being soooooo damn sloooow but for that priceI can live with 1.5mbps. works out as $12.50 per month for "unlimited" mobile call/txt/data (2.50 more than what I've been paying for the past year) usually use a dual SIM phone with a $5/month unlimited calls/SMS Dodo SIM. (only thing is dodo SIm can't send/receive MMS at all, PITA sometimes but if the sender can't send the pic via FB or some other way, I would get them to send to my Telstra Data SIM's phone number. (learned hard way that they charge ridiculous rates if ya accidentally use the Telstra data sim to SMS)

    despite my using 300gb the past 2 months via the telstra sim being used in the NBN modem's 4g backup slot and shared over wifi, generally I just have the data SIM in my android phone…. using 20-50gb or so on average

    Anyone know… can other people call/sms/mms me using a number assigned to the Optus Sim?

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      Can send and receive sms, no calls though, don't know about mms but as it uses data assume it would

      • thanks

      • the plan summary at https://smb.optus.com.au/opfiles/Shop/All/cis/Cis%20Document... says :-

        What’s not included
        These plans do not enable you to make standard national or
        international calls, send standard national and international
        SMS/MMS or make use of premium mobile services. You also
        cannot use your plan’s included data whilst overseas

        but as always, YMMV.

        • I can send sms at a cost of 10c receive no problem, but can't call or receive calls

        • On further checking , there are two different plans, Optus choice data plan which includes subhub subscription with 12 months free amazon prime and the ability to make and receive sms/mms with bills being sent BUT the new Optus Choice Data PLUS plan doesn't include those things

    • Nice tactics!!

  • I can select new customer and still get 50% off. So it seems it's available to everyone. (I didn't checkout till the end)

    • T&C says new and existing customers so should be for everyone.

  • Can you cancel the data sim after discount period ends?

    • yep, I did that with their "free 3 months" offer and cancelled easily via live chat

  • This deal has been available for a while now. Applicable for Smart Watches Plans as well. Subscribed that couple of months back..

  • are customers already on a data sim plan allowed to downgrade to this offer or is it for new applications only thus another credit check?

    • if you can't, you can always cancel the old plan and signup to this?
      If you have enough billing with them I don't think they will do external credit check, I might be wrong.

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      Yes - ask for it and if you have cancel existing. Then they transferred me to retentions on live chat to change the plan to this offer.

    • I went through the online process and I was able to pick upgrade existing plan (I have the older $15 3GB plan), was able to complete order - waiting it to progress from Temporary Order. Worst case, they send me a new sim and I'll just cancel the old plan - or jump on to chat.

  • Apart from smart watches or tablets with sims, what else is this plan good for?

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      Cheap way to get Optus Sports and Amazon Prime

      • Thanks.

        But if someone is already with Optus, then this doesn't really apply does it?

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          Well in my case, I'm an existing prepaid customer. I only qualify for Sports and Prime with a postpaid deal like this.

          Nothing stopping you from getting a $2 prepaid sim to take advantage, if you're not already a customer.

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            @wakie: Ah gotcha! The key thing here is pre paid vs postpaid. So if someone has broadband or a post paid sim, then they're golden.

            If not, they can sneak in through this back door. Makes sense now!

      • How much extra is Prime on this offer?

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        • Optus SubHub is not available on the new Choice Plus plans (data or mobile), so the 12 months free Prime is not available with these new plans.

          • @monarocv8: It definitely is, I have it with this offer

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              @wakie: So do I

            • @wakie: Hey wakie,

              Did you only just connect to the 5GB plan or did you get in before this offer was extended? I signed up last week and have been told by customer service that the plan is ineligible as I don’t receive a bill each month. Do you receive a bill or is it just an automatic payment?


              • @Berko613: hey there, I'd been on this plan for 3 months for the "free" promo they had on it back then. Even free, I still received a bill totalling $0. You'll need to provide a method of payment when you sign up.

                I had access to Optus Sports and SubHub where I had an option to redeem the Prime 12 months offer if I wanted it. Waiting for my Prime 12 month membership to expire in a month before I cancel it and nab it on this deal :)

                • @wakie: I see - I think that might be the difference. The Optus Choice plus Data Sim plans now state that despite being "postpaid" your card is charged monthly in advance and you will not receive a bill. I think these changes only came in this month. Can't join subhub unless you receive a bill, but customer service say that other plans will be eligible in the near future. I'll probably keep the service anyway for the cheap extra data, but the Prime membership would have made it a no-brainer. Thanks for getting back to me - saved me another argument with an Optus customer service rep. Cheers.

