Cycling in Morning or Evening

Hi Folks

I am new into cycling, just for basic level of fitness and cardio. I have a question regarding best time for cycling if the morning cycling is better or evening cycling rides. Understanding morning can be bit peak traffic, cars etc however from physical fitness and Benefits, what is better time. Looking for 30-40 mins of cycling each day to begin with.



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    Some will tell you that mornings are better, others afternoon/evening.
    There is a mix of reasons for this. Everything from testosterone levels, to when your body has more energy, to times (scheduling) etc.

    In the end, as someone that used to ride everyday 40-50km's min for fitness, gym 3-4 times a week, train at various sports 3-4 nights a week also and is not a bum. I can tell you it "doesn't really make that much difference".

    I have a lot of fitness and trainer friends and in reality, the fact you are training is the main thing and the key to fitness.

    Check your methods, diet and ensure you are performing whatever form of exercise you are doing correctly. Sleep is a massive factor here also and general health.

    If you want to bike ride, do so when it is the 'best time for you'.

    I'm not a morning person, so find after work (during the week) the best times, and if I do a ride on weekends, I usually do so late morning and grab a late brunch (at lunch time ish).

    Try to combine cycling with other sports and/or exercising also.

    Some form of mindfulness will help too. And if you get serious, seeking massage and/or physio will help your overall wellbeing in my opinion if you can afford it.

    Hope this helps! Oh and make sure you are correctly sized up and fitted to the bike if your doing any reasonable km's!

    šŸšµā€ā™€ļøšŸš² remember - most of all… KEEP PEDDLING!!!

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      Cheers mate, thanks heaps

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        Just do whatever is safer, or what suits your schedule, or whatever you like I don't care

      • No prob.

        Where do you rest your head at night? (aka sleep/live)

        • WA

          • @mkh1991: aaahhh bummer… on the other side of the world… if you were in a real part of Australia, I might have been able to say, come for a wheel turn one day… sorry bud!

            • @mickyb80: Hahaha well we are real, sort of :) whereabouts are you.

              • @mkh1991: Im on the East Coast. Depends what day/week it is. (Out of Covid lockdown).
                Could be in Sydney, Melbourne or da bush in Wodonga! lol…

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    why not do both?

    • I guess that maybe too much to begin with

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    Don't most people just do whatever is most convenient?

    I find exercise before work is easier for me - I am too tired/less likely to commit after work, and if anything social comes up my exercise will usually fall off. So morning is way better/more likely to stick to me.

    Others might just not be morning people though and need that itme to sleep in…

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      Can confirm. Iā€™m not a morning person & will ALWAYS snooze my alarm & skip gym for more sleep.

      I agree, just choose whatever time works best for your schedule & sleep pattern.

  • Back when I used to ride regularly I preferred mornings as it was generally cooler (not so great in winter but the rest of the year was better). As for which is better fitness wise, I doubt it makes any noticeable difference so do whatever suits you.

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    Not getting hit by a car is pretty good for your health so I would make that a major factor to consider.

  • Do it when it best fits. Other factors (as QuickdraW said, include vehicle traffic where you ride. Can you get onto a dedicated bike track away from Australian motorists?

    • Yes I can. I read somewhere afternoon is better than morning due to body Hormone levels and bones/backs are bit tender in morning. I maybe wrong.

  • Whichever time is the most likely to get you out and moving each day. Both times are more dangerous when the sun is low in the sky so maybe see if any decent bike paths you could use to ride separately from cars.

  • It makes little to no practical difference … what will make a much bigger difference is whether you ride, or don't.

    Focus on regular, good quality training.

    Tight chains.

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    Never ride on roads that run East-West, when the sun is low in the sky.

    Always have bright led lights flashing while riding. Ones that flash in random patterns are best.

  • Check out Zwift if you havn't already. Its a online world and you can cycle with others.

  • Neither… low light, more vehicles, more dangerous… be visible, ensure your lights work and are on, don't wear dark clothing.. dont be 'righteous'..

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    Thanks all
    Did my first ride in evening , some stats from Apple watch

    Total time:36 mins
    Distance: 7.25km
    Average speed : 12km/h
    Average heart rate: 130 bpm

    • Good job! Everything said about lights ++, and I reckon you're mad to ride without mitts, just as a helmet is good for protecting your brain. And (opinion again) I don't like riding with more than about 2 other mates - beyond that everyone gets into an unhealthy group-think. I'll probably get howled for this, but riding in bunches seems to breed bad habits, like riding 2-abreast which forces motorists to either wait or go wide, and some crazies then hate cyclists even more…