Which M.2 NVMe SSD?


Looking for a new 1TB m.2 NVMe SSD

The Samsung 980 1TB looks to be decent speeds and the price is right with the current 22% off on eBay

Any others i need to consider, there is Crucial P2 and some others at the same sub $200 price point.


  • For what purpose?

    PS5 preference order: SN850, 980 Pro, Firecuda 530, Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus, Crucial P5 Plus, AORUS 7000, ADATA XPG-something

  • General PC use really
    Best bang for buck sub $200

    • ops! got this for $131 few weeks back :/

  • How does it fair against the samsung 980 tho, with the current discount, the 1TB 980 comes to like 148 ish

  • From my research, the 980 seems like a fine choice. Futu also have the 970 Evo Plus (on discount with the promo code) which is a slightly better SSD but also more expensive. However, you can redeem a $20 steam wallet code from Samsung which makes the 970 Evo Plus a similar price (~$151). One thing to note though is that the Samsung / Steam code redemption only allows claims to be made by "Participating Stores" per their T&Cs. Futu (the eBay retailer) isn't listed as a participating store but i've read online that they will issue an invoice under the business/ABN of a participating store (imagine they are probably a subsidiary or same entity) so this should be fine. I'm confirming this with Futu now and will let you know how they respond.