                  • @Berko613: I received my sim about the 28th June, got a bill on 5th July for about 4 days plus the month in advance. Continuing to get bills for month in advance. I had signed up for the three months free also, had to phone them so they applied 3 months credit to my account.

                    • @corky: Thanks corky. I think that they must have changed they way those plans are "billed" now, because the contract now specifically states that I won't receive a bill to review or pay how I like etc. The amount will just be direct debited from the payment method that I signed up with. I hope that I can get access to Subhub in the future though.

                      • @Berko613: My plan on the bottom has 6/20 so must have made changes recently. Is there a reason you can't get on to Subhub?
                        Just checked the CIS and they have changed the billing as you said, no mms, sms on new plans either. On mine I can send sms or mms for 10c. This plan was so cheap and amazon prime as well, nice bonus. The word "plus" has been added to the new choice data plans. No wonder the confusion

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                          @corky: I can log on to subhub, but it says that my account is ineligible and I’ve tried contacting support who confirmed that the plan doesn’t qualify for subhub access. They said it may in the future though, so fingers crossed.
                          Thanks for the extra info. It helps knowing that it’s not just an error with my account, but that there are differences between the new and old plans. Cheers.

                          • @Berko613: I spend like 4hrs trying to get subhub active in my account. But no luck. So I ended up cancelling this service which I took 2 days before

                            • @bestdealsonly: I popped into an Optus store today and they said that SubHub is still in a trial phase and that it should be launching properly next Monday or the Monday after that. She said that additional plans may become eligible at that stage. I’ll keep my service for a couple months and see what happens.

        • SubHub seems to now work with these new plans.

  • Can I use this for my Galaxy Watch 4 LTE independently of my boost phone plan? Or is it a sort of add-on to your Optus phone plan?

    • This is an Optus offer. If you follow the process, you can choose esim, so you should be alright to set up the watch on its on. Let us know.
      Edit: Actually, may want to read this

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        Thanks, I've reached out to them and I'll update you if I get a good answer.

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        They say the only way to get data on a watch is by using number share. So this offer is not good for watches unless you're planning to buy one from them.

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    Does anyone know if you can use the 7.50 plan to get free Optus sport?

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      included with this plan.

      • Also fitness app it’s included. Anyone can comment on that?

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    Awesome I can get the new S21 Ultra now and save some coin

  • Hmm…
    Offer ends 10/10 and my current contract finishes on 29/10

    • This offer has been available about 3 separate times since June, probably will be again, even so optus would probably be happy to sign you for this one, would only be a few $ for ETC presumably.

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    Note that these "Choice Plus" plans won't be data-sharing compatible with those really old $0 data sharing sims.

    • They seemed to slip that in very fast, no access to subhub, so no free amazon prime either

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        Seems to now work with SubHib

  • Signup doesn’t seem to be instant. Requires manual review by Optus team (which can take up to 5 business days).

    Can anyone comment on how long it took for them to get signed up after submitting online?

    • 2-3 days for me, and got the sim about 2 days later.

    • 4 days so far … order appears to have been manually reviewed but they have not (sent any messages to say) shipped the SIM yet.
      Seems it will be a week or more before it can be used.

      • 8 days from order to delivered & setup.

        But good news is that the account qualifies for bonus data: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652613
        Was also able to access SubHub with free Amazon Prime for 12m.

  • Placed the order using OPs link. new customer.
    calling support to see if they can process it but now the guy on the phone is saying its for existing customer, where as T&Cs clearly say New or existing consumer ….

    sigh …

    • Grab a $2 sim and sign up as a prepaid customer first

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    Activated my $7.50 plan today. Went into the Optus app and checked "add-ons" and found free additional data boost 20GB/month for 12 months.
    Even better deal, thanks OP.

    • Now check if it qualifies you for SubHub access and hence 12m of Amazon Prime.

  • Just got the 5gb plan activated! Thanks Op.
    How do I get subhub access?