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Suimin Cup Noodles 70g Prawn and Chicken, Chicken, Beef $0.75 ($0.68 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Suimin Noodle Cups are a quick and convenient snack or meal option. Available in a diverse range of Asian inspired flavours, Suimin Noodle Cups provide a tasty Asian take-away eating experience.

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    No hot and spicy 😕😕

    • This is definitely a deal biased against those with an adult palate.

  • From the last batch that I bought from Amazon I found that they have changed the recipe for the Prawn and Chicken, not as awesome as it was before, in fact not awesome enough for me to buy them anymore. Anyone else noticed this? Or is it just the batch that I bought?

    • Prawn and Chicken is the bomb. I don't know if they've changed the recipe, but sometimes you do get a batch that tastes like something is missing (the seafood taste not always being present and tasting like chicken stock). Going to see for myself and order a few. Turns out this is limited to a maximum of 6. I even tried two separate orders and I can only order 6, ha.

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      Not just you, and it seems to be harder & harder to find the original batches at least here where I live in QLD anyway.

      You can tell the difference just by looking at the cup. See this cup. Look at first image, far bottom-left you can see the edge of a white label under the barcode. I believe it says something like, Product of Australia. These are the good ones.

      Then check out this cup. Fourth image. Notice no white label under barcode? Those are the new (and imo bad) ones.

      I'd been a fan of the original Hot & Spicy ones for years, the other flavours used to be OK too, but since they changed the recipe or started importing them from Thailand (it's either one or the other), I can't even bring myself to eat them anymore. They're so bad.

      Anyway, hope this helps.

      • Good point, I never really took notice of where they were made.

        The thing I noticed about it was that the older one had these specks of dehydrated vegetable / herb that used to get stuck to the inner wall of the cup (it would make sense if you've noticed it before). The newer ones had larger specks that didn't stick as much, but yeah, they don't taste good anymore.

        I ordered a couple of the Prawn and Chicken to try this time round. If it's still the newer lousier one, it's time to move on. :)

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    looks like its the normal price

    • Ahhh i see it bounces between 75c and 1.50

  • Noodle in beef flavored was SO HARD even if I waited 6min or 10min.
    I strongly suggest to buy one and taste yourself first or simply avoid to buy.

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      Sounds like you used cold water or didn't cover properly

  • One that I got a couple of weeks ago was missing the flavour packet and tasted different too. Not sure whether the noodles were stale or if the missing seasoning made the big difference.

  • why WOULDN"T someone use S&S?