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i dont think you understand how online forums work
18/10/2021 - 14:15
what kind of mad man spends 500 bucks on jerky in one go
18/10/2021 - 14:06
wonder how many people out there actually paid the RRP of $204 for this thing
18/10/2021 - 14:03
an average joe wouldnt. these are for people who treat their audio experience as a serious hobby.
18/10/2021 - 13:50
are we really using bogans as the yardstick for discretional spending?
18/10/2021 - 13:41
3060ti was going for ~850 a couple of months ago, but that was during the period where crytpo's were low. Crypto is back up and on a bull...
18/10/2021 - 13:37
its very touching how happy it makes some people to have saved a couple of hundred dollars :') brings a tear to my eye...
18/10/2021 - 06:53
"Who's laughing now?" the people who waited for the 30 series and got one at launch for RRP like you should have done
17/10/2021 - 02:30
"Thought that was a rip off" It was.
16/10/2021 - 22:15
hitting new lows and not in the good way
16/10/2021 - 22:11
and? what was your fps? highly doubt you hit 165fps @ 1440p with a 3060
15/10/2021 - 00:05
This isnt a "deal" its just the normal price.
14/10/2021 - 14:54
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14/10/2021 - 14:54
paid antivirus software is for boomers who dont know any better and cant be trusted not to do stupid things online
11/10/2021 - 15:00
thinking you have a choice in the matter just makes you look very stupid, sorry.
10/10/2021 - 20:04
Huawei gets a downvote for sure
10/10/2021 - 20:03
people are complaining because the last few far cry games are basically the same thing reskinned with different characters. If you've never...
10/10/2021 - 20:00
just thought you might find that useful, given you are drinking cheap alcohol alone on a saturday morning.:).
10/10/2021 - 18:07
cos the card isnt that great and this isnt a good deal
10/10/2021 - 18:00
if you think you're never getting covid then i have some bad news for you
10/10/2021 - 15:52
lockdown free life sounds good but not sure if its worth the downside of actually living in tasmania
10/10/2021 - 15:49
you can still get deals like that, OP just seems to have no idea and this post shouldnt be on ozbargain.
09/10/2021 - 19:56
wine is best "bang" for buck, all real alcoholics know this.
09/10/2021 - 18:14
i suppose it may be considered impressive if it didnt cost almost as much as the 1080ti did on launch 900 bucks is an absolute joke for an...
09/10/2021 - 17:53
its impressive that its only slightly slower than a 5yr old card? lol
09/10/2021 - 17:33
you need to take a lot more than 15% off the RRP of an alienware desktop for it to be a "deal".
09/10/2021 - 07:15
bought the b560m pro vdh a couple of months ago and didnt know about this 30 bucks free money cheers
06/10/2021 - 07:23