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that degree i got from melb uni is finally being put to use
16/10/2023 - 22:53
its raspberry "flavoured" cordial. zero raspberiies inside.
15/10/2023 - 16:44
its salt, fat, preservatives, and ultra refined carbs. nutritionally desolate garbage.
11/10/2023 - 18:56
for those special kind of folks who are poor and lack any kind of self respect
11/10/2023 - 18:52
came to say this. its for those who just want a big screen but dont care if its actually good or not (which its not).
28/09/2023 - 08:15
Didnt realise there were so many pre-diabetic insulin resistant pigs out there still drinking full sugar soft drinks
28/09/2023 - 08:08
wonder if anyone has actually paid $280 for this mouse (or any mouse)
08/02/2023 - 12:41
the monitor is probably fine for the price, but the whole "antibacterial treatment" sounds like a useless gimmick that they are charging…
07/02/2023 - 18:38
well arent you just so englightened
08/12/2022 - 17:04
not sure what you're talking about? the pads and headband are cloth and dont flake
26/11/2022 - 20:21
1080p on a 27" screen is bad enough, cant imagine how crap it looks on a 32. At this price you can probably find a 1440p 27" screen which…
26/11/2022 - 08:04
been using these headphones for 2 years and they are excellent. highly reccommend.
25/11/2022 - 09:53
budget pc gamers with low end rigs who just want a big screen i guess
30/08/2022 - 11:57
not sure if you're just trolling but i have a 32" 1440p and its perfectly fine
27/08/2022 - 11:27
Do you think it would also be fine for other channels as well or only the two you specified?
17/07/2022 - 14:15
generally i would agree but there simply isnt a better word to describe it
15/07/2022 - 18:03
what kind of person has "always wanted" one of these things?
14/07/2022 - 23:53
nothing more cringe than people who dress up in "ugly xmas sweaters" in australia when its the middle of summer and 30c+ outside
14/07/2022 - 23:52
im sure an 11yr old would be thrilled with it and its fine for a budget gaming setup as thats exactly what this screen is intended for…
13/07/2022 - 09:59
This one seems more geared toward budget gaming builds than anything else. Not sure if I could go back to 1080p after using 1440p for so…
03/07/2022 - 13:50
what do people think of 1080p on a 27" screen? comes out to 81ppi which i feel may be getting a bit on the blurry side...
02/07/2022 - 07:10
love how some reflective panels turn a laptop backpack into a gaming backpack
14/06/2022 - 12:19
Sorry to have upset you by trying to out things in perspective i guess haha. All the best.
09/06/2022 - 07:05
yes, why wouldnt I? As you said its about calculating the total cost of the item. 3% for shipping on an already heavily discounted item is…
08/06/2022 - 10:33
Not sure if you're being serious but its 3% of the total cost. Equivalent to paying $1.50 shipping for a $50 item.
07/06/2022 - 21:59
great game if you've never played a far cry game before
10/05/2022 - 22:13
judging from the LHR in the title im guesing its LHR
08/04/2022 - 08:01
idiots were paying 700 bucks for this a month or two ago lol. 459 is still too much for a 3yr old entry level card imo.
01/04/2022 - 20:43