Dell Won't Replace Monitor under Warranty until 'Lockdowns Finish in Your Country'

I have a Dell monitor with audio issues, covered under 'Basic' warranty with Advanced Exchange Service. I've gone through the onerous process of trouble shooting it via the WhatsApp support line bots/people.

They've agreed that it's faulty, but they 'appreciate my understanding but won't be able to arrange shipping until after the lockdown is over in your country'… which could be sometime in 2025.

I've heard such good things about Dell warranties, but this seems absurd.

I can't seem to find a specific warranty clause that states the turnaround times for this specific warranty type. Does anyone have any advice to get the claim escalated to a more useful part of the Dell support sausage factory?

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    What's it got to do with 'lockdowns'? The ships, planes and truck drivers aren't 'locked down' (completely) and are able to deliver your new monitor.

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      Exactly - postal services are still running - I raised that multiple times.

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    Raise the case with a manager, and explain that this isn't acceptable. Ask for a refund if you have to.

    If they're not sending people onsite then there's no reason there should be any delays

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    Refund then, that's a major failure.

  • Is it because they send a service technician with the replacement?

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    They don't send techs for monitors.

    It's a simple one-for-one exchange.

    Source: Was a Dell tech.

    • Thank you! I was so frustrated that the support person thought they needed to send a tech for what is obviously a swap out.

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    What country are you in? Did you call Dell Australia tech support?

    I had a Dell monitor replaced in lockdown in Sydney in an LGA of concern. They just send a replacement and you ship back the faulty one. Shouldn't be more than a few business days

    If you've tried escalating internally with Dell with no response you need to push on them via Department of Fair Trading or NCAT.

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    Also, to add on, Dell archives these in 10 business days if there is no followups or correspondence of any sort.

    They are certainly not gonna come back to this in 4 years.

    When you lodge a problem with Dell, they will raise a service request, and email you with the SR#.

    Within that email, that agent's manager will usually be listed as a contact in the signature at the end.

    Best to get on that asap.

  • Did you ask where they got that 2025 date from?

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      I was being facetious…

  • With a change like this to warranty service it should be front and center on their home page…. it is not.
    When you look up a monitor to purchase it mentions warranty.."Your monitor comes with a 3-year Advanced Exchange Servicei so that if a replacement becomes necessary, it will be shipped to you the next business day during your 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty."
    No mention of there being any exclusion because of covid?
    They have a duty of disclosure when there is a change to warranty conditions and they have not done it.
    Give them one more call and if still no luck lodge a complaint with DOFT if you are in NSW.

  • My dell monitors USB-C port is broken and they said they would send a replacement as soon as they can find the part (Monitor). Unfortunately my model is discontinued so they're having trouble but the fact that they said they would ship it as soon as they get it might be of help to you if you wanted to push them.

    They sent me that response 2 days ago.

    • I had monitor replaced under warranty by dell due USB ports not working. It was also a discontinued model. They just replaced it with a newer equivalent model, shipped out the replacement and I returned the old one using the included shipping coupons.

      • Yep I have a 1440p model and they offered the 4k version but I rejected them. They're actually giving me a full refund instead now.