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Australian Valheim Server Hosting, Recurring A$8/Month Forever @ FadedServers


Who loved playing Valheim? The new Hearth & Home update has been released!

Use code HEARTHANDHOME for a 10-slot Valheim server for $8, Forever!!! promotion expires 30/09/2021.

Visit https://fadedservers.com/games/valheim for more details!

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  • Eh the patch notes look a bit underwhelming considering how long it has been. I hope they've added some extra building geometry too. Otherwise will probably be skipping until the next content patches.

  • Noob question but why does this game need a separate server? Can't I just make one myself?

    • So you can play with your friends and allow the server to be up 24/7 so you don't have to leave your computer on, additionally allowing a much stabler connection.