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WD Blue SN550 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Internal SSD $119.20 ($116.22 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Express Clearance eBay


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Not the fastest SSD drive , can use it as storage.

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  • Any 2TB deals available?

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    Careful, WD (among many manufacturers) have been sneakily using lower quality QLC nand instead of the usual TLC which means lower endurance and slower speed.
    Terrible anti-consumer practice, they should have launched it under a different model instead of passing it off as the SN550
    Negging to alert potential buyers of the reduced quality and shady practice by WD

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      You know its bad when even Samsung threw some shady stuff. I think only Seagate hasn't been found to have switched anything, yet.

      • no way, samsung too? pfft

      • You do realise that Samsung put the 980 Pro controller into the 970 Evo Plus. As a result, the new 970 Evo Plus performs better in the first 115GB of writes compared to the old version.

        • And about 200% worse after the first 100gb

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      Linus Tech Tips actually covered this exact drive and the swap of components iirc.

    • we recently ordered and got the old version.


      • Can get lucky and be sent old stock but chances are decreasing as time goes on

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          they are not old stock though, MFD 21JUL2021, seems they are still making the old version. anyway it was shipped from UK

  • Damn just paid $139 for this a few days ago

  • can use it as storage

    Can you elaborate? I think I've been doing it wrong.

    • You can still use it as OS drive if you don't mind the speed (normaly use may not feel the difference), I mean it is not the fastest model like Samsung.

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      Been using it to open paint cans. Didn't know it is a computer storage device.

      • That's really cool and keep using it to open cans as it won't work as a computer storage device anymore.

        • You still don't get the joke?

        • Nothing gets past this guy.

  • for those who are wondering, I just received this order and its quite old stock. . made in china 09-Apr-2021